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  1. Great comment. Knowing your limitations is something most people aren't aware of. A modified car is fine to start with, since it gives you something to learn with without having to worry about damaging it, a way to build your skills. At 18 you are just starting your automotive journey. I don't recommend shortened cars. Besides the looks, which I don't care for, I have heard that they are not particularly stable at speed, although I've just heard it from other people, I've never actually been in one myself. But I have heard it from more than one source. There is a shortened 1957 Chevrolet wagon I see fairly often at my favorite hot rod show. I hate to say it but the owners of the car were probably discriminating against you both for age and gender. There are sadly a lot of people who don't understand that young girls can grow up fascinated by cars just like young boys do on a regular basis. I believe that I lost a car due to age discrimination when I was 16. I hope you persevere and find a car of your own soon!
  2. That is fantastic news! I hope the car was unharmed.
  3. My family currently leases a 2018 Ford's the first time my mom ever got to have a new car, and she's been on the road since 1970. We don't know what to do when the lease comes up. On the one hand, it's nice to have a car that we can trust, on the other hand, we're used to having a car that only runs when it wants to and we got to the point where we would only go as far as we could walk home from, because we had to, more than once. We are afraid that in time the Edge will go the same way. The fact that we don't have a garage means that it's exposed to the elements 24/7 is also a concern. It's actually an unusual feeling for me to get in the car and actually expect to get where I want to go without breaking down. I lived the first 34 years of my life never experiencing that. Every car we've ever had we used until it quit running. Because my dad was a mechanic and cheap, he refused to spend more than $400 for a car, even in 1999. So we always ended up with junk that barely worked, if it did at all. He dragged them all to the scrapyard when they were done. Unfortunately my health doesn't allow me to work on cars or even drive so we have to pay someone to do the maintenance. I'm leaning towards keeping it, because it's so comfortable and it is known...we know all about it because we put all but 6 miles on it. Every other car we've had we were the 3rd owner at least. We have had it since July 2018 and have already made some great memories in it, including driving out to Illinois and ending up on Route 66, a long time dream of mine. But I also don't know if that's the right choice, I'm really conflicted. I love the Edge but I don't want to have another Jeep experience.
  4. I want to read the thread but I don't have enough battery life to read it! The top NASCAR modeling forum accidentally got deleted several years ago... all posts, all members. Never got recovered... it was something like 14 years worth of history and over a million posts. Gone forever.
  5. Most people consider original to mean not customized, factory stock.
  6. Max hasn't logged in since Christmas Eve 2016. Hope he's still enjoying that car.
  7. Yes, but the family 2018 Ford Edge doesn't meet the forum's age requirement😁
  8. Congratulations! If you are out driving it and see some weirdo in a red Ford Edge taking pictures, it's probably me. I know you said you don't like shows but if you reconsider the Hyde Park cruise is excellent...when it starts up again, anyway.
  9. I've never become a life member of any club in any of my interests. I'd like to, but it's a lot easier to come up with the costs of a yearly membership...not to mention the fact that I already came within 5 minutes of dying sure would stink to become a life member of something and not get to enjoy it.
  10. If you really can't decide, put black walls on one side and whites on the other. Not like you can see both sides at the same time anyway, without some complicated mirror system.
  11. Rhinebeck should be starting tomorrow, now I'm having withdrawals.
  12. I earned the nickname El Camino Billy by my protestation of the common abbreviated nickname used for them, when I was 15 years old. More people refer to me as El Camino Billy than just Billy or Bill. I don't care for nicknames or abbreviations, but strangely I'm fine with acronyms. You will never see me say or write Chevy, it's always Chevrolet, for example. Yet I rarely type out General Motors and have no issue with GM.
  13. I wasn't born yet, but this happened in 1981 to my family. My mom still has some after affects of this accident all these years later. I know somewhere I have a photo of my dad's Impala that hit a brick wall but I can't find it now. My photo archive is over 400,000 images and it's not in the family cars album, like it should be.