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  1. vhprs

    Metz Parts for Sale

    Thank you...will look forward to future updates. Best Regards...Ken
  2. vhprs

    Metz Parts for Sale

    Any friction drive parts with those engines ?
  3. Working on a 1910 Sears Motor Buggy which is in pretty good condition...except...when arrived..found out that both bearings, in one front wheel, were totally missing...and the other wheel...they are shot. There are NO numbers on the perished set at all. Tried McMaster...nothing silmilar Anyone replaced these bearings on their Motor Buggy ?? Would like to find a source. Thanks...Ken
  4. Wayne ...you are absolutely correct. The connection between the Engine and jackshaft (transaxle) was never a rope...It was always a chain to be able to shift the gears. The rope, (or chain wrapped cord) was always from the large forward drive pulley to the pulley mounted onto the rear high wheel (rear high wheel, with pulley, is not shown).
  5. Well ...for folks lucky enough to have a Holsman, this might come as some relief. I had to repair mine but found manufacturers had MINIMUMS...and hence I have a few left to sell. I know that there might be changes in standards so I am trying to be as specific as possible . We might also be making forward and reverse drive pulleys and other parts if interested in the future. Gears and Chain are Type 55, 5/8" pitch.
  6. You feel this way even though the fellow is missing ? While I am still exploring...I also can usually tell aged from repro....these look ancient for bearing wear, grease and frozen on hub caps. They, the spokes, are a mite different...but...could be...I guess.
  7. I value every 2 cent package I can get. And your's is very worthy one. These totally confused me and hence the reason I picked them up. I was in hopes that someone might have a set on an unusual vehicle and could add to my knowledge. I did see a 4 bolt FRONT tire on a 1903 replica Olds..built differently...but the rear tire was multi-bolt...so that is not right either. https://www.drivingemotions.com/1903-oldsmobile-replica-c-458.htm
  8. I have photographed both sides of the wheel. Unusual 4 bolt pattern . The tire size is 30" x 3 1/2 by Universal, Lancaster PA. The hub has acorn nuts and says, on the back, cast into the hub...BT-100. There is another smaller number 226 and then a capital R within an oval. Curious to know what it might have come from.
  9. Everyone who has ever worked on our "true" lovely old cars..knows...when something is a Frankenstein..it probably should be left alone...even financially...just not worth it. You could spend 100s of hours on it..and still only have a fancy Franky at the end. DustyCrusty and nzcarnerd ...to me...and thinking...have the best attitude. Fix it up..get it running...tell the truth and just have fun with it. It looks cute...it is old...some parts older than others. (heh, heh)....and if you just want an ambiance thing...it works. You sure are not going to be crazy if someone leans on it...or sits on the running board. Thank you again gentlemen. I know more and that was the purpose. Regards...Ken
  10. Gentlemen....thank you...thank you.......I do so appreciate your knowledge and experienced opinions. I knew it was not a "real" car when bought...but...it intrigued me to know the mix types and things. In my limited experience, the only common KNOWN double chain drives were Metz and IHC but the literature out there is not expansive there. I have never had the pleasure of seeing that neat Buick. What also bothered me was forward leaf spring mounted UNDER the straight frame which Metz did ...and the central chain drive which is NOT Metz. (to my knowledge). I really am enjoying the comments and opinions and knowledge. I like to learn. And in this case...so many elements clash and have re-call to other things...hence neat input does help. Thanks again......Ken
  11. Perhaps a Hot Rod made early 1900's...maybe a one off...maybe some weird coalition of parts assembled ...Hershey experts had no idea.....British SVVS said probably American........Anyone out there with more knowledge ? If a coalition...at least the chassis might have an attribution. Not original engine so that complicates it.
  12. Paul...yes...you are exactly correct. Sounds a mite awkward to us now...but in 1914...after all..they were marketing to LADIES...and think about those big fluffy dresses and trying to get to A front seat driver position...not convenient for ladies with formal dresses.
  13. Gentlemen...thought I would post a couple of pictures of the interior of the 14 Detroit.
  14. vhprs


    I did not think that Ford wheels had centers as large as 9+ inches...am I mistaken about this ?
  15. vhprs


    Gentlemen....thank you for your experienced input...I really do appreciate it. Luckily...I can pursue the wood ones since I have the resources to generate new centers for "other make" wheels. I am not so much worried about the re-sale value here...I guess I just "like" the look of the woodies and wish to see them on the electric. Besides...when examining the original advertisements for early Detroits...Wood presentations take the majority of ads. Thank you again for your excellent suggestions.
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