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    '51 Chieftain - Fuel/Temp gauge resistance

    Looks good. Keep it up.
  2. GARY F

    1958 Pontiac trans

    There used to be some old timers at Varga Auto Trans in North Brunswick N.J. Give Them a call.
  3. GARY F

    Find the Buick

    Elpad, I would like to know where you find all these great pictures?
  4. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Looking good.
  5. GARY F

    1938 prewar parts

    I cant say for sure but if you can get a interchange book or know someone that has one might help you out. 38 & 39 might be the same for olds. Pontiac and chevy . Did you try French Lake Auto Parts yet? Type in Old car salvage yards and look around there, also there are thousands of items on different Ebay sites you can look through and maybe get a hit. I do it a lot.
  6. GARY F

    1936 REO flying cloud

    Try Kanter. Look up on lline for REO clubs. They sure could help.
  7. GARY F

    interchangable parts for pre war oldsmobile

    You can try French Lake. I just got a 37 Pontiac air cleaner from them for my L-37 Olds. Slight mod and it works. For your car and mine I wish there was more info and interchange on them. I have all the books for mine and they are the worst for diagrams and info.
  8. GARY F

    My "New" '51 Chieftain Deluxe Eight 4-Door

    Great car and story. Good luck. I also belong to POCI.
  9. GARY F

    Buick electra 1960 .. tips and tricks.

    Beautiful car but cant help. Try a salvage yard and get them redone to original.
  10. GARY F

    cunifer tubing

    Another stupid question from the old man. Can this cunifer tubing be used as a fuel line between fuel pump & carb? Thanks
  11. GARY F

    cunifer tubing

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. GARY F

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Are you going to wet sand with 1500 then 2000 then compound? They look good.
  13. GARY F


    Great picture and truck.
  14. GARY F

    '51 Chieftain - Rear grab handles/rope

    4 dr. sedan, one rope, 2 dr. two ropes
  15. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great job. You do good pictures and I like following.
  16. GARY F

    Hydraulic brake tubing

    Route it anywhere to get to each end like they said above. just leave the old line where it is. You only get one chance to stop.
  17. GARY F

    compression tester

    I am old and all my cars are 1989 and back to 1937 Olds. I fully restored two 63 Pontiacs so I am not in the dark.. I am looking to buy a compression tester and every one I look at says the threads on the tester are metric. Ex. m-10 m-20- m-30 etc. Are they metric on my 89 Mercury, 89 F-150, my two 63 Pontiacs and my 37 Olds. This might be a stupid question to you, but I am confused which does not take much. Thanks
  18. GARY F

    compression tester

    I want to thank you guys for the info. Now I know they all are metric.
  19. GARY F

    compression tester

    OK. Example AC-44
  20. It is called an ICC bar
  21. GARY F

    Cool 1935 Truck Picture

    Love those old pictures.
  22. Did that half inch let you close the hood?
  23. Is he looking for a body in the first picture?
  24. GARY F

    Need id on an air cleaner..

    It looks like a 37 Pontiac I have if the hole is two and a half inches.