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  1. The car may be a Morris Cowley, bullnose I am working on the year now intimeold
  2. “He who dies with the most toys wins.” has been attributed to Malcolm Forbes, intimeold
  3. American Austin , Around 1930, looking at the hood louvers intimeold
  4. I have read this post and I am confused about the strategy. I also know the Kaiser engine and transmission history. You have a really nice car; maybe I am missing something, I don't know. By putting any V-8 in a 1949 Kaiser; is certainly going to change the balance of the car. When I say balance, I am using a broad term. The Engine change would alter the car, and it would be a modified. In some shows it would have to be put in a modified class. The picture of the car, you referenced, in Hemmings; is a modified car. Not only has the engine been changed; but it surely looks more modern, by the way it sets. So probably, brakes, suspension, and other systems were altered. If you are looking to be classified as modified, sure do the change. Oh sure we have built street rods, and many other types of cars, for our own use and customers; but they ended up with a modified car. I guess, I saying your car is too nice to go through that. Then selling it, as a modified all the "original", buyers would be turned off. Maybe do a bit more research before; jumping off the edge. intimeold
  5. Wait! What is that guy doing at the left rear wheel area? "We have a leak here"!
  6. I suppose this ruling is why most of us try to do as much of our own auto/truck repair.
  7. I have had a few Crosley's, and they all had a Borg/Warner T-92 transmission. But I haven't seen all years, of Crosleys That transmission pictured, is not a T-92 intimeold
  8. Well, That may explain why your number doesn't show up in the usual Indian charts. I had a couple of Verticals, but all had the original ignition. And Yes, the original magneto was junk. I'll mark that number down in my files, thank you for posting and finding this information. Do you have a GT-40? The most beautiful car ever made!
  9. That I should be a 1 (one) The closest to your number, that I have is 1GW4053 That 1GW4053 was used on Indian 2 cylinder motorcycles; and probably other engines as well Some applications on Indian Chiefs 1945-1953. Was also used on 741's, 841's, and 30.50's; maybe more. Plenty of these distributors around Can't find your 1GW4055
  10. The tool design, is for all modern transmissions, not brand specific. What does matter is the size (diameter) of the seal. With one hand hold the tool and with the other hand "work", the seal onto the tool. The seal will stay on the tool; and compress the rubber sealing surface, just a little. Remember, there is a spring in the seal lip; so the tool exerts a little pressure on the rubber and spring, to protect the seal from the splines on the tail-shaft during Assembly
  11. Definitely a seal driver/installer From the second picture, you can see that this tool is made to go over a shaft, such as the transmission tail shaft. The new seal would be placed on the driver, then slide the tool and seal over the transmission tail shaft, and finally with one good solid hit on the driver with a hammer, the seal would be installed to the proper depth in the transmission. Easy intimeold
  12. Yes, 1953 Chevy, I even remember, that color on a car I had