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  1. I have a dist machine and see this problem a lot. This along with the carb has a lot to do in what we call drivability. You will feel the difference. I have both of these machines for fine tuning.
  2. Many times false with a 8-9-10 car hauler. Define door to door. With truck, car driven from truck etc.
  3. From TrulyVintage. (If you can’t afford to purchase the proper equipment to sleep in your pick up truck - find another job) Anything under class 7 truck should be outlawed for doing over the road hauling. From TrulyVintage. (Don’t BS folks by telling them it is for the “ security “ of their vehicle) People that haul high end freight like jet engines and certain HC are required to stay with the truck.
  4. Based on? 7 million miles and having a tow company near scales, I have never seen or proof of sleeper violation. Log off duty and not sleeper berth and not a darn thing that DOT can do. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/49/393.76
  5. Here is 2 of his cars on the top rear and bottom. One of the finest 55 Mercury convertible that I have ever seen. That was his 30 Buick also that is on the auction flyer.
  6. Remember I was telling you about the turkey farmer in PA? He had a couple of Duesenbergs and a 100 plus of other cars. I called last week and found out that he passed. I loved that guy. One of the coolest customers that I had. Russell Yordy JR https://www.cronrathgrenoblefuneralhome.com/notices/Russell-YordyJr The auction http://www.hassingercourtney.com/october12016.html
  7. Where do we post, (Anybody know this person?) Cant find him in the rooster. He passed a couple of years ago and article said that he was a member her. He had owned about 100 plus cars. Thanks Dave
  8. Nice rigs. I live in Sonora CA and there is a Burns Truck Wash behind loves in Ripon CA and they charge 65.00.
  9. 1963 was 1st year for the 340-400-425 hp.
  10. What are you paying for a truck and or trailer wash and where? FT. Pierce FL yesterday.
  11. The truck posted with the add on sleeper new is over 6 figures. U can buy a class 7 with a sleeper a couple of years old for darn near the same price. Much safer and less maintenance.
  12. When I ran a day cab, I had a sleeping bag and a piece of plywood that I would lay across the seat. Back years ago, DOT would ask where did you sleep? I would show them my sleeping bag and say to them that I slept on the ground away from the truck. Never on or in the truck and never say hotel unless you had a receipt.
  13. I disagree Jim. Only reason that its not legal is that the cab is not wide enough. They sell extenders for the window to make it legal. This is what we use for our dually. And its legal.Your only lacking about 4in. 2in per side. And for stinking up the truck for sleeping in it? If you do not shower, YES!!. My sleeper is not much bigger than a back seat of a dually. It is higher. And it does not smell.
  14. Cops not going to send a chopper in the air for a stolen trailer. Still a good idea. We had a 500k rig stolen and the cops wouldn't do a thing. We found it ourselves between the GPS tracker that we installed and the locator from the factory computer. Stolen from WPB Fl and we found it near FT. Lauderdale.
  15. Put a GOOD!! video camera pointed at the doors from inside. And tie it to your cell phone. Run 440 to the door handles. LOL
  16. Been in the retail business for 40 years selling and buying car parts. We use all shipping including Greyhound. 90% of the time, shipping time has been reasonable.
  17. I'm in Orlando getting my truck worked on. We park our trucks at Mannheim across from the fair grounds. Should be in tomorrow.
  18. Did 140k 1099 last year as a driver of a new truck. Truck gross 400k plus. drove 110k miles. This year we are doing better. 1099 works great because of taxes. You still m in WPB FL?
  19. Knock on Asphalt. 5 million plus miles from tow bars starting in 68 to one car to 11 car trailers. I have never been invoked in a accident. So, I cannot comment. Still hauling cars at 68 years old. Love the hobby. Picture of my 2019 Pet in Moab UT.
  20. We have many parts. We have a vendor that makes them for us. Need more info. Thanks Dave
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