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  1. I bought from Tower in the past. They were good. The last one I bought was in 2014.
  2. Might post this in the Riv section also.
  3. On my 37 8 cyl. the tube is screwed into the right rear of the block.
  4. Gonna look great with all that chrome on.
  5. Very nice looking 57.
  6. They look like they could use a bead blasting.
  7. Location, ? Title? more pictures trunk, back seat. Did this have a repaint? Miles?
  8. Needed question answered that was not in my service manual. Got quick correct answers. Thanks guys.
  9. I saw that also, but I figured Keith knew what he is doing.
  10. Nice looking cabinets. You can never have enough storage space and counter top.
  11. Did you look in the Pontiac/Oakland club Mag?
  12. Maybe you are not paying your helper minimum wage. Ha Ha
  13. Did you take the old one out and look for a number
  14. First check the nozzle end to see if it is blocked. Do you hear the pump ticking when you press the wash button.?
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