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  1. Not actual picture of the car. The pictures where I bought the car is. I bought a 65 British Racing green roadster fuel car in 74 when I got back from Nam. It was sitting in front of this printing place that still in business today on my garbage route in Redford Township MI. I was a garbage man. LOL 1800.00. I put 10.00 for a deposit to hold the car until the next day to do a withdraw from my employees credit union. I had 1500 from the NAVY separation pay and had to borrow the rest.
  2. Possible 348 and if your real lucky, a 4 speed with tri power. That car with those options with the car in restored condition would be in the 6 figures easy. 1st year for the Impala 1st year for the big block. When the W engine started.
  3. From a parts car in 78? I wish LOL The engine went into this car.
  4. I just tried again with no luck. She has fallen off the face of the earth. I will be off the road in about 6 months and be off the road for a while to have knees replacement. I'll go to the house if I can sneak in. Might be hard with her being a Judge.
  5. Here is My friend Mike that owns Dodge City Vintage in 1968. 69 RR 440 6 pack.
  6. With new face plate and the temp gauge works as of this post being posted. 250.00
  7. I also have a truck for sale. 34 3/4ton? Dodge truck. 3500
  8. Possible that I can transport. Let me know. Dave
  9. You bought parts from us before? You were doing a Dodge truck that the roof-dash was rusted?
  10. I think that I have one. But i'm on the road till Nov. Ill see if I can get someone to look.
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