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  1. Read the HEADER!!!! Here I copied and paste!! This car and parts are on hold. I can not get a hold of anybody.1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale. This belongs to my best friend that died in a plane crash that he bought at an auction and was flying it back home and he crashed. They called me to handle the Dodge car and parts. I have no control over his estate. Numbers are disconnected and I'm not in town to go to his house.
  3. This is what holds the windshield open.
  4. I do not think that the car engine was used. This is a totally different block. Would be my guess. Look at the side ribs. The car does not have that. Very little info on these engines like the Dodge Diesel from 1939.
  5. We have a customer with the same truck. It is a 35 1st series.
  6. Anyone here have a heavy Dodge truck with the 309 or 384 flathead 8? Made in 33-34. Also the air brake system. Would love to get info. Have a customer restoring one.
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    Ever see one of these?
  8. No, this is a local load. The overseas will be going to MD.
  9. just landed a contract with Tesla. 50k cars are being sent to the ports for overseas. Hauling a load Tuesday from Freemont CA to Tacoma WA.
  10. Is Vintage transport on here still hauling?
  11. I 95 in Virginia. A load of Teslas. Don't know what happened.
  12. Someone on this post was talking about Tesla owners being snobs. The Tesla cars that I have delivered treated me really well and tip well. Tesla is so far behind with the car logistics that they are reaching out for more carriers and talking about building their own fleet.
  14. Trains run on electric power. They have its own charging station. Diesel runs the generators, in turn, produces the electricity for the electric motors on the axle.
  15. They are working on one for the Indy. Big Daddy has a rail that does over 200 in a 1/4/ The car I rode in car blow the doors off a HellCat straight and cornering.
  16. Production is 1000 cars a day? l have been hauling the Tesla for 1 year and it's the same today as when I started a year ago. Average 90 day back orders. What other car line has the same?
  17. I haul Tesla cars out of Freemont. They are building on the factory. They are 3 months back order. Also, he has hired a bunch NASA engineers from Cape Canaveral area. Already relocated about 10 families to Bellvue WA area. These guys are in the 6 digits for pay. had the tour of the car plant and the plant that is building the rockets. The 2 factories are mind-blowing. Have a customer that is buying all the totaled Teslas that he can find. He converts them to gas cars. He gave me a ride in an 80s Datsun Z and when he stepped on it, I could not get out of the seat. Runs 9s in a 1/4 and gets about 600 miles before a charge.
  18. Where are you located? If I'm in the area, we can meet to have a cup of coffee and talk shop if you like. Dave
  19. You people were not directed at you. I have never hauled for as far as I know of, so I cannot comment about your company. When I go on Central Dispatch, It's amazing what is posted. Want the car to move fast, charge a good price. The brokers that we haul for are getting the money. What are these brokers doing different that has been in business for 20 plus years doing differently? A joke of a Freight Forwarder, UShip. Be careful with them. They do no background check. And stress will take a toll on your health. Please take care of yourself and hope things work out. I'm sure my day will be coming to the end as a driver. It's not a job for me, it's more of a hobby because I enjoy driving and meeting the different kinds of people in all the different walks of life. So with that said, I do not let the industry get to me. Take care of yourself. Dave, the country traveler.