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  1. keen25

    Step Ring

    Hi Keiser31, I would like to buy the one in the center or #2 down from the top. I can pay with paypal if you want. I am in NJ 08360
  2. keen25

    Step Ring

    Hi Keiser31, thank you for your reply, what are you asking for the rings?
  3. Hi I am looking for a "step ring" as shown in the pictures. thank you Erick 856-697-5361
  4. keen25

    step ring

    Hi I am looking for a "step ring" like the attached photos. thank you, Erick 856-697-5361
  5. Hi I need a "step ring" as shown in the attached photos. thank you Erick 856-697-5361
  6. keen25

    Step Ring

    I am looking for a metal step ring like the one in the picture. thank you, Erick 856-697-5361
  7. Hi I need one rumble seat step chrome ring for a 1933 or 1934 from a Plymouth or Dodge, maybe others. If you have one for sell Please call 856-697-5361 or akeen1925@yahoo.com, thank you Erick
  8. Hi Chris, I am going to most likely get a close rubber channel from McMaster-carr. I will try an see If window bedding tape works and also use a piece of vacuum hose. The Grill has rubber bumper which are attached with split rivets so they will come off very easy. Erick
  9. Chris, I wonder if the window parts where Galvanized, the ones I have look silver? I most likely will paint them. Erick
  10. Hi Chris, Here is the rubber profile detail, the over all 25 5/8" and the holes match the metal clamp bar. Erick
  11. Hi Chris, A=3", B=1 1/8", C=1 1/2" Also some pictures. Erick
  12. I will, what area would you like to see? I can make a sketch with dimensions, I will need to for a replace piece. Erick
  13. Hi Chris, I don't know about Kanter's but they have been around for a long time. The engine in my car was rebuilt and runs great so did not mess with it. I have attached some pictures of a block which I pulled a pump from, there is a lot of surface area for adhesive. This block was rebuilt about 2003 and the pump still a very painful task to remove, I broke a stud. I would use a good amount of heat and take your time.
  14. Hi Chris, I agree with you on the 33 / 34 differences. I have attached the rubber for you to look at. Erick
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