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  1. I have come across with a lot of parts being different for 38. Example, Part 758697 up to LR 1450 Part 759000 after LR 1450. What was changed on the 38s? Above numbers are not accurate. Just using as an example. What I'm seeing that is different during the 38 model year. Door parts Frame parts Interior parts. Another mystery, what is a MC-RC sedan?
  2. I put the axle nut back on with a large washer and used a finger type end with a slide hammer. Take the backing plate off and put an old drum on and hit the drum with a hammer.
  3. These engines were used in the heavy Dodge trucks in the early 50s and other applications. 49er has a few of these trucks. We sold him a 413 that I found of all places, CL in Sacramento CA.
  4. Montana Dodge Boys Fast Four Special 23 hrs · Chris' monster speedster rolled out after a long Montana winter. Powered by a 1100# 413" Chrysler Industrial six on a massive 133" wheelbase Studebaker President chassis, '33 DeSoto radiator shell, 7.50-20 tires (36.9" dia.), homemade body, and parts picked off the ranch. These rare MONSTER truck sixes produced 205 ft/lbs at 1600 RPM. Hopefully, he'll be driving it down to Bonneville this year. It's bigger than a full-size pickup, so it'll be easy to spot. #MoparMontana #MontanaDodgeBoys
  5. I was told by a customer that these don't need rebuilding. Only the shaft seal goes bad. Replace that and your good to go.
  6. Dad also prepped cars for the strip and mag shoots and articles. He would also bring home parts from the back door for cars in the neighborhood. There were some strong running cars around.
  7. The 65 09 400 were mostly installed in the lighter big cars. Very few found there way into a SS convertible.
  8. His name was Ben Montanbeau. He was a backup driver for NASCAR in the 50s until he smashed a Sheriffs car in Joplin MO when he was drunk. GM hired him as an engineer and a professional driver. He would bring these cars home and street race on 96, Woodward and Telegraph. He would take me and friends on these joy and professional rides. George and Zoro were at our house working on cars. They were my dads drinking buddies. LOL. I had a great childhood during these times.
  9. What is the date code on the engine? My dad was one of the GM engineers at the GM Tech Center in Warren MI on the Ws. I owned a 65 SS 409-400 in 68. I was 16. Bought from this dealer when new. It was special ordered.
  10. Not my load. I was supposed to haul this load but the timing was not in our favor. This is one of our customers that lives in Southern CA and the load went to Chico CA. Couple of the trucks we sold to this customer. I did do these loads.
  11. 1965 SS Convertible. Must be triple black with a 409 400. Not interested in any other combo. Thanks
  12. Looking to buy a 348-409. Good or bad. Thanks
  13. Check out this load.
  14. Rare option to have on a 11/2 ton truck. We have a 34 that has the shocks and a factory tire rack under the frame in the rear.
  15. Cabs from 1/2 ton to 2 ton are the same. The fire wall and toe board is different.
  16. Headlamp mounts are different on a truck. Great price.
  17. And your point?? Do you know the whole story? What do you do to help? Next saga please.
  18. WANTED!! 1933 to 1947 Rear fenders from a Dodge or Plymouth truck. 1/2 ton to one ton. Thanks Dave 209-613-1199
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