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  1. Hi Bruce, that sound as a good idea, but Im not sure all holes and size of the modern type chain cover will fit. I will search for one. Many thanks
  2. I’m starting the rebuild of my 1934 PE 201 engine, and with not much experience on this engine I would like to ask some questions: 1. I have found the crankshaft seal the car has been using on the timing cover was of the rope type, but manual indicates cork and that is what comes with the gasket set I bought from Andy Bernbaum, is the rope seal a better alternative?, should I then look for a suitable rope seal? Or should I go with the cork? 2. I’m confused about the sealing of main bearing at the end of the engine. Please see pics I would think the small rubber “h” shape rubber piece should protrude from the main bearing cap and this protrusion should fit in the small cut at the end the oil pan gasket has, but the rubber finishes flush with the main bearing cup. Is the “h”rubber part to short?, Is the gasket to short? Am I incorrectly locating the “h” rubber piece? Thanks in advance for your comments and advice
  3. Hi Taylormade , I bought parts you are looking in ebay in 2018. I don't see them listed any more but you can try and contact the person who did the reproduction under his ebay name SIGNALSTEVE....currently he is selling a set of spark plugs. Hope this info helps. Regards Adrian
  4. Sorry Scott can't part with it, I will need it for my 34 conv. But here are some other pics that will help you, also a sketch with measurements, looking closely to this part I can say it is not original somebody already made this replica, that is the resaon why it has some small deffects and eg. the ends differ in length. Good luck Adrian
  5. Hi Scott , is this what you are looking for? it was me who bought it from ebay in 2018. Happy to help you with more pics, measurements or paper patterns if you think you may need them. Let me know Regards Adrian
  6. Hi TomP, do you have a picture of these installed? I’m interested In a pair thanks Adrian
  7. Hi TomP, I will be interested in buying a pair, please let me know when you have them ready for sale Thanks
  8. Hi Dep5, I have these same brackets for my 34 ply coupe, I have been looking for the rubber grommets with no luck, any help on where I can find these? Also, how do these rubber pieces get inserted in the brackets, doesn't look they will go in through neither ends. Thanks in advance ...
  9. Hi , Do you still have the inside mirror and bracket ? Thanks Adrian
  10. Hi Dan, I understand you only have one side? Do you know if this is also for the 34? There is also a reinforcement which goes from one side of the chassis to the other and bolts to this bracket... Thanks in advance for your answers Adrian
  11. Thanks both for the ideas on how I might solve the problem with the screen, although neither solutions are the best way to go, it doesn't look as I will find a spare one. Why is it that these screens have holes like this?..... Regards Adrian
  12. I have now solved problem with the thermostat housing still searching for the oil screen. AMS obsolete shows part, but currently they have no stock. Part No.314682 Oil strainer, bowl type 1934-1937 I now know there are other types so measurements can help confirm if this is the correct screen Diameter 5 1/4 Hole diameter 3/4 width 2 inch Any help will be appreciated Thanks Adrian
  13. Thank you for your offer, there was another member who sent couple of days ago an answer to my inbox and offered me a thermostat housing already. I think I have this problem solved now Thanks you anyway for your offer Regards Adrian
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