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  1. There's an entire car club here in the Hudson Valley that is solely dedicated to TV and Movie cars. There's about 10 cars in it that I'm aware of.
  2. I don't. I only know the descendants of the one who married in. We had lost contact with that side of the family and only reconnected in 2012. They mentioned some of the other people but I've not met them. My father's father cut off all contact with them because his sister wouldn't let him smoke in her house. That was sometime in the 1960s. It took the invention of facebook to bring the family back together. Those of you who have fond memories of your grandparents are lucky...I never had that.
  3. I originally read the thread title as "useless fools" and wondered what I had missed. Then I read a little closer.
  4. TV stuff sells. You have car people and tv people interested, double the exposure.
  5. The Mekeel family is related to me by marriage. My dad liked whatever is cheap. Throughout his life he refused to pay more than $400 for a car. He bought his last in 1999. He always had two but only one was usually running at a time. We tried to talk him into getting a better quality car but he was not interested. His favorite car was the 1955 Chevrolet. He had one but lost it because his parents actually sued him to get it out of their driveway. I have a trophy he won at the old Dover Dragway with it. My mom's favorite car is the 1970-72 Chevelle. She had a 1972 as h
  6. If you do have to take it back, I suggest you put exactly why it's back in your inventory. Something as simple as a "It's back! The previous buyer realized it was not a car to use as a daily driver in New England so here's your chance to not let it get away again!" or something along those lines.
  7. What about the Futureliner? I believe that only carried the GM name, but I also know it may have been discounted because it wasn't a car or available to purchase.
  8. There's a local 55 Chevrolet with one, with a mural of itself painted on it. It's not factory stock so I won't show it, but I like the way it looks. Some cars it fits, others it looks terrible. The Cadillac leading off the thread looks particularly bad to my eyes. I think it works particularly well on the 1958 Impala. It's like the trim around the taillights was designed specifically to accommodate it.
  9. Geez, I turned out higher quality castings from my 7th grade shop class. Looks like they used a sand mold but didn't do anything to it go make it usable. And having not done it since that class in 1997-98 I bet I could still turn out something better. That is disgraceful. lockquote widget
  10. Back in 1997 I saw a man playing a trumpet with one hand and steering with the other. I wish I had had a digital camera at that point but it was still several years away. It was in Poughkeepsie NY.
  11. The whole first page of this thread is people offended by it. 😆 Personally I think it's kind of stupid. It's not an improvement...in any way shape or form. But it's better than the last logo they had for GM Goodwrench, which was a Q for some reason.
  12. Someone bought an early 50s Pontiac on there last year. Can not recall who. I remember the car though.
  13. I have not seen that one yet! Actually, all but 3 of the plastic models and 5 of the diecast models were built from the last week of August through the first week of November. It was the most successful time in my 21 years in the hobby. I finally put it all together, I had been struggling with things for years but got it all figured out now. I suspect 2021 may be even more successful for me. I've already finished my first build of the year. The 43 was driven by Bubba Wallace, Richard Petty owns the car. It was raced in 2019.
  14. That is one beautiful automobile. Love everything about it, including the colors.
  15. Thanks Terry, I just got an order of decals in last fall that is mostly 60s and earlier. Have to find the donors to put them on. The 50s cars are 1/64, Hot Wheels size. I just returned from Wal-Mart with a 57 Plymouth that will eventually become this car: sometime later this year.
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