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  1. This year was going to be my first year attending. Next year... hopefully. Historically pandemics usually last three years so I'm not considering it a guarantee. I guess I can't miss what I don't know.
  2. Cool to see so many. You rarely ever see them built, even at the largest model car shows.
  3. It sounds like basically it was a marketing ploy. Most people who are not woodwork enthusiasts would never know the difference.
  4. That is great to see! I look forward to reading of your adventures driving it around.
  5. 25 years or older. As defined by the club who runs this website.
  6. There's another green Citroen just like this one on the other side of the ice rink, but we didn't try to get over to it. You can barely see the roof. Oddly enough I've seen several of these Citroens in Midtown Manhattan. The Sunday before Christmas was packed. A mistake I won't make again. You can see the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree in this photo The registration for this Ford said it was a 1954. Not sure if you count fire engines, but my hometown maintains a vintage truck. I don't think it fights fires anymore. It's always the end of our Christ
  7. That's a post card or calendar image of I've ever seen one.
  8. I saw a couple acting as food trucks in Manhattan last December. I will post photos when I get back on my computer.
  9. Finally, one I got right on the first try! There was a Brewster in the Saratoga Automobile Museum collection when it opened, but hasn't been there in many years.
  10. I really, really wish I had done that sooner...I don't know exactly when I started but it's so helpful later...and it allows me to read the signs at my leisure, instead of standing around when I could be taking more pictures.
  11. Thank you so much. These days I photo document the signage but back then I didn't...of course I was only 3 months into having a camera when I visited the ACD museum.
  12. I really love the big, squared off sedans of this era. There's not one I dislike. I have very little knowledge of the era and generally can't tell who made them until I get close enough to read the marquee, but hopefully I will gain more knowledge over the years. Wish I got to see them more than once or twice a year.
  13. Nice eclectic group of cars here. More Studebakers then usually seen here, not all that far away.
  14. Thanks guys! Wayne, I'm not sure that the 1886 Benz replica being next to it is much of a giveaway...it's part of Saratoga's collection and was on permanent display for the first 10 or so years they were open. Last seen by me through the windows into their storage room circa 2012. I will compare the other to my other photos of IHCs. I've seen 4 of them, including two just this month. Or, I don't have to since it's been identified. By being a Kiblinger that means I've seen two of them! They may both have been in the same museum though, I don't remember without checking
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