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  1. Just saw this post. The windshield is a push and pull? Rivets are wrong. The bumper is from a 35 Dodge car with the line in the center. I would guess that the doors have been converted. I have a suicide door that has been converted to a regular hung door. Interesting truck for sure.
  2. 39 is the 1st year for electrics. 38 is the last year for mechanical.
  3. Yes, he did want an old car. With an old car comes with a lot of work. You are always working on them. He is not a wrench. Most are not dependable. You have to worry about bad gas, overheating and handling. Old cars, for the most part, do not handle like modern cars. Ins is really touchy. He wanted an everyday driver He has been in more old cars than most people on the AACA. Here he is in my 65 Fuel car in 1980. also in the 62 Chev Clone car in 81. You can see him in the hat steering the car. In my 57 TBird in 89 at the drags. So! he does have the bug.
  4. Just for kicks. Tesla and Hellcat in a 1/4 Mile.
  5. These trucks are used to haul cross country. No electric truck is made to perform that task. Electric trucks would be local only. A company just spent 95 million on a fleet of electric trucks in San Diego
  6. Yes, it is common to have cars transported over 2000 miles. 50K plus car haulers do this on a regular basis including myself. Been doing this off and on since the 60s. Not much of a problem getting drivers. They can make in the 6 figures. Not any shortage of drivers, the shortage is the big companies willing to pay.
  7. Thanks for all your response. Great cars. I talked him into buying a 2020 Corvette. After leasing a 2019 Corvette, I was totally impressed with the drivability and engineering of the car. I have owned or driven over 200 classics in my time and the 2019 Corvette beats them all hands down. Plus I have owned Corvettes from 62 fuel, 65 fuel, 67 427 and the 94 ZR1. The 94 was the most impressive until I drove the 94. He may wait till 2021 comes out giving time to work the bugs out of the car being a major design change being a mid-engine.
  8. Dodge City worked on this low mileage barn find and was recently sold to Jay Leno. He came to Sonora CA to check the car personally. It was recently shown on his show at the 10.22 mark
  9. Been hauling for 2 years now. No money issues. GM is another story. No one pays in advance. Most of those trucks are long distance car haulers that Tesla bought. They approached me to be a driver. They offer a very good package. I'm very happy where I'm at.
  10. If you read the content, Says Canada and Chicago. More than 500 miles. They would be used for local deliveries from terminals.
  11. These trucks are used to haul cross country. No electric truck is made to perform that task. Electric trucks would be local only. A company just spent 95 mill on a fleet of electric trucks in San Diego
  12. We just pulled a load out of Tesla. Load going to Chicago. A lot of loads going north to Canada. 40 plus trucks loading and Tesla bought a fleet of car haulers. The trucks cost an average 250K. They are still adding on to the factory.
  13. I do have them. I'll be in the shop in April. I'm still on the road.
  15. Jack How do you change the header? I would really love to leave the ad up for reference only. I do not know the tricks of this forum anymore since I have been away. I can delete it. I figured that much. Thanks Dave
  16. I leave ads up mostly for reference. You would be surprised of the number of people that ask for pictures. I would put sold and back then you could not delete a post. Plus we have about a thousand ads posted. Been back driving a car hauler since Aug of last year. I have only been home for maybe 4 weeks since last Aug so my involvement with DCV is very limited. Its to bad about this Dodge ad. Lot of cool parts. Some of those parts are mine. Probably about 5k worth of parts. He was restoring them or using them as a mold to make parts. That was his intentions on reproducing parts. A BIG LOSE when he died. Thanks for chiming in Jack Dave
  17. Another one that does not read the header. What was I to do since these were not my parts and I can not get in contact with the widow? I guess you have never dealt with the death of a spouse. Email, text go unanswered and the phone is disconnected. As far as I know, the parts may still be there or they were scrapped. I am not going to pursue the matter anymore because of my job being on the road hauling cars and the attitude of the general public for being in retail. I see why these people that did Mopar parts die off. Have a good day Dave