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  1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I did tighten the nut and the leak did not change.
  2. Hello everyone, My ‘26 Dodge’s carburetor is leaking from the area that has the shaft and bell crank. I have put new packing in twice. The first attempt failed immediately and the second attempt lasted about a year or so. In the second attempt I packed it and put light pressure on the packing nut. I took it for a longer drive than normal a few weeks ago and it started leaking again. Am I doing anything wrong, is the shaft worn, or do they sometimes leak? Here is a video:
  3. My drums are 14”. Not right for my car sorry.
  4. Being in a suburb of Los Angeles, I’m stuck putting around my neighborhood streets and school zones.
  5. Not to hyjack this thread, but is there an acceptable replacement for the 4 cylinder of 1926?
  6. Noted! Thanks, I will take the drums back off, clean and debur the axels and retorque to 150 foot pounds. Now, I assume since I am never to back off, If after I reach 150 foot pounds and the cotter pin will not slide in, a further tightening beyond 150 won’t harm it much? I only ask because I know someone on this forum believes the metallurgy used at this time period wasn’t designed for that much torque and can break.
  7. Hey everyone, I just need a little clarification. I’m going to be doing my brakes soon, so I had my rear drums off to analyze them before I buy the material. I’ve been told to torque the axel nut to about 150 foot pounds torque when reassembling. I’ve also read that ( sorry cannot find the post reference) it’s not good to torque that high, torque wasn’t practice in the 20s, and something lower like 60-90 will do. Any thoughts? Also I assume, since there is a cotter pin, to apply the torque, and then back off the nut (as opposed to tightening it) in order for the cotter pin to slide in. Would that be correct? Thanks
  8. Well, that’s an eye opener. I’m sorry you had to be witness to that terrible accident, and I am greatful you weren’t harmed.
  9. I used Romar early last year. Service was unmatched. George will be providing for the Dodge Brotherhood for many years, no doubt!
  10. On behalf of millennials, I apologize
  11. I am 30 years old. I did not know how to drive stick before I bought my 1926 Dodge, but I love its original engine and components. I am a stickler for keeping things stock, so I learned how to drive it. I have always had an unsual affinity for the past (1910s thru 1960s) and cannot provide and explanation as to why, but I will say that I was a rare bird when compared to the majority of my peers growing up. And by by the way, I posted this using my iPhone. Haha.
  12. I got it one piece at a time, and it didn’t cost me a dime.... That’s a no from me
  13. That’s amazing. My radiator cap is made by that same company. Same spring wire retainer and everything. I’ll be in the lookout thanks.
  14. Thanks guys. I’ll put it up for sale as a generic then.
  15. Here are the turn signals I mentioned before.