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  1. My home town (Wappingers Falls, halfway between NYC and Albany, close enough) has a Halloween parade and encourages old cars but the prize is generally a free meal at a local restaurant.
  2. 2018. My family had made a vacation out of a convention in Toledo Ohio. It was a week long. We took the New York state Thruway and we stopped at every single rest stop so I could see and photograph the historical markers at each one. A ride that should have taken 12 hours took 21 over two days. But that's not all. While we were out there, we also drove into Michigan just because, and down to Wapakaneta to see the Armstrong Air and Space museum. And then! We took a ride over to Lake Michigan. After that, we kept going and ended up at Chicagoland speedway. We ended up driving on Route 66, which I figured out while there...it's no longer called that in Joliet, Illinois, it's now called IL 53. Being on Route 66 was a bucket list item for me and we ended up on it completely by accident. Illinois was the 13th state I've visited and the farthest west I've gotten...so far. I photo documented the entire trip, which you can see on my website here: https://public.fotki.com/ElCaminoBilly/trips/ohio-trip-2019/ Almost 3400 hundred photos so allot some time to deep dive in, lol. And the museums and convention have their own albums to boot.
  3. Now I've got a mental picture of a bunch of shaved cows standing in a field somewhere!
  4. I went to a small car show on Sunday and saw something I've only ever read about before. I know that a small number of civilian vehicles were made for "essential" reasons during the war but I had not seen one. Now I have. It was a nice little show, even though only 28 cars showed up, mostly due to the prediction of inclement weather. I believe that the chrome hub caps are not factory stock but I'm sure that someone will have more knowledge than I do. The rest of the show is here on my website if you want to look: East Fishkill Rotary Car Show 2021 album | El Camino Billy | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy. There's a 1939 Buick in the first 6 pictures that I think would be popular here.
  5. Some people are only happy if they are complaining and trying to make others feel bad about themselves.
  6. I'm an El Camino and Edsel fanatic and I love 70s, 80s and 90s cars. What do you think? 😂
  7. A lot of 70s and 80s cars. My next door neighbor had a Monte Carlo and replaced it with a Lumina. Other side neighbor drove a big black 70s Chevrolet pickup when not on a Harley. I remember there was an AMC Eagle that I don't think lived in my neighborhood because it wasn't common to see, but must have been friends or family because I saw it at least 8 or 9 times. I'll see if I can dig up some pictures. I don't really remember because at that time I was stupid and didn't think anything after 1972 mattered.
  8. Seeing the Sweet Orr Jeans signage in Times Square was a thrill. Their headquarters is (was) in walking distance of my house, and I have visited both of the their graves, as they are the same cemetery my dad is in. I notice the lanes being a suggestion and people walking out whenever they felt like hasn't changed much in all these years, too.
  9. I have a small piece of the USS Constitution in my collection that was taken from the wood they replaced in the 1970s, which is one of my favorite pieces to be honest. For the Duesenberg, I agree that losing the closed bodies is such a shame. I much prefer the looks of a closed car than an open car. One thing I have not seen mentioned is that maybe the owner didn't care about judging and actually just wanted to drive the car. Just a rumination, as Duesenbergs are well above my level, I have no insight other than a thought.
  10. This hits the nail on the head. I'm a bit of all three. I define myself as a collector and do maintain my collections, but I'm also a hoarder and I am well aware of it. I have two storage units full of stuff, and there are a few more things I want to collect but don't have the money to do so. The saving boxes thing is very real too. I have boxes of every size available. I do use them for mailing but I have more than I need. Can't bring myself to throw out anything usable. I'm well aware that this isn't mentally healthy but the thought of not having my stuff is worse by far. I've made a concentrated effort to cut down on the random acquisitions and only add to my main hobbies. I also realize that if I hadn't been paying for two storage units for the last 20 years I could have had an old car or two also, my lifelong dream that I doubt will ever be fulfilled.
  11. Heights scare me...not much will get me more. Even a little step ladder is too high for me. You can make fun of me if you want to, it's pretty embarrassing... Here's a shot from the other end, which I took in March of this year, looking straight up the Chrysler Building from 42nd Street in NY, as part of my driving tour of the city.
  12. By time in occured to me to ask my dad what his first car was, it was too late, he no longer remembered (surely the result of the cancer and the chemo). He did remember what would have been his first car, a 1946 Ford that the previous owner wanted to get rid of instead of put a blinker on. The previous owner having lost an arm in WWII. I don't remember why he didn't get it but he still regretted it circa 1999 when I asked him. At least I think it was a 46. Wish I could ask him.
  13. Considering the near constant insults, sniping and put downs younger people get at car shows it's not wholly surprising they didn't want to open up to a stranger. Other than the one you watched enter it's almost a guarantee somebody had already told them that day their car belongs in a parking lot or presumed they knew nothing about their own car.
  14. No classic cars today but watching the Indy Car race and will watch NASCAR shortly. So still a car heavy day, just the way I like it! Well, I may get a coat of clear on my Revell 1948 Ford. I messed it up badly and am hoping I can save the build. It's 1/25 scale but it is a classic car.
  15. I hadn't heard of the Brockway museum, will have to add that to the list! My family has been planning a major car museum adventure, covering the Pierce Arrow museum, the Packard museum, another trip to ACD and first trip to the truck museum next to it, then culmination at Gilmore. Health problems, the cost it's going to be, and the pandemic has pushed it back some... hopefully we can get the family health problems sorted so we can actually do it. The Northeast Classic Car Museum is actually close enough that I can get to it and home in one long day. It's been on my to do list for the past five or more years.
  16. I was doing a little figuring and I could drive to NHL teams in 4 other states and Montreal before I could get to the Sabres from here, in my own state. (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, Washington if you're curious). Even so I love our highway system and am actively exploring more of it. Perhaps people on here would be interested in seeing some of the driving tours I've been doing?
  17. History doesn't stop. The cars of today have just as much relevance as the cars of 1925 (any year, actually).
  18. Our way of life is much closer to the North Country than the city. It's funny, when traveling out of state, they actually do treat you better when you say you are from NY but not NYC... although most people want to visit Manhattan anyway.
  19. It's a wrap, supposed to look like blood from running over pedestrians. I can't fathom the draw nor would I want to be associated with anyone who does, but that's what it is.
  20. Chevelle club was somewhere in Maryland. That's an eclectic mix of cars. I see even a Chrysler slipped in. No El Camino?
  21. I live in Dutchess County. It is referred to as upstate so no one thinks we are NYC. The differentiation line is the Tappan Zee Bridge. I hope you can get it sorted. Auburns are a rare sight here. I've never seen one in county despite living here my entire life. Did drive out to the museum in Indiana in 2003, fantastic cars. If your friend needs photos taken I gladly volunteer.
  22. There's a car show at a nudist colony here. I haven't and don't plan to attend.
  23. The first time something local came up for me to share. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/516329043152783/ From the ad: For sale or trade 1957 olds super 88. Needs restoration. Complete car. Original motor and trans. Never tried to start it or turn it over. Body and frame are in really good condition. Interior is all intact. 2 sets of wheels. Really cool car. Would love to get it going but I have way too many projects I have old regi for it but it was signed already. Can provide the ny dmv forms to get new regi. $2500 or trade Willing to trade for a car trailer or 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe, road ready with under 200k miles only. Wallkill ny Read Less
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