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  1. Okay. Here is what I did. I took a flat piece of metal (can’t remember what at this time, but some small, circular, solderable piece of metal) and I soldered on a small, cut to length, spring ( that fits the diameter of the broken contact) and heat shrinked the edges. I also added some paper at the bottom of the housing for extra isolation. It works. Here is what is looks like:
  2. I couldn’t make it to the garage today, I will snap a picture tomorrow.
  3. I will get you a picture this afternoon.
  4. Very nice. I learned something new.
  5. Here is a snippet from the 1926 (6 volt) book of information. Says both bulbs are single contact. I just went out and looked at my tail light. I believe only the bottom contact should touch the bulb. Mine was worn out and I had to modify my tail light with a spring, I believe. I would have to take it apart it be sure.
  6. Yeah it’s just single contact bulbs. It will work.
  7. This info is for the 6 volt system. I assume the candle power rating for the the 12 volts systems might vary slightly. What you need (if memory serves) is a 6CP (candle power) bulb for the bottom section. It’s smaller than the 21CP bulb used for the top. Both bulbs are single contact. The bottom section fooled me too, but after some research I found out both bulbs are single contact. Here is what a 6CP bulb should look like:
  8. I did an experiment today. I took my torch and opened up the can of my old capacitor to see if it can be easily rebuilt. It can. Here are the results:
  9. I don’t think he meant corvair. It’s the Edsel Corsair.
  10. Yes, and the CA DMV gave me a heck of a time:
  11. I will do this. Good thing I’ve got a few spare sets of points. Myers Early Dodge has a modern replacement. I can buy theirs, measure it, and see how that works out. If it’s good, I’ll buy the appropriate value cap and restuff the original.
  12. I think I have an old vtvm in storage somewhere. But for now, all I have is the DMM. I removed the condenser from the distributor and did some isolated testing. Capacitance reads .807 out of the car. I put my DMM on ohms and the condenser started at 39 Mega ohms and immediately started to drop. I lost my patience with it at 11 mega ohms and turned the meter off. But it wouldn’t stop dropping. Do you think I can buy a modern capacitor and stuff it into the old can? Here is the capacitor in question:
  13. I will check resistance next. If the .7 value proves to be a problem, I suppose I could rebuild the capacitor and put a modern one inside the original “can” Here are some photos of the points still installed on the distributor, looks like I need to take action.