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  1. Can you post pictures and dimensions of your gas tank? Also the latching brackets for the hood on the body and rad support? Thanks Dave
  2. A customer sent this long time ago and forgot what it is.
  3. Did 38 change hand brake from floor to under the dash? I know Chry did.
  4. I have great results with CL. Probably did over 100k in sales for the last 10 years. And have bought cars at great deals. 5 will not change for me.
  5. Thank you, Alen. Great info and thank you. The truck is looking great. Talk to you later. Dave
  6. Anybody have a picture of a 33 truck and car frame to compare? What is the difference besides the thickness and box mounting brackets? Talking about the 111'' wb.
  7. Hi Ya!! Do you have a good picture with numbers of your steering gearbox? Have a customer looking for one. Thanks.
  8. What is the reason for the wheel not fitting a 34?
  9. At 16 years old in 68 street racing in the winters in Detroit, I remember blowing the rear end on my 62 409 car and it was 10 below. I would change the rear end and go back out and continued racing. here is the car. YEP!! we are sick!! LOL
  10. He almost bought this. Lost on the bid. The 1st picture. These cars are beautiful.
  11. That could be it. LOL He is going to buy the Vet because of his job, its the best all around car for the work he does. He is going to buy a ranch in Nashville or Santa Monica with a big garage. Then he will buy a collection of classics. That's the plan anyways till tomorrow. LOL
  12. Remove panels from the door and look inside.