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  1. While posting I found the notifications button.
  2. Hi guys. Happy July 4 to my American friends. Not to make excuses for a long absence but I don’t seem to be getting notifications of replies to this thread. Thanks for a nice reply Ben P. I did inquire about an E-35 in Colorado a few weeks ago but at the time international road travel wasn’t allowed and it since has been sold to California. I never did hear from Buick18. So still looking. Really enjoy these forums. Cheers Ed C.
  3. Chris that would be an understatement. In my defence at age 6 I learned to drive in ‘51 International L-120 3/4 ton. 4 speed no synchro. If you didn’t double clutch you didn’t shift. There wasn’t any “sport” mode on that truck. I guess I got a little carried away when I graduated to vehicles that you could have fun with.
  4. Somehow I missed the replies to this thread. I’m still interested in purchasing a car buick18.
  5. I’m looking for a Buick touring car 1918 or earlier. Prefer a running car. No major projects. Thanks Ed.
  6. In search of a Buick touring car 1918 or earlier. Either restored or a survivor that is running or could run. 4 cyl okay. Thanks Ed
  7. Steve Pollard. I’d be a little older than you. My burnouts were with Dad’s ‘54 Ford V-8 around 1960. One day he said the rear end is making some noise. Whoops. A while later we had a new ‘62 Chev. Pertaining to this thread in 1975 I bought a ‘69 Impala SS 427 with a poor engine. I got the engine rebuilt at the local Chev-Olds dealer and they did it right. The rest of the car was nothing special but did that 427 like to let it out. I don’t think it even had a tach but if you kept your foot in it the shift to high was at 105 mph. Quite a car. Sadly I rolled it and parted it out.
  8. The car is in Alberta, Canada. We’re 3 hours from US border. I’m looking for $2000 US.
  9. A couple more pictures. I believe that the drive train and running gear are series 9 Franklin. Body and frame might be Essex.
  10. Truman’s first car was a Fleming. I believe it was instrumental in him getting into politics.
  11. There is a you tube video about a Buick’s first start in about 50 years. Very amateur. He could do it. You can too.
  12. I have a 2 door closed coupe car that has been converted to a pickup. The engine, transmission, and axles are Franklin. Probably 9 series circa 1916. I’ve been told that the body is from a 1920’s Essex. Two suicide doors. The steel frame probably belongs to the body. It is a very complete car and not rusty. I would consider offers from any interested parties. Cheers Ed