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  1. Yes.Does this answer the question that you were looking for?
  2. The Chry and DeSoto with OD had e brake on the rear axle. Here is a picture of my 36 Desoto trans,
  3. Hi Surf. You need this truck to haul your 38 around to shows. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-Dodge-RE31-Truck/124156072596?hash=item1ce8475294:g:GngAAOSwrcZemHah
  4. I believe the e brake is in the rear end instead of the trans.
  5. Ioll do some research. I did a 49, looks different. Ask Victor?
  6. 38 truck had 4 different wheels and 2 different hub caps. Caps are the same as the car.
  7. The Jungle Yacht was created for and used by Italian explorer Commander Attilio Gatti and his wife, who both traveled extensively to the African Congo as a deluxe apartment “for his 1937-1940 (his 10th) and 1947 (his 11th) expeditions” and “equipped them quite lavishly.”
  8. I have not tried. I have been on the road. No clue what is going on. Stuff may still be there or all was scrapped. She lives in a gated community. I could sneak in but could get in trouble for trespassing. This was almost 3 years ago.
  9. Can you take a picture of the wheel? Just for my reference. Thanks for your help. I was talking about the grill with the fins. Have a customer that has a 38 for 40 plus years that he is putting together. Has a 38 Ply grill now. Did you use stainless brake lines? If so, almost impossible to seal. I had that problem when I did a 33 Ply back in the 80s. Talk to ya later. Chris said hi back at ya. Thanks Dave
  10. I have a rebuilt C22. Let me know if you have an interest. Its an old rebuild. I can tear down to inspect. we have a full engine rebuild shop. Thanks Dave
  11. FYI Sedan doors will work with a little trimming. Pictures of a door from my 36 4 dr sedan on a customers 36 coupe.
  12. What happened to the guy that posted this 6 years ago? Asking for me.
  13. Hello all!! Back in the office for a month or 2. Call with needs Everybody stay safe. Thanks Dave
  14. Do you have a picture of the grill inserts by themselves? Thanks Dave
  15. Hi Surf. I'm home for a month or 2. What do you need? Wheels? Was the engine wet tested? Gauges was rebuilt by Bobs in MI? Looking great. Dave.
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