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  1. Wanted Rear fenders for a Dodge or Ply truck. Big or small. Thank you
  2. Wanted Rear fenders for a 1933 to 1947 truck. Small or big truck. Thank you
  3. We worked on this car for 2 years. This car is beautiful.
  4. Transport is cheap at this time. Ship the car open. I have had million dollar cars on my truck. Never had a problem. Cars get damaged in closed transport also.
  5. Me and my son in Jesse Pitre's 35 Dodge pickup cruising in Detroit in 2014 for the Dodge 100 year celebration. Good times!!
  6. Me and my son with my Mustang in the background on my car hauler that I just bought. This was about 10 years ago.
  7. Me and my wife in the late 80s celebrating our 3rd full serve gas station purchase in New Hudson MI, The car is a Rolls that our commercial account had in his Limo Fleet.
  8. https://barnfinds.com/super-solid-project-1959-chevrolet-nomad/?fbclid=IwAR0h-4WNRHnmwaHiAiF8Y2GGlUFHPI0bOUx7cY2Me6lCTGb-bBQRGcSHiIo
  9. I would have located the cooler under the car with a fan for cooling with a temp gauge. along with the condenser. I have done this on street rods with cooling problems and limited space.. Your hampering the air flow for the radiator. Just a thought.
  10. A customer from Vancouver Canada and I was just talking about you. He is buying a 1936 Dodge cab, 2 of them to make a quad cab. He has 8 year old twins that he is going to do the same in about 5 years. Keep us posted and be save. Dave
  11. I don't have the '37 Parts book, can you look at group 22 in that for me? I thought you wanted to compare to the 37. Sorry. That's what I posted was to compare part numbers. I think what you have is a Ply car wheel because of the guide holes. Ill do some research. Dave
  12. Yes.Does this answer the question that you were looking for?
  13. The Chry and DeSoto with OD had e brake on the rear axle. Here is a picture of my 36 Desoto trans,
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