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  1. Here is a picture of my 1959 Ford Custom 300 dash and 1939 Buick Special dash.
  2. This manual has over 500 pages of detailed electrical information, including wiring diagrams, for american cars and trucks of 1920 and 1921. Copyright 1922. The book is complete and intact. Critters have chewed the edge of the back cover and back few pages but no information was eaten. $40 + $5.00 media mail shipping in the continental US.
  3. Motor Age, January 13, 1921, complete and intact. Motor Age, February 3, 1921, complete and intact. Motor Age, March 17, 1921, complete and intact, corners torn off cover. Motor Age, March 24, 1921, complete and intact. Motor Age, April 14, 1921, complete and intact. Motor Life The Show, January 1921, complet and intact, binding and cover have been taped. Motor World, March 16, 1921, complete, binding and covers torn. Motor World, March 23, 1921, complete, binding and covers torn. Motor World, March 30, 1921, complete, binding and covers torn. The Automobilist, August 1921, complete. The Automobilist, May 1922, complete, binding coming loose. Automotive Industries The Automobile Statistical Number, February 17, 1921, complete, minor tears at binding and cover. Automotive Industries The Automobile, June 9, 1921, complete and intact. Automotive Industries The Automobile Annual Engineering Number, June 16, 1921, complete, minor tear at binding. Automotive Industries The Automobile, June 30, 1921, complete and intact, minor wear at binding. Automobile Dealer and Repairer, September 1922, complete, covers torn and loose, some pages torn. American Garage and Auto Dealer, November 1921, complete, binding coming loose. Automobile Trade Journal, August 1, 1921, complete and intact, tears on binding. Automobile Trade Journal, September 1, 1921, complete and intact, tears on binding and back cover. Motor News, January-February, 1921, complete, binding torn, covers loose. Motor News, March, 1921, missing back cover, front cover loose. American Automobile Digest, January 1921, complete, covers taped, some pages loose. American Automobile Digest, March 1921, complete, cover torn on side. American Automobile Digest, May 921, complete, cover torn. American Automobile Digest, November 1921, complete, biding taped. Some of these have some minor staining and/or folds in places. They all have many good pictures, advertisements, and automotive information from the era. $100 for all 25 plus shipping. Media mail shipping in the continental US is $14.00.
  4. Thanks for all the replies!
  5. It is 16.5 inches long, the hex opening turns a 3/4 inch nut or bolt head. There are no markings. Is it a rim and tire tool? Is it specific to certain years/makes/models? Thanks.
  6. I made a bracket today, it's installed and woking fine. Thanks again!
  7. I am missing the front bracket for the Transmission Selector Shaft Lever Spring. This is for the front spring, at the transmission, it looks like it mounts on the driver's side lower bell housing to transmission bolt. According to my part book, it is group 4.121 Bracket, Transmission Selector Shaft Lever Spring part 1309663 1939-40 (LHD) Front left. See attached image of figure 7-10 from the shop manual. Does anyone have any good pictures of one, with dimensions, so I can make one? Or even better, have a spare to sell?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I heard about it quite a few years ago from a local older gent. Maybe it was something he did or learned about years ago when there was actually a different underlying cause of blocks cracking. As stated above, another myth disproven.
  9. I have heard that some solid motor mounts should be left a little loose on some early cars because the frame can flex, causing the block to possibly crack. Is this correct and if so, what are the specific recommendations? For example which years does this generally apply to, how many motor mount bolts should be loose, and how much should they be loose?
  10. I had the same question a few years ago. See the replies to this thread: When I was in there I greased them just to be sure, installed new outer seals, and left the old inner seals thinking a little leaking from the inners can't hurt. It's been ok for 5 years so far.
  11. Not mine:
  12. Harley Davidson had an F head engine thru 1929. Here is a pic of my 1928 JD with the 74 ci F head engine.
  13. 2carb40: I believe the rebuilt torque cups from Bobs go in dry. I hope so anyway because I think that's how I did it!