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  1. I originally thought as above, bleed valve to remove air from the system but correct that it is on the wrong side of the thermostat. Having worked on lots of old industrial, non-car machinery over the years, that looks like a typical installation for a gauge of some sort, particularly the valve used. Could shut the valve to avoid leaks if the gauge failed and/or to change the gauge. Could be, I suppose, for either temperature or, less likely, pressure.
  2. John's photos of all those obscure foreign cars made me think of this movie clip from the 3 Stooges in 'Punch Drunks'. Damsel in distress in her 34 Plymouth PE convertible coupe, stuck in a ditch: Damsel: "I'm in a terrible dilemma!" Mo: "Yeah, I don't go for those foreign cars either."
  3. Still have these listed, more photos in the listing. The reserve (i.e., this amount will buy them if not outbid) is $320, plus $20 shipping. That is my friend's price and that's why they were listed at that price. Same price range as the Plymouth and Dodge versions, which are a lot more common. Would really like these to go to someone who can use them, very nice set of horns.
  4. Some 1934 Plymouth PE convertible coupe memories.
  5. From the date on the photo and the license plate on that Pierce, looks to have been taken in Ohio in 1932--a somewhat 'cheeky' photo for that time and place!
  6. Wouldn't know about the '37 D5, but I have a late '34-early '35 KCL and the splash pans are basically flat and look nothing like these.
  7. Just listed, item number 283920946527.
  8. Have a nice pair of 33 Desoto trumpet horns that I will be listing tomorrow on easy bay for a friend, wanted to give the folks on this forum a heads-up to look for them if interested. As soon as listed I will post the item # here to make them easier to locate, along with a photo.
  9. As another owner of a Plymouth 4-dr sedan from the 30s, I have an instant bias, but, bottom line THIS is what the old car hobby is all about. Not to detract from those with the skill and/or $$ to take a Pierce Arrow back to Pebble Beach standards--those folks are also enjoying the hobby and standing in for those of us without the skill and/or $$ to do so. But the description by Keith really sums it up for many of us. Thanks!
  10. That font for the Dodge lettering was used circa 1933-1938, so I would assume the sign is from the same time frame.
  11. I'm an early '30s Mopar and not a 'Vette guy but this is still my favorite:
  12. The photo is part of a whole series of photographs taken in 1927 at Ryan Aviation in San Diego, which was located at Dutch Flats, just to the north of the existing Lindbergh Field, San Diego's current airport. Located at the corner of Barnett and Midway. That was the original location of the airport where the plane was built and where Lindbergh flew from to St. Louis, on to New York and finally to Paris. Found lots of pictures of Lindbergh posing that day at that location--lots of people but that Chrysler is the only car I could find. Lindbergh must have been exhausted by the end of the day (he looks it!)
  13. OK, I just re-read your original post and you need the measurement to the bottom of the frame rail. Since my cross member is out and the panel is now shoehorned back behind another car, I took measurements from my cross-member that should get you there. The overall width at the top frame mount is 28-3/8". With the cross member sitting on a level surface, the top of the center mounting surface is 1-3/4" up. On the same level, the center line of the top mounting bolt hole to the frame is 7-3/8" up. If I do the math, that means that the top of the center mounting surface should be 7-3/8" minus 1-3/4" (i.e., 5-5/8") below the center line of the top mounting hole in the frame. Hope this helps, you should probably check my math as that is not my strong suit. Pictures attached. My KCL is a late '34, suicide doors but past the change to the round gauges but not yet an early '35 (although nobody really knows for sure on these things as they were not a closely tracked as the cars). If all the pictures don't fit I will send them in another post. SMB
  14. My 34 KCL panel has one, should be the same. Not installed at this time so I will dig it out this weekend and take some measurements. SMB