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  1. OH No, I cleaned up my typing a bit in my original post. if you just read over it quickly, possibly you construed that I ordered a Pace car. NO, NO I ordered an Anniversary Car. And my post was about GM stopping production of the Anniversary cars; to complete the Pace car run. I didn't want a Pace Car I wanted an Anniversary Car. I actually liked the color combination better on the Anniversary cars. Park a Pace car beside an Anniversary and many will agree with me. We Anniversary buyers, were put to the side; that is the content of the post. I haven't g
  2. zepher, I will look That was several computer failures ago; and lost the older stuff. Before we thought it was necessary to "back up"
  3. 1978 Corvette, Indy pace car This one was a surprise entry. 1978 marked the 25th year for the Chevrolet Corvette. So General Motors, a year in advance; announced that a Special Corvette would be made to commemorate the 25th year. Twenty fifth anniversary, is noted by Silver. So GM announced, sometime in 1977 that a Silver Anniversary edition would be avaliable in limited quantities. These were Silver and Charcoal ( a darker silver). I think the dealers were allotted maybe one each; or something like that. Don't kill me if that number isn't correct. So pro
  4. The Covid blues: Stuck at home and not too many places open So ------------------ Nothing better that taking a 2-stroke, for a ride. Just hearing that screaming engine; puts a smile on my face. I couldn't take my little doggie, on this ride; but I promised her a cookie for posing with the bike. intimeold
  5. intimeold

    Yamaha RZ-350

    C:\Users\Owner\OneDrive\Pictures\Camera imports\2020-09-10
  6. I am not a potential buyer, now; just adding a comment. I worked at a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership, when these were new. Great cars, not really any problems; fantastic driving experience. The 460 was a powerhouse. I'll attach a Wikipedia paragraph on engines: 😊 "The 460 cubic-inch V8 returned as the standard engine, becoming available from 1970 to 1977; from 1970 to 1972, the 460 remained exclusive to Lincoln. In an effort to increase fuel economy and comply with emissions standards, Lincoln added a 400 cubic-inch V8 for California for 1977, with t
  7. You have to love the, so called jack stands under the left front fender and front grill. And we were worried about Harbor-Freight stands.
  8. "My Headlights are brighter than your car's lights"
  9. Yes, Great advice. Plus - Don't rule out a weak ignition condenser, also. Sometimes, duplicates the same symptoms as a weak coil. intimeold
  10. As the prior posters have noted; don't think that your car is beyond restoration. Of course time and money, do play a huge part in bringing this car back to life. That car is very handsome when finished. intimeold
  11. MOM, I can't take my eyes off that dashboard!
  12. Caption from the on board mechanic, to the driver. Look at the mechanic's facial expression. I'm all ready to fire it up boss intimeold
  13. Interesting, I'm waiting for the answer also intimeold
  14. Oh my, just pay a mechanic/technician to look at the car; before you do some damage or hurt yourself
  15. Don't You just love it when the seller say's, "Should run easily" My list of selling, Catch phrases; is getting quie long. intimeold
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