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  1. keen25

    Step Ring

    Hi Keiser31, I would like to buy the one in the center or #2 down from the top. I can pay with paypal if you want. I am in NJ 08360
  2. keen25

    Step Ring

    Hi Keiser31, thank you for your reply, what are you asking for the rings?
  3. Hi I am looking for a "step ring" as shown in the pictures. thank you Erick 856-697-5361
  4. keen25

    step ring

    Hi I am looking for a "step ring" like the attached photos. thank you, Erick 856-697-5361
  5. Hi I need a "step ring" as shown in the attached photos. thank you Erick 856-697-5361
  6. keen25

    Step Ring

    I am looking for a metal step ring like the one in the picture. thank you, Erick 856-697-5361
  7. Hi I need one rumble seat step chrome ring for a 1933 or 1934 from a Plymouth or Dodge, maybe others. If you have one for sell Please call 856-697-5361 or akeen1925@yahoo.com, thank you Erick
  8. Hi 33 Dodge DP, My father has 1933 Plymouths and the head you are looking for it was NOS when head got it in the 1980's which he put on his 1933 PD. He is located in Vineland NJ and if you want to talk with him please tell me. Thank you, Erick
  9. Hi Chris, I am going to most likely get a close rubber channel from McMaster-carr. I will try an see If window bedding tape works and also use a piece of vacuum hose. The Grill has rubber bumper which are attached with split rivets so they will come off very easy. Erick
  10. Chris, I wonder if the window parts where Galvanized, the ones I have look silver? I most likely will paint them. Erick
  11. Hi Chris, Here is the rubber profile detail, the over all 25 5/8" and the holes match the metal clamp bar. Erick
  12. Hi Chris, A=3", B=1 1/8", C=1 1/2" Also some pictures. Erick
  13. I will, what area would you like to see? I can make a sketch with dimensions, I will need to for a replace piece. Erick
  14. Tom, I don't think that is for the trunk area of the car (I have never seen one there) but I think it is for a later maybe 35 grill? Erick
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