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  1. Interesting, I'm waiting for the answer also intimeold
  2. Oh my, just pay a mechanic/technician to look at the car; before you do some damage or hurt yourself
  3. Don't You just love it when the seller say's, "Should run easily" My list of selling, Catch phrases; is getting quie long. intimeold
  4. I am used to digging out a spot; so that I can do some work!
  5. I like these quizzes Hope to see more intimeold
  6. Very respectable. A really nice car for cruises, or anything intimeold
  7. Ok, I am curious! I love the earlier Packards, as my father had a few. But nothing like this car! Googled 1958 Packard Station Wagon, pics; and I got a full page of of the mentioned car. Some pics have the double fins and some pics don't. What is the reason for this? I will post a pic of one if I can get it to transfer here. And also that headlight arrangement too. Asking a Packard guy/gal to explain the differences, here. Google a 1958 Packard Station Wagon and look at those pics. intimeold
  8. #3 main has a striped bolt, got it out, will need replaced with something from ace hw. Whoa, wait a minute. A stripped bolt on the main cap? 1. Was it loose when you got in there? This is a big problem 2. Does ace hw, have the correct strength of the fastener? 3. Too late now; but most mechanics would have done a bit more diagnosing, as to the cause of the noise; while the engine could be run. The are ways to diagnose a main bearing noise from a connecting rod noise , or something else. This takes a good trained ear. Anyhow, Good luck on this venture
  9. If the driver is ready to go somewhere; there are 2 jack-stands, under the front!
  10. Thank you, for the update!
  11. I just noticed #48, Leonard Schwartz of Altoona PA; had a 1919 Ford in the show. The last I saw that car was in, about 1976, still in Altoona,then. I have no idea where it is now. I was in his maze of garages; and purchased several old Harley-Davidsons. Sadly, places like that are all gone now. intimeold
  12. " Does the lack of documentation reduce the value" Of course it does. Any Chevrolet, Chevelle , Camaro, Corvette, with" correct papers", means a lot to potential buyers. With every Hi-Po GM car, and others too; one of the first things the buyer asks, Let me see the documentation. Buyers really research these cars. intimeold
  13. Always amazed at the ingenuity, of our forefathers
  14. The car may be a Morris Cowley, bullnose I am working on the year now intimeold