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  1. Bump. Here’s to freeer travel. In western Canada BTW.
  2. Hi Alan. Yes I am still looking. I’m in Canada. We seem to be under country arrest. Where are you?
  3. I agree that the answer to that question is almost never. However right doesn’t necessarily mean perfect. Perfection as a concept is only suitable for discussions involving theology IMO. A famous boot maker (M. L. Leddy) stated of his craft. “We will never reject excellence while seeking perfection.”
  4. Not to read too much into the logo thing but my take on Oldsmobile’s demise is that it was because the brand lost its masculinity. On a personal note we own a 2016 GMC Denali 1500 crew cab that has been great for the first 50,000 mi. We also have a 2014 Tourareg diesel which we are considering replacing with a diesel Escalade. It will be our last vehicle. I don’t know if we will let a shortage of testosterone on GM’s part change our minds.
  5. My interest in old cars was elevated by a book with a cover drawing of the 1907 Daraq V-8 going 100 mph at the Sanborn(?)sands. Possibly the sands in the video. Talk about romantic!!
  6. My bad. Was looking at the wrong car lol.
  7. I’m thinking this must be a parody post. Where are the car people who know their stuff? 4 cyl engines don’t have 12 pushrods. 1921 Buicks don’t have open valve rockers.
  8. I’ll look forward to your metric comments Mike. My take from a Canadian perspective is that complete conversion is neither desirable or possible. Metric will be used where it works better but should not be forced. Carry on bravely Joe. Cheers Ed
  9. Looks good Steve. I’m glad you’ve got the chrome valve covers. I think mine had a chrome air cleaner cover too.
  10. I really enjoy reading your narrative about the science and art of machining JV. I hope it will be preserved as a guidebook on how machining problems should be addressed. Without any real evidence I have a feeling that we have lost so much in the way of standards and benchmarks with the forced imposition of the metric. Your thread is a beacon for a better way.
  11. While posting I found the notifications button.
  12. Hi guys. Happy July 4 to my American friends. Not to make excuses for a long absence but I don’t seem to be getting notifications of replies to this thread. Thanks for a nice reply Ben P. I did inquire about an E-35 in Colorado a few weeks ago but at the time international road travel wasn’t allowed and it since has been sold to California. I never did hear from Buick18. So still looking. Really enjoy these forums. Cheers Ed C.
  13. Chris that would be an understatement. In my defence at age 6 I learned to drive in ‘51 International L-120 3/4 ton. 4 speed no synchro. If you didn’t double clutch you didn’t shift. There wasn’t any “sport” mode on that truck. I guess I got a little carried away when I graduated to vehicles that you could have fun with.
  14. Somehow I missed the replies to this thread. I’m still interested in purchasing a car buick18.
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