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  1. I got one on Monday. Reported it. Would be .000001% more convincing if she didn’t call me dear.
  2. I think I know the PM everyone is talking about. I reported it right away. After a chuckle.
  3. I will. It’s amazing what info gets lost after 90 years.
  4. I found this documentation and it has me second guessing what we’ve established already: So would these be for the 1926 after all?
  5. That was quick! Thank you. I’ve seen that style before, online. I know the car would look so much better with them on there.
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering what style headlight buckets were used on my 1926 Dodge Brothers Deluxe Sedan. It is the 6 volt system, if that matters. I ask ask because I have “bullet” style headlights (for lack of a better description) and I have been told that the correct headlights are the type with the flat back. Here is a photo of what is on there now.
  7. Aside from dropping the pan and fixing the float, I would say you could find a spot where you can safely drop a rod of some sort to the bottom of the pan. After that, drain the oil and then fill to factory specs. Immediately check the level on the rod and then mark it. From then on you will have a “full” reference as long as you take the reading from the same spot every time. Arent Dodges fun? Haha, and no sarcasm there. I enjoy a few good challenges.
  8. The only way I was able to view my level before repairing my float was to peer inside the oil filler neck and jostle the engine around a little bit. Saw the sheen of the oil splashing around. I think a flashlight was involved too. But I have a 1926 4 cylinder, and I think the 12 volt engines have a different filler neck. Even then I didn’t know if I was low or not. I finally got confirmation by draining ALL of the oil into a drain pan and counting how many quarts I had.
  9. Points all the way! Don’t trust that little black box.
  10. I have a 1926 Dodge and when I bought it 2 years ago, the oil indicator was sunk to the bottom of the oil pan. I hear this is a common problem with them. I repaired my float in January when I dropped my oil pan. I drained the oil out where it was leaking, put some solder on the hole and resoldered where the metal rod goes through for good measure It’s still holding.
  11. Thank you both. I agree with everything you’ve said. I will try to explain some of these points to my dad and then maybe he will adjust price. And forbbodiesonly is definetly the next stop. It should have been my first stop, but I don’t have an account there. And didn’t want to be a noobie trying to sell right away. My dad has an account but trying to get him to type anything with more than one sentence on the computer takes an act of Congress. I will have to log in under his name and do it, and I have just been lazy on making that happen.