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  1. Neat car, but seller’s definition of great condition doesn’t match mine. We also have different definitions of “coupe.” Of course my opinion is formed by the sole pic provided in the ad. Despite my complaints, if I were closer to this I would go check it out.
  2. 😀 I’ve done that several times with my Lincoln. Luckily I’ve always been able to find them.
  3. That one has been on CL FOREVER. Interesting car but there must be some reason that it hasn’t sold?
  4. I should add that the hood and trunk rust is common as 58L-Y8 mentioned. Caused by the seam sealer or whatever they used between the outer panel and internal reinforcement. It must absorb moisture because they rust from the inside out wherever that stuff is applied. I took it all out on my car and applied a modern material in the same places. After treating the metal.
  5. I don’t follow these as closely as I should, considering I own one. But I think Steve_Mack_CT’s estimate is about right. There are enough Lincoln specific parts on these to mean sorting can be expensive. As always, buy the best one you can afford. This one looks good. It’s the same color as my ‘64 so I’m inclined to like it. The engine compartment looks complete and correct, at least on my small phone screen. It even has the battery surround in place. I would check those tires - this one has 14” wheels and it’s hard to find a 14” radial that is rated for the weight of these things. 58L-Y8, i agree on convertible pricing. If some idiot offers me $40k for mine I will have an empty spot in my garage.
  6. Nice looking car. I like these. More pics in the ad. Sounds like a flipper but at least it’s not sitting on a trailer in the pics. More than half the text is a waste so here is the important stuff. NEVER RUSTED OR ROTTED!!!!! Extremely RARE...1969 AMC Rebel SST absolute time capsule with documentation that fills a folder, 62k original documented miles and working air conditioning! It is mostly original paint and COMPLETELY original everywhere else! Floors, trunk and all body panels are original. The original woman owner owned until 2019 (yes 50 years) and then sold it to her mechanic who kept it for 2 years and then I bought it. Engine is 290 V8 original engine with automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning, working factory radio, bucket seats, and other great options that I am forgetting. Original spare and jack, as you can see and perfect original trunk! https://longisland.craigslist.org/cto/d/west-babylon-1969-amc-rebel-sst-orig-v8/7351101986.html
  7. This is one of the best Facebook car ads I have seen. Granted, that’s a low bar. But this one has pics underneath, a realistic price, and the pics and text give you enough info to see that it is worth a trip to see it. The car looks good too. I could live with the seat for a while and then do something about the interior as a winter project.
  8. I love this seller. I got the car for free, but I can’t be bothered to try and get a title or clean it up. I don’t want to pay someone to haul it away. But you can have the privilege of paying me $5,500 to get it out of my way.
  9. I’m not far away either. If the price drops to something more realistic I might check it out for fun. But if I really wanted a LaSalle coupe I’d look for something already done or an older restoration, and save a ton of money and years of my time. I just don’t understand where people come up with these prices. This thing needs everything and then some. Edit: LaSalle price reduced to $15k. Still high but going in the right direction.
  10. I have seen worse get saved. But that asking price makes it unlikely. It does need everything. Of course it’s entirely possible that these sell for far more than I think. I stopped following them years ago.
  11. Great point, and I struggle with this sometimes. I still think you should be able to get a running and driving car for $500. 😳
  12. Post deleted by author as of 8:10am Eastern. These are interesting. I also wonder why prices haven’t gone up as much as something like the full size Wagoneers. But then I’ve never driven one - I suspect they may be quite rough and not geared for current speeds. And of course no power windows. 😀
  13. That’s the entry level requirement. The sophisticated ones wait until they are at a gas station. At night.
  14. Sad but true. I’m a sucker for a lost cause but the buy-in would have to be approaching zero on this one.
  15. You are not missing a thing. The one in most of the pics has been on CL for a long time.
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