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  1. This is in the sweet spot of cars you say you can afford.
  2. You'd think the seller could spend a few hours vacuuming and shampooing the carpet, removing the litter and cleaning the dirty and mildewed leather to at least give the appearance that he cared?
  3. This mid-1960s church was quietly razed this summer. I notified the local newspaper when a buddy of mine drove by to take pictures and found it was already in the process of being demolished! Neither of us had known it was sold, much less condemned. I inspected the cedar timbers where they went into the footings and realized it was all rotted. The new property owner wanted to build a car wash there, but the city recently rejected his plan for that. I thought that church would still be there when I died.
  4. That's a nice color combination. There is one in a Detroit junkyard I go to with the same interior but the exterior is gray. It also came without the vinyl top. This car has the rare headrests and both door panels have been re-upholstered. The bottom of the driver's door has some rust along the inside seam, and the rust on the firewall indicates more rust-prone areas to carefully check out such as the floorpan, trunk pan, and bottom of A-pillars. Hopefully it finds a good home.
  5. no, it's what Pontiac copied for the '63 "swiss cheese" Catalina Super Dutys
  6. nice looking car and a good color combination; note the '68 side marker lights that were added
  7. For such a famous celebrity, it is a rather modest gravesite.
  8. My uncle worked in Public Relations at Ford and was present for the bridge dedication. I have some document from that day which I think w as signed by some of the dignitaries there. The bridge walk is still an annual Labor Day tradition, but didn't happen this year due to the virus. The bridge opened in November 1957. Our folks drove us kids up to see it in our new '57 Bel Air hardtop. In later years, they told us that we were all too busy having fun playing on the floor of the back seat to even look at it! We were all under the age of five.
  9. The crooked gauge cluster, cracked steering wheel, dirty/wrinkled headliner, and torn air cleaner hose are about the only demerits. Is this more realistically a $30-35,000 car?
  10. The lime Duster pictured is a '71 with the loud, but cool 340 Wedge graphics. The '70 was more conservative looking, but we get the idea.
  11. The Eldorado had the rear latch assembly on the passenger side at least through the 1979 model.
  12. The real disasters were the early steel-belted radial tires. I was working at Consolidated Freightways in Romulus (suburb of Detroit where the big airport is) in the Summer of 1977. We had a few days one week of temps slightly over 100, which is quite rare here, and I had a trailer full of defective Uniroyal radials to unload. The steel strands were sticking out every which way, and they were quite sharp. I thought the delivery should have gone to the Uniroyal plant next to the Belle Isle bridge in Detroit where Olds Motor Works had been before it burned to the ground. Maybe Uniroyal plan
  13. As I recall, radial tires were optional starting in 1972 on Cadillac (and possibly other GM cars)
  14. It looks to be Atlantis Blue Firemist metallic, an optional color. If not, it's most likely Admiralty Blue metallic, which I believe is identical to my 1968's Emperor Blue metallic.
  15. According to Ward's 1968 Automotive Yearbook, 99.1% of the 1967 Eldorados had whitewall tires.
  16. As difficult as it is to believe, whitewalls were still optional, but I don't recall ever seeing one back then without them.
  17. Andrew, Those are great photos! What is the scale model of the black touring car next to the actual car?
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