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  1. Just the usual, body and frame rust damage, how well it starts and drives, how well the transmission work, what shape the wiring is.
  2. Interesting design, five degrees of slant on the windshield and five fewer degrees of slant on the B-pillar window frame would better balance the window set. A fillet radius for that top well molding transition would also help. The same top well molding design was used on the Fleetwood convertible sedans, looks just as harsh on those too.
  3. Sunshine will kill that quicker than any chemical. Get the car out in the fresh air, windows and doors open, take the seat cushions out, let them set out in the bright sunlight for a few days. Wipe down with just good vinyl cleaner to freshen the appearance. A baking soda and water solution sprayed on will freshen as well. Its a worthwhile car to make the effort to revive.
  4. So, how did that stick shift '65 Montclair turn out? Is it a good daily driver?
  5. A 1977 Special Interest Autos magazine article stated the serial number manufacturer records showed that for 1933, 4,092 Beacons, 1,746 Flyers and 651 Aces were built. For 1934, only the Beacon was offered, 983 were sold. Also noted that abortive attempts by Graham and REO to take over production occurred to no avail. At $355 for the 1933 Continental Beacon roadster was the almost the cheapest new car available; the 1933 Willys 77 coupe was $335. Even at those rock-bottom prices, few were brave enough to take a chance on either, particularly the Beacon. The fear of being stuck with a wor
  6. Yes, a vane, one-year only model in an attempt by Continental Motors Corporations along with Hayes Body Company to recoup some of their bad debts from the failed DeVaux Motors debacle. The low-priced four cylinder Beacon was fielded for 1933 and 1934 to no real success, the middle-priced six cylinder Flyer to no popular response. Their highest-price Ace such as this car, had no chance at all to succeed. People knew Continental engines but to take a chance on one of their cars in the nadir of the Depression was a chancy proposition.
  7. Indeed they are, just not on fast four lane roads dense with traffic. Too many tight situations arise too quickly to affectively react safely with the capability of the vehicle. Pay your money, take your chances...maybe live to tell about it...maybe not...
  8. Much rarer than a 1933 Chrysler, it was a 1933 Continental Ace!!!
  9. For Sale: 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible - $28,000 - Dayton, OH 1964 Lincoln Continental - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible Barn Find with #65000 Original Miles, Top & Leather Interior! Rebuilt motor, transmission, New exhaust, brakes, shocks, gas tank & sending unit, steering box and tires. Loaded with options. Needs painted and very little rust. Runs and drives Great ! Call for more details. $28,000 obo. Contact: (937)-six-8-9-3-four-5-five Copy and paste in your email: dfd701b3d2aa3ea7869942ddcb6c3
  10. Not to excuse the hit and run driver but taking a 65 year old car on 495 is taking unnecessary chances with life and limb.
  11. Relisted, Price Reduced to $5,000, May '21 1948 Plymouth Drive it home - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Current photos.
  12. Various states, at one time, registered the car model year with the calendar year in which it was sold new regardless of what the manufacture designated it. If this Chrysler was a leftover 1952 that finally sold new in 1953 in a state where that regulation was policy would explain why this is registered as a 1953 model. Hey, this is a reasonably-priced collector car that can be buffed-up, sorted and enjoyed without mortgaging the house...and its named "Edna"!
  13. Odes Welcome! The 1966 Buick Riviera is one of the mid-'60's GM Styling masterpieces created under the direction of Bill Mitchell. Its sweeping, clean, elegant sculpting and surface development is among the best ever put into production. Fortunately, the 425 'nail head' V8 was the standard engine for Wildcats and Electras so is easy to find. To find an engine, list your needs here: Buick - Buy/Sell - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org) And join this specific forum for a great deal of useful help from fellow enthusiasts:
  14. Not to discourage, only to be brutally realistic but it is a formula for a disastrous failed project for you and your Buick. Either repair the Buick as it is to be safely roadable or sell it and buy another 1953 Buick Special if that is the car that is special to you. There are still plenty of good, enjoyable Buicks of those years available for reasonable prices, no need to put yourself through the misery of a project.
  15. For Sale: 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe sedan "Edna" - $3,700 - Puyallup, WA 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) All original mint green "Edna" Runs, starts, drives, stops, collector plated. 265 flathead with semi-automatic fluid drive. Has newer water pump, newer rebuild on the radiator and of course newer hoses. Newer tires and new brake cylinders and shoes on the front. New battery 6v and rebuilt carb. Gas tank has been cleaned out. To be complete would need fan shroud, but it hasn't stopped me from driving around for fun. od
  16. I'd second the identification as a Studebaker Big Six, perhaps 1923-'24. Because of their 354 ci Big Six and rugged chassis, they were popular to convert to tow trucks when their value as used cars dropped low but their utility for other purposes was their value.
  17. The Duchess long-term influence was to demonstrate to management and product development that a premium sedan as an extension of their volume sedan could be built as simply as adding wheelbase length for interior space and longer OAL. The last feature was one of Misterl's major contributions to GM dominance in the medium and luxury segments: the extended deck top-line models which every GM brand fielded except Chevrolet.
  18. The Duchess is essentially a Torpedo C-Body lengthened ten inches mid-ship. Whether it was the prototype for the next iteration of the 60 Special is debatable, though the influence is obvious. According to the book by Michael Lamm and Dave Holls, A Century of Automotive Style, 100 Years of American Car Design, page 108: "As for the 1942 Buick and its "Airfoil" through front fenders, Earl had offered them to Cadillac at first. He reasoned that fenders had been stretching farther and farther back into the front doors, and it seemed natural that the final iteration-the through ve
  19. The specific club that you want to join if not already a member is: The Antique Studebaker Club They cover pre-war Studebakers, Erskines and Rockne's through 1942, the M-Series trucks through 1948. Good luck in your parts search/
  20. For Sale: 1948 Lincoln V-12 club coupe & trove of spare parts - $40,000 - Sequim, WA 1948 postwar Lincoln Zephyr V-12 & trove of spare parts - cars &... (craigslist.org) 1948 postwar Lincoln Zephyr with V-12 engine including a trove of spare parts This 2-door Lincoln has been lovingly fully restored inside and out by my uncle and is fully drivable. Excellent paint and interior. All systems work as they should. Original Ford Motor Company V-12 service manual. The V-12 engine with overdrive runs and drives well, however, is slightly cold-blooded at startup which I think wi
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