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Found 9,710 results

  1. Up for sale is one NOS 4599944 vent window glass. It is listed in the Chevrolet parts catalog in group 10.658 as a "Front door ventilator glass" for the 1953-54 150, 210 and Bel Air models, except convertibles or sport coupes. It is listed in the Pontiac parts catalog in group 10.658 as a "Front door vent glass" for the following models: 1953 Chieftain 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, station wagon & sedan delivery. 1954 Chieftain 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, station wagon. 1954 Star Chief 4-door sedan This glass fits both sides of the vehicle. It is in very good condition and has no yellowing or discoloration. It has the correct "LOF" markings. It does have a very slight amount of bubbling or delamination around some of the edges. Some of this can be seen in the last image. I would be glad to provide you with more photos at your request. My price is $25.00, plus shipping and optional insurance. It was discontinued from the GM parts system in May of 1969, so it has been unavailable for some time. I can package this for shipment between sheets of a rigid foam board material, so it should be safe to ship. Be sure to provide me with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. FedEx Ground will likely be less expensive than USPS, but I will get quotes for both. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Olmanwinter
  2. Up for sale is one 4880663 window glass. It is listed in the Oldsmobile parts catalog in group 10.681 as a "Front door window glass, tinted" for the 1963-64 Starfire coupe and 1964 Jetstar I. It is similarly listed in the Pontiac parts catalog for the 1963-64 Grand Prix. This glass fits both sides of the vehicle. It is still sealed in the original part packaging and none of the closure staples have been removed. If you are serious about purchasing this glass, I will remove it for photos. Some part buyers want to be the first one to open a package. My price is $90.00, plus shipping and optional insurance. It was discontinued from the GM parts system in June of 1973, so it has been unavailable for some time. I can package this for shipment between sheets of a rigid foam board material, so it should be safe to ship. Be sure to provide me with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. FedEx Ground will likely be less expensive than USPS, but I will get quotes for both. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Olmanwinter
  3. For Sale at Beaver Lake Auto in Franklin, New Jersey : 1960 Chrysler Imperial 4-door Sedan - $16,000 - Call Ray Ganz at 973-827-6124 (office) / 973-222-7366 (Cell) Link: Seller's Description: 1960 Chrysler Imperial Color: Light Green Interior: Leather Interior Color: Light Green Mileage: 102,505 Engine: Select Transmission: Select Drive Train: RWD Stock #: 4563 Vin: 9204104563
  4. Neat piece. Some damage. $35.00 postpaid USA
  5. For Sale on Craigslist 1956 Dodge Coronet 4-door sedan in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - $6,495 - Call Craig: (717) 443-0434 Link: Seller's Description: Runs well drives well ready to go places. Do not need help selling.
  6. After my move I found a NOS AC Delco cruise control stalk. In original packaging. I can get part number if anyone is interested. It was sold to me as a correct part for Reatta. I believe it is but you can judge. Replace your worn stalk with new or have a back up. Price is FREE with me paying shipping to you and paying you an additional $20 to not have to throw it away. Was originally a $89 purchase plus shipping for me. These are common on eBay for all kinds of prices. I also found my original to the car sales brochure for the 1988 Reatta. I’ll gladly pay you to take this so I don’t need to recycle it. Let me know how much you need.
  7. I'm willing to try to start an ongoing thread that would alert any prospective buyers to what I would call deals on earlier Rivieras that a person might not otherwise find. I'd also think that it could be used to ask others who are looking to see what's in areas to which they don't have access unless they're willing to look at every city that has a Craigslist. Don't post anything other than a title and a link. You're not responsible for anything other than letting others know what's out there. It's up to them to make contact and get details. I'll start with this one: a 1966 Gran Sport in Cole Camp, Missouri (Central close to the Lake of the Ozarks.)
  8. Set of four Cadillac Sabre wheels for sale. Good original condition with small areas of pitting. Great for a driver vehicle. $450 plus shipping from MN.Thanks!
  9. Hello Everyone,I will have a transport spot available from Arkansas, Missouri, Eastern Oklahoma, Eastern Kansas back to Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Etc. This trip will load late the week of Feb 16th or close depending on weather. This trip will be with the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car enclosed trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a dove-tail rear & a drive in rear door for loading of the lowest of vehicles. The vehicle need not run as the trailer has an electric winch, but it MUST roll on inflated tires & the brakes cannot be stuck!I have well over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles over the last 36+ years. Please see this link for hundreds of ALL positive feedback posted by the actual customers, NOT by me! Out of the 2500 or so vehicles I have transported in my career, there is only ONE negative feedback. That is concerning a hailstorm I got caught in 10 years ago. the incident happened, but the story posted on some Mickey Mouse little website in the seedier corner of the internet is FAR from the truth! me a call, email or P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote. I do not take deposits as I believe a mans word is his bond & I only charge by the loaded mile.Thank You & God BlessBill Squires(owner)Bill's Auto Works(216)832-8697 No
  10. Not mine. Just putting it out there.
  11. As I am no longer working on carburetors, I am offering some of the literature from my personal collection (as well as duplicate literature, some of which has been on my website for some time). This offering is for probably the most comprehensive set of documents on the Carter brass bowl carburetors that exists today. This was the first carburetor manual I purchased, about 1967. The manual was originally a cardboard backed manual printed in 1931, and updated to 1933. The original manual when I purchased it was roughly 3/4 inch thick. Carter produced an earlier manual, which I have never seen, but my mentor had one, and he was sufficiently gracious to photocopy the manual for me, which I added to this manual. What happened to his collection of literature, parts, etc. when he passed should be a wake-up call to all of us, but that is a different story. Let's just say that material will never again be available.☹️ For years, I specialized in the brass bowl Carters, as well as the Carter W-1's. A friend at Carter was kind enough to photocopy the then existing assembly drawings for other carburetors too obscure to have printed forms (example, New Way). These I also added to the book. Since I used the book extensively, I placed the pages in protective sleeves, and then placed everything in one of the later Carter maroon binders. So what does the book include: (1) specification and adjustment sheets for dozens of brass bowl updraft carburetors, beginning with number 4 and ending with number 228. NO, it is not inclusive. (2) special bulletins specific to various makes (part calibration change, adjustment changes, issues, etc.) (3) general bulletins non-make specific (one included in the introduction of the BB updraft universal carburetor) (4) parts price list AND APPLICATION LIST 1923-1931 (5) parts price list and application list 1932-1933 (part of the update). (6) carburetor price list and application list The parts application lists answer LOTS of the questions asked on these forums. So how can you use it? Let's say you need a carburetor for your 1930 Chevrolet. The parts book tells you it is a Carter RJH-08. Literature on the 'net tells you it should be tag number 150s. You find an RJH-08 at a swap meet, but of course there is no tag. What do you do? Well, you took this book with you, along with an adjustable end wrench, a pencil eraser, and a good magnifying glass. You ask the vendor if he/she will allow you to remove the bowl. After he/she says yes, you remove the bowl, take the pencil eraser, and clean the bottom of the multiple nozzle that is now accessable. With the glass, you are able to read 12 on top and 106 on the bottom. Turning to the index, you find this nozzle is unique to Carter number 119s. You consult the carburetor index, and find 119s was used by Chrysler. You continue to look, but don't spend money you don't need to spend for the incorrect carburetor. You can identify virtually ALL brass bowl carburetors using this technique and this book. You can also identify a part that you need from the specifications page for your carburetor, and then look in the applications list to find what other carburetors may have used the same part. Price of the book is $850. to include postage and insurance within the 48 contiguous United States. The book is for sale in its entirely, not interested in selling photocopies of portions of the book. If you wish to do so, AFTER you buy it, your choice. And, no offense meant to anyone. Scanners are cheap, as is disk space. This book will be sold as is, no warranty, not returnable. Will be happy to discuss exact contents BY TELEPHONE, not by message, not by email, not by posts on this forum. 573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time). Will accept VISA / MasterCard Jon.
  12. There's a little confusion about what, exactly, this handsome all-original Packard sedan actually is. It does not appear to be a standard-issue sedan for a variety of reasons. One, it's on the 138-inch wheelbase, which is 11 inches longer than the standard 160. Two it has a divider window, but matching cloth seats front and rear. And three, there's a single sideways-facing jump seat in the back, which a Packard friend of mine referred to as the "assistant's seat." So whatever the case may be, this Packard was probably special-ordered and Packard being Packard was only too happy to oblige. I think that's pretty cool. I have known this car my entire life and more than seven decades of its history is known. It was purchased at a used car lot on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland in 1952 by a member of the Ohio Region CCCA, and it stayed in his care until his death in 1994. It was in storage for several years, but eventually his widow sold it to a well-known member of the CCCA in New Jersey, and it remained with him until earlier this year. In 2015, it was shipped to Europe for the Packard Meet in Switzerland, and toured extensively there. It came up for sale earlier this year, and since we were getting low on inventory, I grabbed it and brought it home to Cleveland. As I said, I've known the car all my life and can remember it being at all the big events when I was a kid. Today it shows just over 38,000 original miles and is beautifully preserved inside and out. It is very much a survivor, wearing original paint and upholstery, and the 356 cubic inch straight-8 has never been opened or removed. It proudly wears an AACA HPOF badge and looks great in person. It's original, so it's far from perfect but like all good original cars, it's more than presentable and happily carries its battle scars as signs of a life well lived. Yes, it's a bit nicer in photos than in person, but I don't think anyone will complain. There's some checking in the black lacquer, a few areas where it has flaked off, mostly on the sidemount covers, but there's no sign of rust, rot, or substandard repairs--one of the advantages of an original car. The chrome is remarkably nice throughout, with minimal pitting on the cast parts and lovely straight bumpers and that towering Packard grille, which still features operational thermostatic louvers. The interior is beautifully preserved, wearing tan broadcloth throughout. There are a few threadbare areas in the high-traffic spots like the edge of the driver's seat, but again, nothing that needs attention. Door panels are beautiful, the original woodgraining looks remarkable for its age with no fading or flaking, and even the original carpets are pretty good. The only notable demerits are some crumbling on the steering wheel near the chrome rings on the cross-bar and a missing knob for the crank-up divider window. All the gauges are fully operational, including BOTH clocks, which tick away reliably (front is electric, rear is hand-wound), and this car was ordered without a radio so there's a factory block-off plate in the center. The rear seat is spacious, with a fold-out jump seat that looks barely used on the left, behind the driver, with a small storage compartment on the right. And I'm pretty sure that's a heater in the center in the back seat, although I have not tested it. Even the headliner is in great shape with just one fingertip-sized hole up near the dome light. The package tray has water stains and the trunk is kind of basic, but it does include a matching full-sized spare so you don't have to wrestle with the sidemounts if you're in need. There are some who will argue that the final 356 cubic inch straight-8 is the best of Packard's best, and I can't disagree. In 1942 it was rated at 160 horsepower, close enough to rival my big Buick. But it isn't horsepower that makes this engine sing, since it doesn't really like to rev, but rather the effortless creamy-smooth torque that moves this car like it's powered by an electric motor. The engine has never been apart and runs beautifully, starting with the original accelerator pedal switch and cruising pretty easily at 60 MPH (there is no overdrive). Routine maintenance items have been recently serviced, including a full tune up, and there's evidence that the radiator has been re-cored and the water pump replaced, making it mechanically healthy and ready to tour. I'm flat-out astounded by how beautifully this car rides, ignoring bumps and gliding over broken pavement without a wiggle or a rattle, superior to my Buick, and the rear suspension enjoys tube shocks (a real innovation for 1942) with aftermarket helper springs. The only thing that bothers me is an exhaust leak, but I have new manifold gaskets on order and I expect that'll be remedied in a week or so. Braking is confident, steering is effortless, and the recent exhaust system has a nice 8-cylinder grumble that's a bit more trucky than the Buick, but by no means objectionable. Lester wide whites look appropriate, and those simple logo-free hubcaps are correct for 1942. Extras include the original owner's manual, shop manual, lots of extra parts, a car cover, and other goodies to safely tour on the road. I like big luxury cars like this--obviously. I'm delighted to compare and contrast this Packard with my Buick and the Cadillac 60S I sold a while ago, and the Packard rides the best. The engine is strong, and this is very much the effortless cruiser you'd expect. And quite honestly, the view down the hood of a Packard is still the best in the business. This Packard is available for $37,900, and gets you a car that's welcome almost anywhere, remains delightful to drive, and should be bulletproof reliable for another few decades to come with nothing more than gas and oil. Enjoy!
  13. This is a 36-37 Mopar Banjo Steering wheel that is in excellent condition. It’s a 17” wheel and it would be hard to find in this condition. If interested please get in touch with me for price. It’s not cheap, so keep that in mind before replying. Horn button not included. Thanks
  14. Six '31-'32 Chevy Grille shells, two with radiators, three with good badges, one with headlight bar and headlights. One headlight bar with buckets, one headlight bar with complete headlights, seven TWILIGHT CHEVROLET lenses, one nice complete headlight. Four Carburetors, one intake manifold, one 1928 exhaust manifold, two 1926-27 4-cylinder single port heads. Would like to sell the whole grouping. $900/OBO I plan to make a run to Carlisle on Friday the 19th to deliver some parts whether the show gets cancelled or not. Can deliver anywhere along I-81 between Staunton, Va and Carlisle, Pa.
  15. 1937 Buick front assembly for sale in Sullivan Indiana , asking $200. Rough but I have seen lots worse. I don’t check posts daily but any reasonable offer will be considered as I had this as backup if I could not repair mine. Hopefully the four pictures will help. Additional new electrical harness will follow later in week.
  16. 1967 Buick Skylark back bench seat cover, New, for sale. Never used! Was bought but husband passed away and I do not want. $200.00 CASH, serious inquires only please, thank you. Located in Lehighton, Pa.
  17. New, pair of black 1967 Buick Skylark bucket seat covers, NEW. Husband bought but passed away and I do not have a use for them. They are brand new. Please see pics. Serious inquires only please, Thank you. Located in Lehighton, Pa. $350.00 CASH.
  18. Many of you know this Car... it has a long history of being driven extensively over most of North America.... It has been well maintained for it's entire life.... with many overhauls and rebuilds.... it is now in real good condition and ready to be Driven and enjoyed..... Very nice Franklin at a reasonable price... check it out on the BUY/SELL section of this Franklin forum......
  19. Many of you older club members Know this Car.............. 1930 Air Cooled Franklin SedanThis is the First Car that had a Revolutionary Airplane- Type Engine …. Air CooledThe 1930 Franklin engine produces the greatest power for cylinder capacity of All automotive power plants of it’s time. It traveled from New York to Los Angles in 69 hours, 31 minutes – a new all-time record for 1930... It was a high end luxury car of it’s era, holding it’s own with Packard and Cadillac. This car is not restored to original showroom condition, but has been rebuilt and renewed, to make it a DAILY DRIVER ….. for safe use on today’s highways…..It has four wheel, Rebuilt, Hydraulic brakes, on 14” drums …. Full elliptic springs for a smooth ride, even on rough roads….. Recently Rebuilt, Fully Balanced, High Compression, 6 cylinder Air- cooled engine, putting out 105 hp…. Recently Rebuilt 4 speed transmission…. Powder coated wire wheels, with new, 6 ply tires….. New, Real Leather upholstery….very comfortable seats, with interior fully insulated, with sound proofing…. New safety glass installed, after recent paint job….. 12 volt conversion, with new, Bright, LED Headlights, Tail lights and Turn Signals….. It has original, Trunk/Luggage Rack and Dual Side mount spare tires on Powder coated rims….. Way too many things repaired or replaced, to mention here.....This car has been driven all over the USA, from coast to coast and from the Deep South up into Canada to the Northwest Territory, Arctic Circle and back… It will cruise all day long comfortably at 55 – 60 mph, accelerating up into the 70’s when needed….. It is truly a Fine Touring car, Ready to be Driven Often…. I have all written records, of all the work done on this car, since 1944…… It has a clear New Mexico Title in my name, and is presently insured and Driven….This Beautiful, Full Classic Automobile is priced to sell on today’s slow, virus restricted Market….. I will accept $14,000 Please Contact me with further questions or more Photos…. 505-990-6008 Serious Cash offers please..... or ....... I might trade for a good running 1930-1934 Pickup, Flatbed or Panel Truck.........
  20. 425 Nailhead engine for sale. I believe it came pout of a 1966 Buick. $600.00 CASH. Must pick up.
  21. *1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible *Gorgeous car and is ready to cruise for the summer. *Beautiful Cardinal Red Paint. *Chrome Finished and all Stainless has been Polished. *White Convertible Top. *The Dash and Interior chrome are in very nice shape. *Upholstrey is a little older but shows just fine..No Rips or Tears. *Power Top works. *All power windows work.(chrome excellent shape and rubber) *Original Motor and Trans. *Older Bias Tires. *Nice solid ride thats ready to be enjoyed. $60,000.00 and no trades! Boarder of Indiana and Illinois 708-893-0212 PRIVATE SALE!
  22. Gents , check it out . 64 Turbine Center cap assembly rare but in outstanding condition. This one was real easy to bring back to life. I dusted it off. PM me if this piece of Industrial Art resonates at less than a Rembrandt price. $165.00. Free shipping CONUS Turbinator
  23. Nice cheap truck For Sale restored 3 years ago, runs and drives great! was all redone by previous owner, starts, runs, stops very well! Has a new wood bed, body and paint are in excellent condition, the windshield and back rubbers were also replaced, turn signals front and rear were replaced, no dents in tailgate or inside the box, windows roll up and down and seal. Guages work except temp! Horn doesnt work All lights and turn signals work. 305 V8 with 106k miles. $15k Firm and no trades! Private sale! 708-893-0212
  24. Beautiful Ford Bronco! with a very nice body and a great interior! This classic Bronco has a rebuilt 302 V-8 (2000 miles ago) and a smooth shifting 3-speed manual transmission. This Bronco starts right up and sounds and runs very well. Drum brakes (a tiny on the soft side). The tires are decent and the convertible soft-top is in almost new condition with clear plastic window. comes with the original steel removable hardtop in white with stainless strips and luggage rack, the original steel doors painted to match the body. There is so much more... "Private sale-title in hand" Priced to sell - $50k 708-893-0212
  25. Whether or not Carlisle actually happens next Month, I still have plans to make a run up there to deliver sold parts. I will be coming up I-81 from Staunton, Va thru Winchester, Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Chambersburg and Carlisle. Photo #1 '31 Chevy -a little rough =$75 '31 Chevy -real decent with emblem and radiator =$200 '32 Chevy -has a crack and a bend but comes with the headlight bar and lights =$300 Photo #2 Short Whippet -straight and solid with minor pitting with radiator =$350 Taller Whippet -solid and straight with radiator =$300 1920 Star with Radiator =$200 Photo #3 '31 Chevy -Decent =$150 '31 Chevy -rough but good emblem =$100 Photo #4 '36 Terraplane -Nice =$SALE PENDING '31 Dodge -Nice solid shell =$350 '29 Pontiac -Nice solid shell =$275 I will adding a few more grilles/shells to this list in the coming days.