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  1. FYI Sedan doors will work with a little trimming. Pictures of a door from my 36 4 dr sedan on a customers 36 coupe.
  2. What happened to the guy that posted this 6 years ago? Asking for me.
  3. Hello all!! Back in the office for a month or 2. Call with needs Everybody stay safe. Thanks Dave
  4. Do you have a picture of the grill inserts by themselves? Thanks Dave
  5. Hi Surf. I'm home for a month or 2. What do you need? Wheels? Was the engine wet tested? Gauges was rebuilt by Bobs in MI? Looking great. Dave.
  6. Dodge had Diesel since 1939. Give me a call. I am a car hauler since the 50s starting with my dad.
  7. 1930 DC-8-4500 1936 DeSoto S1-2500 Can Arrange delivery,
  8. My 66 Ford 500. 427 dual quads with 4 speed. 1974.
  9. My 1st car show with my 63 Impala in 1976. Detroit's Auto Rama. Placed 1st in current restored. My 2nd frame on restoe. Me on the right.
  10. Sold the truck and bought this 67 Coupe that was a basket case. 427-390-PG. we restored the car in 6 months. A frame off being my 1st. The bird was the girls ex boy friend that was shipped for overseas duty. That's the NAVY. LOL. Me on the right. Detroit
  11. I just come off the road hauling cars. Auctions are closed and some states, the car dealers are closed. WA for one. People are not moving and our biggest customer, the Military on lock down till Aug. I parked my truck and doing my plan B job. Retail. Mopar parts. My email is going crazy and my phone is ringing off the hook.
  12. 1973. San Diego CA. Just bought this 55 Cameo Carrier when I got back from Nam. Me and my girl friend. She was from Eugene OR and me from Detroit.
  13. Our back yard over the years. Our garage with the reflections of the Rim Fire..
  14. I would have but I was under a time stamp for the Bay area. Ship was pulling out Monday. Next time around.
  15. I'm home for a month or 2. will be looking for block.
  16. I stayed the night at the Petro in Phoenix. It was like a ghost town.
  17. I did. Delivered in Ashland, Medford, and Grants Pass.
  18. Some exports were 12 volts. I have a parts book that list 12v parts for a 34 Dodge truck, USA.
  19. I'll be home next week. Up in Seattle delivering cars then headed to the Bay Area to unload then heme. Thanks Dave
  20. I'll be home in April, If I find time, I'll look. Only be in town for about 5 days. If you want to stop by and look, your more than welcome.
  21. I think that i have a hood. Ill be home last last week of March.
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