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  1. I had no idea there was a Database of magazines! I'd been looking for something just like that. I'm going to be busy for the next several days. Thank you!
  2. Ontario has had those white field/blue letter setup for a long time. I don't remember how long, anyone know? I seem to vaguely recall a different design in the 80s, perhaps early 90s.
  3. based on the photos I would not have noticed the touched up fender if you didn't mention it. Maybe it's more visible in person, but it still looks good to me!
  4. I'm sad to see another car magazine end, but, I've never even heard of this one before. And it's not like I've been living under a rock or anything, I've been reading and collecting car magazines for more than 30 years. Perhaps that may have something to do with it? How many possible subscribers did they miss from people who didn't know it existed?
  5. There has to be a better way to clean the upholstery than with your tongue! 😛
  6. It seems to me an enterprising and smart individual could become sort of a parts hub, connecting people with parts and parts with people. Unfortunately I'm not smart enough or physically able enough to do that, but somebody could. Advertising in various local newspapers or getting the word out on Facebook could bring all kinds of stuff out of the woodwork. There's lots of companies that specialize in reproduction parts but I don't think I've seen anyone who specializes in finding, IDing and rehoming people's leftovers or even just helping people figure out what they have.
  7. I just want to say, sorry for derailing your thread there. Although it did get a lot of beautiful cars posted.
  8. I have to be honest, I've been a car nut my entire life and I don't think I could ID a Rickenbacker. I'd probably be able to ID Eddie Rickenbacker but not the car.
  9. There's an open air cab fire engine hiding in the back lot of a garage on 9W in Highland. Will see it occasionally en route from the Mid-Hudson Bridge to either Kingston or New Paltz. It's at the large garage on the right when heading north just before the 299 interchange. I'll see if I can find a picture of it. I know I've tried to photograph it but not sure I was successful. I suspect it's operational because I've seen it in different places on the's been there about 15 years.
  10. I sure wish I could sample these various pizzas being discusses. Alas, I am allergic to tomatoes.
  11. That's so weird. I know in auto racing green cars were long considered taboo, supposedly because the first racer killed was in a green car. I wonder if that is playing a role, one way or another? Hmm, wonder if that pink Plymouth was one of the cars given to a Playboy Playmate?
  12. Can someone explain the anti-green sentiment? Green has always been my favorite color, but it looks like most don't agree.
  13. Based on my understanding, the rules didn't actually change. So, carry on as it has been. Correct?
  14. I have to admit that is a big reason I stayed away from the AACA for so many years. I didn't even discover the website had a forum until last year... I'm all about documenting history. That's my passion, in the automotive world and my other hobbies. History doesn't stop at some arbitrary date. While I don't really like the 25 year rule, I don't really complain because it's just a matter of time before everything is accepted...but not welcomed. And, to be honest, I don't really contribute much of anything worthwhile so any complaints I have shouldn't really have any input anyway. I am well aware I am not important enough to any aspect of the hobby to have any influence. I just love cars...all cars. And I will continue to photo document as many of them as I possibly can, old or new, stock or not. It doesn't matter. If it's at a show I'm at, I will photograph it. With that said, I do prefer factory stock. I can even tell you the exact date I switched from being of the rod & custom persuasion to factory stock. I saw a rare car (to me, anyway, a Terraplane) modified, and not tastefully, at the Goodguys East Coast Nationals. Right then and there, my thoughts were along the lines of "that's just wrong" and in the past 12 years I've gone more and more towards the factory stock crowd. And that led me here. While I'm not saying everyone has to like everything like I do, I am saying it's wrong to constantly belittle and insult the people who don't align fully with your particular fixation.
  15. Whatever it once was I don't think it is anymore. I am going to guess a 1957 Ford but just a guess.