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  1. The seller sure could throw in a box of razor blades to sweeten the deal. Those windows look painted as well.
  2. The red naugahyde seat cover is a good match to the naked black door skins. I'm crazy enough to clearcoat the kid art right into the rattle can paint.
  3. Looks great but when one starts driving it, they are going to be replacing rubber part failures one by one. As evident, the heater hoses are 30s vintage.
  4. I had one fly off while taking the car for a spin after a repair last winter, it landed in a snow bank. I noticed it when I pulled over to check for leaks under the car. Luckily it was sitting right there, the caps are in nice condition and it would have been a challenge to find a replacement. Since I painted the rims, I haven't put them back on.
  5. The Wasp has been a good runner, took it out for an afternoon run, wound the clock, cranked that big steering wheel, felt the funky 3rd gear shift. Going to drive it until the hubcaps fall off.
  6. There was a 38 Buick 8 on craigslist that was real nice and priced at $10k. It sold pretty fast. I'm still fretting over that one but I think one old car is enough. I think there should be a post about cars that we almost brought but didn't, and are glad that the deal didnt go down.
  7. Sometimes you get lucky and find an old registration form tucked away. That's all you would need in a no title state.
  8. I like the sedanette. Being a 4 door doesnt distract from the style at all, and makes for a more affordable car.
  9. With any old car and motorcycle as well, it's a game of crap that you play with the seller. You have to basically disregard all that is said or typed in a listing and draw your own conclusions with a thorough inspection, and knowledge of workarounds for getting it plated, and offer accordingly.
  10. Pretty cool. I would have put penetrating oil in the cylinders and let it sit to soak in, lube the top end, pull the oil pan, etc before starting it but that was the flipper's decision. And no title.
  11. If it was never really run after restoration, there must be a good reason. Did it not start due to an assy error? I am always skeptical when a car is presented on a trailer or is missing an air filter.
  12. Looks to be in good condition and the price is reasonable.
  13. I like the wheels. Someone will want to put a normal seat in it.
  14. Sailing takes priority, sorry to admit, also fighting for time are a motorcycle fleet. My Wasp has seat covers over the original heather grey fabric, the tops are a cross-hatch blue nauga which is pretty cool. I may at some point remove them and clean the original fabric.
  15. I used fleece for my boat cushions, super cheap and when it gets ratty looking, it's easy enough to replace.
  16. The Onceler culled every Nauga that roamed CT for the manufacture of aftermarket car seats. The haze still lingers in the sky from the sooty process.
  17. I guess I could live with the green for a nice body like that. Looks like it has an under dash sound system or CB radio? The engine bay is real clean. I'm wondering what the black box is that is mounted to the firewall.
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