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  1. I have a 2 door closed coupe car that has been converted to a pickup. The engine, transmission, and axles are Franklin. Probably 9 series circa 1916. I’ve been told that the body is from a 1920’s Essex. Two suicide doors. The steel frame probably belongs to the body. It is a very complete car and not rusty. I would consider offers from any interested parties. Cheers Ed
  2. Hi Sarge. I am looking for an E-35 Buick. Wondering what your intentions are with the new purchase. I would like a chance at it if you decide to sell it. Located in Alberta. Probably 1000 miles away but it could be worse! Ed
  3. That is a good idea tblack. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. The old McLaughlin is almost complete from the transmission forward so will be able to donate a few parts if necessary. PS. I’ll always be cured. My parents named me Ed Curry.
  5. Hi all. I really enjoy reading about old Buick’s on this forum. I would like to purchase a pre 1920 4 cylinder Buick or McLaughlin touring car to commemorate the first car in our family. Any leads much appreciated. I do have the front half of a 1918 McLaughlin that could even be the very car. I just don’t see making it a whole car again.
  6. I want to purchase a 4 cylinder Buick or McLaughlin from the last series pre-1920. Touring car only and either restored or a survivor in running condition. Will look at all cars in that category. Not much interested in showing. The car is to be a tribute to the first automobile in our family. I’m located in western Canada. Thanks in advance for any leads. I love the forums in this group. Ed