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  1. I like Hemmings but my subscription ran out and I didn't notice, so I didn't resubscribe. I just read them and then put them in my storage unit anyway.
  2. I should put more effort into learning about them. I believe I do follow them on Facebook but I never see their posts. Have to search for them more often I suppose.
  3. You are correct, I think. They are in the original Orange County, which is in New York.
  4. The fact that I said the wrong car doesn't matter, the fact that you felt the need to insult the owner does.
  5. 8E45E's last comment on the first page of this thread is a low level example. Alluded to but not spoken exactly, the point being that someone who loves and cares for an Allante is "less than" and unimportant compared to a V16 person. If I was that Allante owner and that was said to me...and you know it would be, but much ruder...do you think I would return to that club? There are far more egregious examples out there, and have been posted on this very forum in the past. And before anyone says it, yes, we all know the cars are totally different. That's not
  6. They have an extensive archive but it's not available to the public. No, you can't pay to see it either. I've tried. The Hall of Fame/Museum is in downtown Charlotte.
  7. Not really a fan of the drama on OCC but they are local to me, right across the Hudson River. I enjoyed seeing the local places I was familiar with on tv. Their shop is pretty cool looking at night. Lots of neon lights, which I love.
  8. Bonnie Allison runs that page, Bobby's daughter. That's about as direct to the source as you can get short of an in person appearance.
  9. They are capable of doing the work. They both own and operate their own garages. The fact that it's a half hour show, which means about 17 minutes of show with the commercials, means they have to gloss over a lot of it...they even mention about time constraints and how they can't show everything from time to time.
  10. All Girls Garage. No fake drama, just simply well explained and documented how to do things. And they are great to talk to in person.
  11. Maurice Petty's daughter runs an all Petty group on Facebook. She's dealing with some stuff right now so don't take it personally if she's slow to respond but that would be the place to ask. Bleeding Petty Blue is the name if I recall correctly. She literally grew up at the shop, and would likely know on sight.
  12. I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but if you want younger people to get involved, stop insulting cars post WWII. The majority of any hobby is rekindling fond memories of youth, reminiscing. For people in my generation that's 70s through 90s cars. When we get comments about it being "simply a used car" or "should be in the parking lot" it tells us in no uncertain terms: you are not wanted here. So, of course we aren't going to join your club or attend your events. I have had that happen on the AACA facebook group. Put me off the club f
  13. It's got a Buick engine. Rest seems home made/kit car.
  14. I'm younger than most on here (born 1984) but even I've seen changes. When I was young having a telephone in the car seemed about as realistic as the Jetsons. (I later learned some existed in the 60s and expensive cars but it was something I didn't know about at all) Now we have most of the things the Jetsons have, and I hear Japan will have flying taxis as soon as this fall. Photography has improved dramatically as well. Back in the 90s I felt like a big spender when I got to use two rolls of film on 1 car show. Now I can take thousands of photos and I can see right away if
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