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  1. Wow, great display! I remember seeing some of that. I also remember being on the top of the double decker bus and having a thunderstorm come in. I remember looking straight up and seeing lightning go overhead, and them rushing to get things put away before the rain came. It was night time so probably near closing time already. It's one of my earliest weather memories, and I've been interested in meteorology for years. All the stuff that went down between Wood and the town happened when I was young so most of it was beyond me. I knew there was bad blood but I was not privy to the details. Remember the adults discussing it and echoing what you say about a lot of it being not right.
  2. Well, that would certainly explain the unsureness of the person who said that! I spoke with my mom about it and she remembers that there was at least one Duesenberg there, she believes it was once Greta Garbo's, and that the ship diorama from Tora, Tora, Tora was also there. No pictures of either, though.
  3. Does anyone have photos of this long-gone car museum, that was located at Gaslight Village in Lake George, NY? (Gaslight Village used to be where the Hemmings Concours is now held) I don't know exactly when it closed, but late 80s would be my guess. I have a few, very vague memories of visiting it with my family when I was very young. This is me there in 1988. This is the only straight up car shot I have from there, which we have labeled as 1989. Besides photos, does anyone know where the cars went after it closed? I have heard that Harrah's bought some but the person I heard it from wasn't sure. Thanks.
  4. There are some fantastic photos in this thread. I need to start digging into my photo archive, because I have a photo of a very distant relative that shows a Cord driving down the street in the background. When (If, I have thousands upon thousands of old family photos; I'm from a long line of photographers) I find it I will post it here.
  5. That's quite a historical rarity, and even better in that it's family for you. I hope you keep us updated on your search.
  6. I have no real knowledge to offer, but gosh, that sure looks like Pepto-Bismoll.
  7. My main problem with electrics is that they seem to be purposely designed to be devoid of anything amounting to style. I want a car that makes me smile when I look at it, not one that has the personality of a washing machine with wheels added. I have to be honest, I generally don't care what kind of engine is in a car. As long as it's capable of moving under it's own power, that's good enough for me. What I care about is how it looks. Does it look pleasing to me? For 99.9% of electrics, the answer is no. The only one I've seen and like is the Rivian...and that's not even actually available to purchase yet! (My photo, from this year's New York International Auto Show) I like the looks of that. A unique nose design, with even more unique headlights. This has a character, it's got style. I could look at this and have some sort of reaction, and a positive one at that, unlike just about every other electric. (Keep in mind, that the Edsel is one of my all time favorites, so unique is something I'm drawn to) I generally don't travel on long trips all that often, with 4 hours one way being the longest I do every year. The medicine that keeps me alive dictates I have to stop and eat every 5 hours so having to stop and recharge the car could be done while I'm "recharging" myself, so the range is not really a factor for me. Even when we took a family trip to Toledo last month, which ended up with a road trip to Illinois, the longest we drove on any part of the trip without stopping was 4 hours and 12 minutes. The Cataclysm scenario wouldn't matter all that much either, as I'm not all that healthy, I'd be one of the first to go. So It really wouldn't matter. If you were to throw, say, a Detroit Electric, Studebaker electric, Baker Electric, etc. in front of me, I will absolutely stop and take notice.
  8. Sad to see in such a state of neglect. A friend of mine has a 1925 TT. It's got a full stake body. He doesn't take it out very often, or very far.
  9. One thing I find humorous is that in five years the Prius will be AACA elligable.
  10. Beautiful car, hope it brings you many years of enjoyment.
  11. I saw that on Hemmings blog yesterday. Sad news. He was very active in several of the Facebook car groups I'm in and his posts always were informative and entertaining. He has two younger children as well, I was 17 when cancer took my dad so I know exactly the pain they are going through right now.
  12. Once bought a brand new battery that had no charge.
  13. I never had the chance to serve due to my health, but I thank everyone who did and does. I have had family members in every war the US has ever been involved in. I have my father's father's duffle bag with his name and sn printed on it, it's one of my most prized historical artifacts. He served at the Battle of the Bulge.
  14. I've always heard that they are called that because they are so simple a monkey could use them. Somebody did post a chimp using one on Facebook, wish I had thought to save it.