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1930 Buick Four Passenger Country Club Coupe Model 64C - $14,000 (Old Colorado City) not mine

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  • contact name:   Al  (719) 482-4281

  • 1930 Buick two door coupe with rumble seat. Over head six cylinder engine, three speed tranny on the floor. Car has been restored including interior with new headliner. New vinyl top. original wooden spoke wheels. Runs fine.00808_1ZQNSVdDjskz_0CI0t2_1200x900.jpg
  • 00m0m_f0x4s6o8Gpjz_0CI0t2_1200x900.jpg
  • 00k0k_4uYMfWgkNbFz_0CI0t2_1200x900.jpg
  • note:  golf bag door


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I hesitate to say much, although mostly it looks like a good car at a fair price (maybe a bit optimistic?). However, I do question the dummy landau irons. In the first place, they are on the wrong sides, although that is probably easily corrected. They also appear to be too long for this car! nzcarnerd and I have been trading comments about landau/sport coupes on a thread under "What Is It?" titled "Buick??"






In there he pointed out that MOST soft top fixed roof coupes and sedans that had dummy landau bars on them, the lower/rear end of the bar was originally anchored near the bottom edge of the soft top. Not on the steel body shell. When he made that comment, I realized that although I hadn't really thought about it, he was right! I have seen many original era photos of such cars, and more than a few cars up close (including the 1929 Reo I used to have), and cannot recall any with the dummy irons mounted into the body steel. 

Not only are these anchored in the body steel, they are longer than any I have seen on a common sport (or landau or any other name?) coupe of the era. These irons really do not fit that body. Long bars like these would likely have been for a blind corner sedan or something like the 1927ish Studebaker Victoria coupe that nzcarnerd posted a picture of on the "Buick??" thread?


A lot of car makers offered soft top coupes in the mid 1920s into the early 1930s. Whether they were the fixed soft tops like the Ford model A sport coupe that resembled a cabriolet? Or the padded fixed roof like my Reo or the Buicks? Some of them had dummy landau irons, and some did not have the landau irons. I have seen cars and photos of 1927 and 1928 Buick coupes that had the padded fixed roof with the dummy landau bars. Maybe the 1930 didn't have them? I don't know.

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Is there a good reason why sellers do not clean their car before placing an advertisement? Do they think they will get more interest and $$ with a dirty car? To me it shows a lack of attention which would make me feel they paid little attention to maintaining the car.

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In these cases, it looks like someone other than the owner is selling it. Maybe in this case the deceased owner's son is the seller by the wording of the ad. It looks like it was a collector's car, there is another parked next to it, and a pile of manuals that were rounded up from the garage. As can be seen in perhaps an older partial restoration, like the fabric detailing, related door hardware, floor matting, some time and and money was spent. 

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If you cleaned it,  then wet sanded and buffed the car out it would look a world different.  That paint has a ton of orange peel in it which doesn't help,  even if it was cleaned up.  The surprising thing is all the chrome looks redone and all the nickel inside.  If it was closer i would look at it.  I can see the potential underneath, but a 2000-2500 tow bill doesn't help. 

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I do believe this car has been for sale for quite some time.  This implies it is priced too high and/or the seller is not highly motivated to sell.  I am interested in a local to me car and was provided the phone number by the grandson (Facebook marketplace) but the seller won’t call me back.  


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Doesn't seem like the seller is too motivated to sell car. 18K for almost a year and a half might be a clue that it isn't priced right. I have a California Car Cover duster that I use on my car just before and after I take my car out. The car hasn't seen a duster in years. 

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11 hours ago, dibarlaw said:

My friends 1931 96S sport Coupe.

It seems all the 1930-1931 landau bars were anchored at the rear body.



It appears the 1930 and 1931 Buick sport coupes are the major exception to the rule!


A little google time shows a good number of Buick sport coupes of those years, most of the restored ones with longer than I would expect landau bars. Anchored in the body steel. There were also a fair number of similar Buicks with no landau bars. So, maybe a different option? Minor variation between model numbers? I am not any sort of expert on Buick models of those two years, but it was apparent that there were several different models/sizes of Buick coupes in those two years. Some of the apparently smaller models seemed the landau bars were more out of place than they looked on larger models. Just an observation.

It would be helpful to look at some good sales literature for those years and see just how the cars are shown in those. The google time I spent, such as it was, only showed a couple good era images. They were barely enough to confirm that Buick in those two years did have unusually long landau bars on at least some of their coupes.


This is what I like. Good discussion, opening dialog where we can all learn more. I am still trying to learn more about the cars I like to see. Thanks to all that contribute. I hope what I contribute helps.

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The 1931 Buick convertible coupes had functional external landau bars.

659343556_Spring2010052.jpg.eab974b6403d969397d03c335b805f58.jpg I

1931 96C convertible coupe at Hershey.

I believe the sport coupe design was meant to utilize the same body panel sections. The design is to emulate a convertible design anyway.


Period photo of 1931 96S.

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  • 11 months later...

Price now $12,000; underside looks clean…


1930 Buick Four Passenger Country Club Coupe Model 64C - $12,000 (Old Colorado City) - Colorado Springs, CO


contact info:  “Al” at 719-482-4281




per owner:  1930 Buick two door coupe with rumble seat. Over head six cylinder engine, three speed tranny on the floor. Car has been restored including interior with new headliner. New vinyl top. original wooden spoke wheels. Runs fine. NO RUST






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