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  1. Thanks everyone. Found. George at ROMAR found one for me.
  2. I had to do a double take when I read the title. I was about to run out and get something for pop. But then I remembered we just had ours. I didn’t know yours was in September. Happy Father’s Day to you Aussies.
  3. Yeah. eBay’s automated formatting of listings is terrible. I sold a few things that ended up going through their Global Shipping Program. I only found out when I got suspicious of the buyers address and Googled it. It was some sort of airport terminal halfway across the USA. The item got there okay, but I’ve heard bad things about it. I proofread very carefully my listings now.
  4. This sounds like the same guy (from Nevada) that tried to scam me about 3 years ago. Same story too. Dad died and left him (In my case) all his NOS Dodge parts. No pictures and money order required.
  5. Thanks for the advice. The picture is not my cap. I found the photo in another discussion on the topic from years ago.
  6. Found Thank You Hello. I took the ‘26 DB out yesterday and got tired of spilling gas every bump I hit. (Doesn’t help that they are repaving the roads in my neighborhood) I just called Myers and ROMAR and they don’t have it. So does anyone have this cap? Photo courtesy of Machinist_Bill
  7. Thanks both of you. I don’t smell any either. I will have to investigate further into the mechanism. And trini, thanks for your thoughts. I have seen a few websites that say you can do a home repair of these mechanical gauges. The trick is submerging the bulb in salted ice water and being quick with the solder repair. That’s what I did to this gauge, as there was no bulb or most of the capillary tube present when I began. All I had was a nub to work with. The gauges’ needle moving at all is kind of a win for me.
  8. Hello everyone, I recently bought an inexpensive, broken mechanical temperature gauge from the teens or twenties. I attempted a repair on it today, but it didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. Here’s what it does: I put the new soldered-on temperature probe into some boiling water and the needle immediately responds, but only goes to about 140 degree and then immediately falls back to 100. What would cause it to do this?
  9. So that rim spreader works on the solid discs too? I was under the impression the were incompatible.
  10. My ‘26 Dodge Brothers has disc wheels and Lucas tires. They were put on before I bought it in 2017. I like them a lot. Not sure what tire shop would handle them. I’m not looking forward to finding one when I need new ones.
  11. Thank you George. I spoke to you last month. I purchased just the intake tube from you. You said you didn’t have the hardware at that time. Do you have the hardware now?
  12. My ‘26 Deluxe Sedan has the bullet type. Here is a photo from the brochure:
  13. Lucky me. This type of exhaust setup was talked about in this months Dodge Brothers Club News
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