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  1. I just put straight 600w in my 26 a few months ago and I still have slight leaks in both the front end and rear end.
  2. DB26

    What Year FoMoCo Rims?

    Thanks everyone. I think I have enough info now.
  3. DB26

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃
  4. DB26

    What Year FoMoCo Rims?

    Thank you! They are 14" and here is a photo of the back:
  5. Here is a tie clip in a Ford key shape. Uncut $20
  6. DB26

    What Year FoMoCo Rims?

    Hello everyone, recently acquired these FoMoCo rims from my father and was wondering what vintage they are. I was guessing 60s? Thanks
  7. DB26

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    Okay then I am putting this one on hold until I can locate a new gear. Thanks everyone!
  8. DB26

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    Another update for today. I took the a Dodge for a drive a few minutes ago and had the speedometer disconnected, but the cable connected to the transmission. As I was driving, I witnessed the cable turning. I grabbed the end of the cable with my fingers and was able to stop it from rotating with very little effort.
  9. DB26

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    I'll have to study it a little more. Does anyone know for certain that the speedometer gear is removeable through the top?
  10. DB26

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    Did some more digging tonight. I think maybe the speedo gear is stripped. Here is another video:
  11. DB26

    390 Car Collection plus parts, Medford Oregon area

    Whatever happened with this hoard?
  12. DB26

    Wanted: Hub Puller

    Thank you for the loan offer. I actually trying to procure this puller for a future brake relining. I want to buy it and have it in my arsenal.
  13. DB26

    Wanted: Hub Puller

    Thanks for all the help. I know my budget is low. I can probably afford one in a few months. Just thought I'd give it a shot and see if there were any out there for $40. I'll check the links you all gave me.
  14. DB26

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    Thanks for the advice. I will continue to work on this project this week.