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  1. I have hundreds of rebuilt water and fuel pumps to sell for all makes and models cars and trucks from 1929-1970. Prices from $30.00 to $100.00 plus shipping. 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com It is best to Email or call me. Marv.
  2. I have a large number of Trico vacuum wiper motors to sell 1920's to the 1950's many NOS and used. Call me is best 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com Marv.
  3. I'm willing to try to start an ongoing thread that would alert any prospective buyers to what I would call deals on earlier Rivieras that a person might not otherwise find. I'd also think that it could be used to ask others who are looking to see what's in areas to which they don't have access unless they're willing to look at every city that has a Craigslist. Don't post anything other than a title and a link. You're not responsible for anything other than letting others know what's out there. It's up to them to make contact and get details. I'll start with this one: a 1966 Gran Sport in Cole Camp, Missouri (Central close to the Lake of the Ozarks.) http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/5822062304.html
  4. I have two good, used Carter Carburetor Gas Filters to sell. These are cleanable filters, period-correct from the 1940's to the 1960's They are complete, with the glass bowl and stone filter element. They are in very good condition, with no problems or defects. I have just cleaned the stone filters (simply soak in lacquer thinner or acetone), so they're ready to use. This is the low-profile version of this popular Carter fuel filter from back in the day. It was usually installed in the gas line, just before the carburetor gas inlet. The low-profile helps the filter clear the intake manifold and the air cleaner. They have a nifty period look. NOTE: Filter "B" has a removable angle fitting on the inlet. The price per complete, Carter Gas Filter is $45, plus the shipping. Again, I have two of these to sell. Take your pick, or purchase both! Thanks for looking. John
  5. I have many parts for 1930 and 1931 Buicks, just acquired. Front fenders, frame rail covers, splash apron below the grill, body aprons over the running boards, wheels (two full sets), spare tire and rim mount for rear, hood, gas tank and rear cover, complete chassis, transmission, 6 cylinder engine, starter, carburetor, generator/distributor, manifolds, fuel pump, water pump, one cowl light, and more small interior bits and pieces. Sheet metal pieces have been sand blasted and lightly primed. No major holes or tears in any. Look at the pictures and give me a call or email to get pricing, too much to list. These parts came from a 1930 Model 40. Interchangeable with many models in 29, 30 and 31. Located in upstate New York and I am leaving for central Florida in early October. So I can transport to the Tampa area. Heading down I-81 to Knoxville and then I-75 to Tampa. Possibly over to the Richmond area as a side trip on the way. Already planning a couple of stops in Atlanta area to drop parts, so will try to make it convenient to get parts to you and avoid large shipping costs. John @ 607-349-5889. Leave message if I can't answer.
  6. I sold my 31 Model 57 so this spare heat riser is for sale. These are very hard to find in this condition, and it comes with a good carb body too... $200 plus shipping from SW WA.
  7. New head gaskets for 1937-52 chevrolet $10 ea.
  8. These are a group of new pistons and bronze back main bearings for Reo of the 1920's I believe. My Dad got these with a 1926 or 1928 Reo many years ago. Some of the pistons are marked Reo on the inside. Any reasonable offer would be accepted as I have no use for these.
  9. I have some misc. Locomobile parts for sale, contact me if you are in need, If you have spare Locomobile parts, please post them here. Al
  10. Pair of # 1A USA made Balloon type Gabriel Snubbers. Need restoration but are complete including 2 axle attachments but this pair could be used on most cars. The axle attachment may or may not be correct for your car, If the axles attachments are not correct for your cars I have other options but many are just singles not pairs.... let me knowyour needs. The price is $150 US Funds for the pair as displayed plus shipping Let me know if you need ore pictures or have other questions
  11. CAMARO: 1994 Z28 1LE, very rare 1 of 135, Black with Gray/Red Interior; B-W(T-56)6 Speed-192 total miles. Have all conceivable paperwork on the car, bought new and still has the Chevrolet inspection stickers on the windows. Car should be treated as an investment. Legal to run on the street. Primary customers were sold to the SCCA members. This is a “No Frills” Pony Car. ”This car could be the lowest mileage Gen4 1LE in the country” ASKING 20K. Call Larry@8156638304 ASKING 20K Reason For Selling>NEED ROOM-Have an eye on another car. I am not in the market to make a big profit on this car. All I want is a "Fair Price". On the other hand I do not want to give it away either. This car is intended to be sold to a "Low mileage Camaro Collector" not a dealer that wants a quick turnover.
  12. This is a great Project Car! The car has been always garaged and just needs your energy and time to be put back together. The ENGINE RUNS well, new exhaust. Most parts are here with the exception of the running boards, and interior is missing. There is an extra spare tire rim. The wheels are wooden spoked and in good condition. Rear and front fenders are in very good shape and both have been primed. Frame and body are solid. $2500. I am located in Long Island NY (Suffolk County). $2500. Drop me a line if you have any further questions or text me at 631-402-2440 gjpisano@yahoo.com
  13. I've been on the fence about selling this for some time and have come to realize that to get the 1931-1933 Auburn I want, we are going to have to part ways. She is pretty sexy to just look at sitting in the garage. Probably. not a whole lot of original 36 Cord Phaeton hot rods from the 40's or early 50's still out there. Very old (50's?) black enamel repaint over the original cigarette cream finish and red tuck and roll Vinyl done very much to the original pattern. Still in good shape. Pretty cool with a full dressed 40's Caddy flathead with Edmunds intake and Heads. Pipes were added at some point from a 37 Supercharged 810 and the builder utilized them running the Caddy exhaust through them. I'm sure you would draw quite a crowd if you pulled up in this at the next vintage rod run. Pretty much largely untouched since the 60's or maybe even 50's. It's been in storage in a dry garage on the edge of the California Desert for nearly 40 years before I bought it and the last 7 or so in my heated garage. Definitely looks old. No fake patina here. Like a barn find it's been sitting. I was collecting parts to restore it, but have been told by more than a few to leave it a vintage rod. I'll include those parts in the sale. it's a long list of mechanical and lots of rechromed extra Cord parts. Some hard to find. Cosmetically it's very stock except the cowl vents were closed and filled. (they are still there) Not sure if they are leaded or not. I do have a mint pair of phaeton vents I'll include just in case. The body overall is very nice with no major rust as you would expect from a car that sat in a garage in the desert. Cosmetically it's complete. No missing cord parts. The complete top is still folded under the smooth tonneau. (yup they had a full disappearing top)Suicide doors with Huge hidden hinges that open and close smoothly. It will need a serious mechanical overhaul to be put on the road. It's not running and has at a minimum some stuck valves. It was running when put in storage but that was 45 years ago so of little consequence now. I oiled the cylinders but as with these Caddy flatheads the valves are so high in the block they don't get soaked. I do have a clear title for it. Really a cool car whether you want to restore it, keep it a real vintage hot rod, or run it as a rod for a while , while you collect the rest of the parts to put it back to original.If anyone has any history on it, I would love to hear about it.Asking $65,000 for everything. Fresh year Fresh Price. Now asking just $55,000 for the whole package.Will consider trades for a 31-33 Open Auburn, or possibly late 1920's -early 1930's Packard or similar Open car in good condition, needing some work is fine.
  14. I have a 2 door closed coupe car that has been converted to a pickup. The engine, transmission, and axles are Franklin. Probably 9 series circa 1916. I’ve been told that the body is from a 1920’s Essex. Two suicide doors. The steel frame probably belongs to the body. It is a very complete car and not rusty. I would consider offers from any interested parties. Cheers Ed
  15. My friend, Steve has a pair of 1935 front fenders for a model 58, near Youngstown, OH, he says are reasonably priced, PM me for his phone number.Thanks,
  16. 1926 Dodge brothers parts for sale. Removed drive train, guages, wheels, radiator, etc to make room for a v-8 and suspension. I will get a list together, reply in the mean time with your needs and give me a price you are willing to pay. Thanks for the interest I have 4 solid metal wheels and tires, and one spit rim wheel and tire. Guage set as pictured Entire engine and all the attachments as pictured I also have the rear end and drive shaft with all the brakes, etc Front cross member with springs and brakes. All in unrusted condidtion Let me know what else you might need Mike
  17. For sale 1980 Buick Park Avenue 75 K miles. new tires no rust not mine in Owego,NY contact info: Dick Ackerman 919-475-4515 dale1007@frontier.com he is in NC and is executor. car is from Arkansas was an Aunt's car. $3750
  18. For Sale on Craigslist 1973 Pontiac Luxury LeMans 2-door hardtop in Springboro, Ohio - $9,500 - Call Jim 937-545-9886 9AM - 8PM Link: https://dayton.craigslist.org/cto/d/springboro-1973-pontiac-lemans/7121796745.html Seller's Description: 1973 PONTIAC LUXURY LEMANS 350 V8 2B AUTO PS PB AM/FM COLD A/C HOT HEAT NO RUST! VERY SHARP CAR! SHOWS 28,325 MILES OUT OF A COLECTION. STORED IN DOORS FOR YEARS. RIDES AND DRIVES EXCELLANT MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE THE QUALITY.ALL ORIGINAL IN AND OUT.RARE FIND $9500 CALL NO TEXT PLEASE DUE TO SCAMMERS. CALL JIM 937-545-9886 9AM -8PM PICS DEC 15 2019 TIME STAMP WRONG OIL AND COOLANT CHANGE AND WIPERS DONE RECENTLY No weird smells inside like some old cars min sell $8,700
  19. Hello guys - It's been a long time since I have been on this site. I sold my 1948 Roadmaster model #71 4-door and now it's time to clean out my garage and get my large collection of spare parts into the hands of people who need them. When I bought my 48, it came with a 2nd car that was totally dismantled. I have most of all the body panels including hood, trunk lid, 4 doors, fender skins that bolt to the doors, fender skirts, gas tank, both rear fenders, front left fender, radio, rear window, air cleaner, hub caps, sun visors, generator, fuel pump, heater coil, all the stainless steel trim pieces, 2 wheels, rear bumper, rear seat - both seat and backrest, front seat lower section and other odds and ends. Would like to sell all as a lot, or will sell individually. If you see something you need let me know. I am located in Pittsburgh near the Airport.
  20. Good used fender skirts to fit a 1948 Buick Roadmaster 4 door model 71. $ - price dropped to $100 plus shipping. Located in Pittsburgh, PA I do have the chrome piece for the 2nd skirt, found it after taking the photo.
  21. Not sure just yet but might need to call it quits, we ran over on time. Those that put in the most work graduated last year and current interest is limited. Here is how it sits now. It came a long way but still a ways to go. Not sure how to put a value on it other than adding up receipts. Tony
  22. I just got a run of hornbars back from the plater. I have about 12 left. The price is $260+7 shipping to the lower 48. I will ship overseas but buyer will need to pay actual shipping. My plater went up $10 a unit on me so the next run will reflect that increase. If you need one or know someone who needs one let them know. Some buyers only use their OEM bars for shows and use the repop for everyday use. Send me an email and I'll send some pics and details. rickr@notaxcnr.com. Or you can do a search on this forum and find pictures and comments. Rick
  23. Various paired fenders: 1950 super; 1966 Electra; 1968-9 LeSabre; 1965 Wildcat; 1963-4, 1969 Riviera Single fenders: 1966, 1978 Electra; 1969 LeSabre; 1965, '70, '71-73 Riviera; 1965, '67 Skylark; 1964 Wildcat Patch Panels: 1966-69, '70 Riviera Hoods: 1965, 1969 Electra; 1968-69 LeSabre; 1963-65 Riviera; 1953, 1967 Skylark Trunk lid: 1949 Super; 1966 Electra; 1970-72 Skylark Radiator Support: 1965 Electra; 1966,1969 Riviera; 1965 Wildcat Doors: 1966 Electra (front and back, in vey very good condition) Gas Tanks: 1971 LeSabre plus others Seats: 1967 Skylark Front Bench; 1967 Skylark Back seat; NEW, 1967 Skylark Bucket seat covers w/ foams NEW; NEW 1967 Back Seat Covers NEW Pictures upon request. Location = Lehighton, Pa. 610-377-6130, csgetz@ptd.net Sally Getz, BCA #22110
  24. Helping a widow lady sell a set of dual side mounts. She said her husband bought them over 20 years ago for $1,800. That is what she is asking but will take a reasonable offer. She is moving and needed them gone so I brought them to the house. I understand they will fit 38 with modifications. Can anyone confirm? These are for Special series NOT Century, however may can be made to fit with a fender stretcher. I considered them for mine but as can be seen in the pictures they will require repairs more than I care to take on. For pick up only or could deliver to Charlotte Auto Fair in April. Additional pictures upon request. Shoot me an offer if interested
  25. Here for your consideration are some of the parts needed to install a 401 or 425 V/8 in your 1964 -1965 or 1965, This items are very hard to find and due to the Gran Sports popularity continue to get harder. I have had these items in storage and will not be using them. I have the following and will sell as a lot or individually: The rear sump OIL PAN is $275, the MOTOR MOUNT ADAPTERS are $200 all 4 pieces are required, Oil Pickup with filter screen $45 and two Motor Mounts $35. As a lot $450 plus shipping charges. Please contact me through this forum, by phone or text -559 355-3551, pm or email 65skyriv19@att.net
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