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  1. Still Available, Same $50,000 Price: Oct-Nov 2021: 1937 Cord Custom Beverly - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Contact: Dick (814) 3-3-six-8-four-7-zero Copy and paste in your email: cb8dede734513eff88fc2738d225d9c7@sale.craigslist.org
  2. John_S_in_Penna: The interior pattern looks to be correct though I'd have to check my SDC Turning Wheels article about the details of what was the standard Land Cruiser fabric. In terms of value, if this Land Cruiser checks out to be mechanically robust and largely rust-free, it is priced at or a bit over the top of the market for 1953-'58 Studebaker sedans. On the other hand, it has the overdrive which makes these very nice drivers and good on fuel. Parts supplies and club support and advice are first-class with the Studebaker Driver's Club. The 120.5" wb Y-Body Land Cruiser was their top-line sedan with the additional 4" of rear seat legroom and folding center armrest, rear door vent windows and their best trim level. This particular car though looks like one would encounter Studebakers then: overdrive for good fuel mileage, dog-dish hubcaps and black-wall tires in spite of it being their 'fanciest' model. But the original buyer did spring for one frivolity: two-tone paint! Steve
  3. For Sale: 1927 Chevrolet 4dr sedan - $12,000 - Bristol, TN 1927 Chevrolet - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org) 1927 Chevrolet in great condition. Runs as good as it looks. Have title and original owners manual. No trades, no shipping. Cash only. Contact: (704) 9-0-six-9-0-two-9 Copy and paste in your email: 964139cd39443f638fc8c9cd17af22dd@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1927 Chevrolet 4dr sedan.
  4. True, 1929 would have fender mounted lights but 1927-'28 have cowl lights. Buicks had a square emblem on the headlight tie-bar too but its too indistinct to be sure.
  5. For Sale: 1954 Studebaker Land Cruiser 4dr Sedan, manual shift w/OD - $12,000 - Chesapeake, VA Studebaker Land Cruiser - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) 1954 Studebaker top of the line Land Cruiser sedan, odometer shows 53,000 miles everything about this car indicates that this mileage is probably correct. Features V-8 259 cu in 160 hp 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive. All systems properly functioning excellent driver quality, newer repaint in factory correct two toned Lance Green over Azore Green, nice upholstery, nice door panels, nice headliner, brakes serviced on all four wheels, new Coker Classic radial tires, need nothing but to drive and enjoy. Contact: Bruce Sedel (757) two-8-8-6-8-six-0 Copy and paste in your email: e2dc6a199283377398a9232b61b67005@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1954 Studebaker Land Cruiser 4dr Sedan.
  6. Here is a cropped view, appears as if the radiator was covered with a blanket. The headlight tie-bar has a rectangular emblem which suggest Cadillac or LaSalle. I'd opine the latter, a 1929 Fisher-bodied sedan.
  7. A Star: A talented person who develops those talents and abilities to perfect the performance in an art form, be it music, dance, film or live stage. A Celebrity: A no-talent person famous for being famous.
  8. For Sale: 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Eight Silver Streak - $4,500 - Murrells Inlet, SC - Project 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Silver Streak - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org) 1941 Pontiac Silver Streak Torpedo. All Original. Straight 8 Cylinder motor. Runs. 3 speed manual trans. Make a good wedding limo etc. Prewar car, desirable. Needs some restoration. $4500.00. odometer: 60000 condition: fairmake / manufacturer: Pontiacmodel name / number: Silver Streak Torpedo Contact: David (843) two-8-3-0-five-5-7 Copy and paste in your email: fbccbfdb750e37b488f383a3c8779139@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Eight Silver Streak - Project
  9. Still Available, Price Reduced to $8,000: October 2021: 1955 Hudson Wasp - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org) Contact: Kim call: (386) 2-8-one-5-3-five-3 Copy and paste in your email: 344ba7cd783f3db6b9adcd5089e6b3d2@sale.craigslist.org
  10. For Sale: 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 4dr Sedan - $7,500 - Elizabeth City, NC 63 Ford Galaxie 500 from the Norfolk Ford Plant - cars & trucks - by... (craigslist.org) Nellie has been detailed and is ready to go! She's a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 who rolled off the line at the Ford Plant in Norfolk, VA and was owned by the same family until I bought her last year. She has a 352 V-8 engine, automatic with 93,711 miles. Asking $7500 or best reasonable offer. Please call or message me for more details or to come take a look. Contact: Dave (252) 3-four-0-3-7-eleven Copy and paste in your email: 3c634cfdaff73412b66829fd124abb35@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 4dr Sedan.
  11. Hardly one in a hundred sellers takes the time to set up and take attractive and appropriate photographs of their car for an advertisement. The worst offenders are those who can't figure out to turn their smart-phone camera 90 degrees to take a landscape rather than portrait view. They stand fifty paces from the car, show us more sky and foreground than car...and still don't get the complete car in the image!
  12. The Standard Catalogue of Independents list the 44 1955 two door club coupe and 226 four door sedans as "Retitled 1954 Series'. While retitling leftover last model year cars was still legal then, Kaiser-Willys did take the time to change the one detail that denotes a 1955: the simulated hood scoop has the taller center fins and two wind-split 'bumps' flanking on each sides. That was enough styling change to meet the requirement then to identify a new model year car. Beyond the 270 retitled leftover 1954 cars, the following is noted: "Note 1: Available statistics indicate 210 units made in 1955 for U.S. sale." "Note 2: Available statistics indicate 1,021 units made in 1955 for sale in Argentina." Although few Kaiser-Frazer-Willys cars are undergoing restoration now, one hopes this one does.
  13. What a rarity! The Standard Catalogue of Independents doesn't list the price for the four speed transmission with buckets and console for 1966. It does list for 1965 the buckets and console ($119.50) and Shift Command transmission ($234.50) as an indication of how much additional was added to the $2,968 factory price. The power steering pump is present, that was $84, assuming power brakes as well, $42. I'd opine no more than a handful were four speed transmission equipped Ambassador convertibles.
  14. For Sale: 1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet Hardtop - $9,000 - Eastern Long Island-Bridgehampton, NY 1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Third owner of a well maintained 1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet hardtop. Factory built Signet Series with bucket seats, AM radio, optional 225 inline six cylinder. An older repaint in its original tan color with a few areas of wear. It has the optional push button torque flight automatic transmission and manual steering with manual drum brakes. This car was always in the San Diego, California area until I purchased it 5 years ago. The car is rust free.-fully tuned with oil and transmission service -re-cored original radiator, -suspension and brakes also serviced.-original window sticker, service booklet, and owners logbook present as well. The car presents very well. Unfortunately, I will me losing garage space soon. Serious inquiries only. odometer: 104000 Contact: no phone listed. Copy and paste in your email: 8f74d7aff4c23257b6f745c33bd92ecc@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1963 Plymouth Valiant Signet Hardtop.
  15. For Sale: 1922 Hudson Super Six Coupe - $8,500 - Syracuse, NY - Project 1922 Hudson Super Six Coupe - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Barn Find Hudson coupe! Rare body style! First affordable steel body coupe! Runs, drives, stops. Fires right up and runs nice. It’s running from an auxiliary tank, and needs plenty of TLC, but it’s got great bones for a project. These cars were incredibly fast for their day, Hudson Super Six’s broke and held numerous stock car records for years- and were favored by bootleggers, robbers and the like. Car is registered and insured in my name. $8500 OBO. odometer: 33821 Contact: Tim call or text: (315) 7-two-8-nine-7-4-five Copy and paste in your email: 536a8146d18d3fceac86e93cd162211f@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1922 Hudson Super Six Coupe - Project
  16. For Sale: 1935 Dodge DU 4dr Sedan - $17,900 - Syracuse, NY 1935 Dodge DU Sedan - cars & trucks - by dealer - vehicle automotive... (craigslist.org) The Dodge Brothers machine shop was founded in 1900, they built engines for Olds and Ford. In 1914 they started building their own cars. In 1928, Chrysler acquired Fargo Trucks and Dodge Brothers and also established Plymouth and DeSoto brands. Plymouth was Chryslers lowest priced car, Dodge was next, then Desoto and Chrysler was top of the line. In 1935, Dodge introduced the new DU, not only did it have a revised narrower grille but it had a lower roofline, lower floor and parking lamps mounted on the front fenders aprons. It also got hydraulic brakes, Autolite ignition, ventilated clutch, automatic choke, leaf spring front suspension, concealed radiator cap, easy steering, and a crank-open windshield. The 116 in wheelbase DU short wheelbase was available in 2 door Coupe, 2 door Convertible, 2 and 4 door Sedan and 2 and 4 door Touring Sedan. The 128 in DU long wheelbase was available as a 4 door Sedan. The engine in the DU was the 87hp 218 cu in 6 cyl. Contact: (315) 218-5177 Copy and paste in your email: 06b61cdc4ba13724babd2c9c87b55c83@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this For Sale: 1935 Dodge DU 4dr Sedan
  17. For Sale: 1951 Nash Ambassador Super 4dr Sedan - $14,900 - Town of Middleton, WI 1951 Nash Ambassador Super - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) This Nash Ambassador Super is a great traveling car. As roomy as a limo in back with a huge trunk. 3 speed column shift with overdrive, and an economical OHV 7 main bearing 6 cylinder that cruises comfortably at 60-65 mph. An Oregon car, completely rust free. No damage history. There is a small dent on the hood, otherwise completely straight. The previous owner was a Nash devotee and he spared no expense in making sure it was in top running order. Radial tires. The paint is original, though you wouldn't know it unless you looked at the roof where you can see some fading. It is still the original 6v system. The previous owner had the interior tastefully redone and it looks original.All lights work, brakes are excellent, starts right away, does not burn oil and is not a smoker. Electric backup fuel pump. Optional oil filter assembly. Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing were replaced. New battery. Seat belts installed front and rear (2 in front, 3 in back). Much documentation comes with the car.The Ambassador was the top of the line Nash, considered a luxury car and the most aerodynamic of its time, by far. The Airflyte model has fold-down front seats, and a popular dealer option was a rollout mattress and magnetic window screens for camping (I don't have the mattress and window screens).If purchasing long-distance, I invite you to have the car professionally inspected to be assured of its condition as I've described it. I will also assist your shipper. IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be departing for our FL winter home by the end of November, so if not purchased and delivered by that time, the ad will be taken down and the Ambassador will be available again upon our return next spring. Contact: Chris (608) 6-9-two-9-five-nine-7 Copy and paste in your email: 83a6d7fc8b573000a1b2d3b02597b41e@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1951 Nash Ambassador Super 4dr Sedan.
  18. For Sale: 1955 Nash Rambler 4dr Sedan - $5,100 - Neillsville, WI 55 Nash Rambler - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org) 1955 Nash Rambler. 6 cylinder flat head. 195.6 cubic inch. 4 speed automatic transmission. Recently installed new tires. Runs like a top. Shifts great. Just needed a little TLC. Lights, brakes, work well. You could drive this collectible car home. Floor pans in very good condition. Rockers good a little rust on both sides near corner panel. Trunk solid. Interior is fair. Leave it stock or make a hot rod. Asking $5100 or trade for ?????? odometer: 62000 Contact: michael marshall (715) 7-four-3-8-zero-8-8 Copy and paste in your email: 0515165c70423dacaf48dbe092717fbb@sale.craigslist.org I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1955 Nash Rambler 4dr Sedan.
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