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  1. Very few are around compared to years ago. Like drag strips. Only a few survived the chopping block.
  2. I was prepping GM cars at a Chev Dealer in Detroit in 67. A brand new 67 Tri Power Coupe with Side pipes fell off the truck. They fixed it, (my dad was the repair guy) and sold the car like it was new. No damage. If that car is still around, it was a blue with blue int, 435 hp. Side pipes and bolt-on wheels. It was the 1st Vette that I ever drove. I drove it around the block to empress this girl that I had a crush on LOL. I was 15. That car has d.s. panels replaced. This could be the car.
  3. I was hauling new Blazers from Ohio to Long Island NY. My head rack car just tapped a rivet under the George Washington Bridge. Bridge connects NJ to NY. Made that trip hundreds of times. It put a 2in long dent that was 1/16th deep. GM totaled the Blazier. I tried to buy the car and they said it had to go to the auction with a salvage title. My car hauler.
  4. It's photoshop. Leaving a drive-in theater and forgot to put the speakers back on the stand. Young people would not know what we're talking about. So you must be young. LOL
  5. I did in 1968 with my moms 59 Chev wagon. I was at the drive-in during winter and I forgot the heater that was in the back window. Later on, in years, they added heaters so they could stay open year round. Grand River Drive in Farmington MI.
  6. Hello Bonnie and sorry for your challenges. I have been back on the road for almost a year now after being retired for 8 years. Lot has changed. Paper logs to electronic logs. Can't stretch that line anymore. Setting here in my Motel room in West Palm Beach FL doing my 34-hour restart. Couple things on your remarks about DOT. Not always the case with, out of service. Sometimes we are put out of service when you have a flat tire while going down the road and the DOt is there next to you. Just one example. Lite burns out. Had a headlight go out while passing through a weight station. We are parked 10 plus hours after being on duty for 14 hours. So you're saying that cars are unsafe while being parked for 11 hours if put out of service for 11 hours. If we're put out of service for driving hours, it's only 10 hours if your 70 or 80 hours is not used up. Out of service for mechanical could be for 1 minute to a longer period of time. As soon as you get the problem fixed and recheck, your up and running. Now for the broker problem. Most brokers are putting unrealistic timetables and cost to the customer. You people will put 5 to 7 days from CA to FL. BIG LIE!1! You people will quote a low price and the customer goes for it, the car will sit. Called cheap freight. You people will say, door to door service. That is the biggest lie in this industry. With a 1-2 car hauler yes, but not a 9-10 car hauler. A lot of brokers have gone out of business since I have been gone. But the good ones that I have used before I retired are still in business. We have 3 2018 trucks with a 4th one on order. 900,000 for 3 trucks. 100.000 a year in insurance. Average fuel cost per run is 6000.00. That is from FL to WA and back. Average pay per driver, 120 to 140K As you can see, not cheap being in this business. I would never be an owner-operator again. Some pictures of loads from the past to present.
  7. Have a friend with a 57. I have been working on this car for 2 years. 50k miles, 392 Hemi, rebuilt trans with all new brakes.
  8. Explain in more detail what you are looking for. Biggest is the budget. Been doing this for 50 plus years. Get the person background etc.
  9. Sold for 450K
  11. I have a 38 Chry with a flatty 8 od that still in the car.
  12. I think 33 is different from the 34.
  13. After taking 8 years off to help a widows friend that had passed, with their business, I'm back at it. He owned Dodge City Vintage. I sold my trucks thinking that I would never drive an 18 wheeler again, just the one, two car with a one ton dually. After being away for 8 years, this industry and job have really changed. Brokers are worse, traffic is worse in all the main cities, people are ruder on the highway etc. And the biggest change is the electronic logbooks. Stay away from the search engines and brokers if all possible. There are good brokers out there. If you need one if you can not get your vehicle moved, call me and ill give you info on good brokers to deal with. I'm running mainly between FL and WA state. here are some of the loads so far. He had me in a 2017 Western star until his 2018 Peterbilt came in with a 13-speed automatic. I will never drive a stick shift 18 wheeler again after driving the automatic. The Pet is the white truck.
  14. Loading in the week of May 7th. 2018 Peterbilt with 50 years hauling cars. Southwest to the Southeast. Call 209-613-1199 Thanks Dave
  15. Get a longer hose. I have a 300 ft hose to do the job.
  16. I get automatic alerts when a post is made. I do not respond becouse I do not have the good enough words to print on your work. Dave
  17. Give me a call @ 209-613 1199, I can do the job on my truck. Be in the area at the end of the month. I'm currently in Spokane WA delivering cars and will be in Seattle Friday to deliver and reload for FL. Thanks Dave