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  1. I have acquired a Dickinson & Co aluminum windshield visor. It does not have mounts. I would like to learn what era it is from...what car's it might have been installed on...and what the mounting hardware looked like. Made in Minneapolis, Mn...(label says)...it should be out there someplace. Would be neat to learn which cars and era's it belongs to. Thanks...Ken
  2. Sorry...just realized there are multiple radiators there...meant the RR looking one.
  3. Is this radiator sold ? If not...value please. Thanks...
  4. interesting pictures....where is the engine and what is the price please. Thanks...
  5. I am restoring a Model 10 Holsman at this time. Sourcing and making parts for it at this time. Interested to hear of other restorations efforts and projects.
  6. I know it has been a long time....but...did you ever solve the broken gear problem ? Interested to know because I am having some experience now with trying to make gears for a Holsman...although I have also found out that there might be a couple of different types and styles used for various dates and models. The gearing seems to be the same chain...but the gears themselves seem to differ. Information is not easy to come by for these old beauties.
  7. I believe that this coil could be from a Brush. I have a 1910 and it also has a coil that looks very much like this one. It is this one for sale. Never pass up a spare one. Cheers...Ken
  8. Adding to my last comment.....I am trying to restore a 1905 engine...and like your friend....I am missing valve and electrical engine parts. Your picture shows the parts I am missing and hence my interest in purchasing the engine. I am hopeful that enough electrical parts are there for me to figure out the rest. But if not....the valve parts are still a leap forward. Let me know...when you can.. of it's availability. Thank you...Ken
  9. I would be interested if all the electrics are there and all the valve covers are there too. Any chance to get a new picture...??...or...is the old one still accurate ? Thanks....Ken
  10. It's been a long while.....gone now I suspect....???? Any other Holsman items ?
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