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  1. I'll be home in April, If I find time, I'll look. Only be in town for about 5 days. If you want to stop by and look, your more than welcome.
  2. I think that i have a hood. Ill be home last last week of March.
  3. To Seattle and the NAVY Sub base in Poulsbo WA. Bring your friend. Your about 20 mile from me. What rout are you taking south?
  4. Dave here from Dodge City Vintage in Jamestown CA.. I'm at the Jubitz Truck stop. Stop by and I'll buy dinner. This 24/7 truck stop offers a store, laundry & courier service, a hair salon, an inn & a restaurant. Address: 10210 N Vancouver Way, Portland, OR 97217
  5. This was my 2nd Corvette that I bought in 1975. 427 390 glide. I put a 1970 Vette LT1 with a turbo 400. Took 6 months to build.
  6. WOW!! Thank you. That would be cool!! This is the guy that owned it.
  7. Matt. This is from a friend of mine that lives in MI and he worked at the GM Tech Center in Warren MI from the 60s to the 90s as a engineer in the Vette section. He has owned many Vettes through the years bought through the Tech center. He bought new and still owns a 62 Vette fuel, big tank and brake car. He sent me this just recently. I remember this car in 70 at a 25 cent car wash during the Detroit winter. I was washing my 65 SS convertible 409 400 4 speed car when he pulled in. His driver side door fell off. both hinges broke at the same time. I help him to put the door back in place. I was 17 at this time period. I will remove if this is not the place to post this story. Thought that you being a Corvette guy would find it interesting. Thanks Dave PS Beautiful Car!!
  8. 49er is just like me. A person with 50 plus years of experience. We all have different ways and procedures. And we don't charge a dime for the time. Unlike Drs and Lawyers.
  9. Leaving 1-09-2020 Have a couple of slots open as of this morning. Thank you Dave
  10. Not for sale. I was just posting. We are a transport company.
  11. We do have a 37 Ply for sale. Need a lot of parts.
  12. Couple at our show in CA.
  13. I never said that these were Ply trucks. Plymouth only made 1l2 ton trucks. Nothing bigger. Actually, they were not half ton, 1/4 I believe. I was just showing examples.
  14. Lot of the parts was shared with the big trucks and Dodge. Sheet metal is the same for the 1/2 ton except the tail gate, hood and grill. Gauges and trim between the gauges also different.
  15. My 39 with hi mount headlamps with no turn signal.
  16. My 39 woth low mount headlamps.
  17. Thank you sir. What trans would that be?
  18. Any way to ID the engine without the engine number? Like to find out if it had the 331 or 354. What kind og trans with shift handle on the dash. Thanks Dave PS Not use to these newer cars. LOL
  19. I just hauled this 82 from WA to LA. Guy owns 200 plus cars from the 1900s to the 80s. He rents them to the movie studios. His big customer is NCIS New Orleans.
  20. Reproduction tail gates are available. we sold about 20 of them and they are excellent.