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  1. vhprs

    Holsman engine, 1908 high wheeler

    Adding to my last comment.....I am trying to restore a 1905 engine...and like your friend....I am missing valve and electrical engine parts. Your picture shows the parts I am missing and hence my interest in purchasing the engine. I am hopeful that enough electrical parts are there for me to figure out the rest. But if not....the valve parts are still a leap forward. Let me know...when you can.. of it's availability. Thank you...Ken
  2. vhprs

    Holsman engine, 1908 high wheeler

    I would be interested if all the electrics are there and all the valve covers are there too. Any chance to get a new picture...??...or...is the old one still accurate ? Thanks....Ken
  3. vhprs

    Holsman engine, 1908 high wheeler

    It's been a long while.....gone now I suspect....???? Any other Holsman items ?