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  1. I have shipped a car to Australia from Canada and I have shipped a car from Australia to Canada. I even loaded up with extra parts both ways. It is seamless and easy if you have your paperwork in order. You just have to be patient as the ship(s) hits a few ports along the way. I use containers for offshore moves. The only issues are temperature and humidity fluctuations and can cause some mildew on the headliner. It is an easy fix though with common cleaners. I shipped to and from Port of Vancouver BC. The only other thing to make sure of is to have insurance coverage on it prior to leaving its home port. I have not suffered any damage to date. It is just as easy to ship cars and parts from Canada to the USA and from the USA to Canada. Either doing the haul your self or using a common carrier to get it to the designate border to pick it up from. For bringing cars up from the US I ship to the nearest border crossing and go down with my car trailer. For Canada to the US or other foreign Port I use an International shipping company. They stuff the container for an offshore destination. For a land based destination I use a common hauler. I just shipped a 1946 Dodge 1/2 ton from Vancouver to France. And that is a painless process as well using an international shipper. I have shipped many cars to the US and brought many cars up from the US to CDN.
  2. For Dodge, Fargo and Plymouth trucks 1939 - 1947. Those are called cowl lights and acted more like park lights then signal lights. No cowl lights in 39 & 40. For 39-40 headlights on fenders were inset on fenders and had small park lights on headlight bucket. Headlights went to center of fender and cowl lights added starting 1941 through to 1947. That is a really nice green Plymouth truck and the tailgate for sure is the best part. One screw on the back of the cowl light gets everything inside. the cowl light bucket is bolted to the inside of the cowl. So the lenses and bulbs and ring are easy to disassemble. In the original photo above it just looks like the lense and bulb are missing and probably got broken.
  3. Fair enough....... Have a great day and all the best in the New Year...!
  4. So who is offering to help sell it? I just offered some comment to anyone looking at it. What are you bored and just need to say something?
  5. Nice truck. And they were a low number build. With the VIN you can do a search and it is possible to get the build card. The nose piece is similar to a Fargo which were the same from 39-47. The stainless strips on the grill bars are the same for Fargo. All the parts one would need for a restoration are available from any supplier of 39-47 Dodge truck parts. Except the hood badges and the vertical stainless strip down the center of the grill. In saying that I would almost bet that vertical piece is the same as a Fargo just the badge is different. There have been a few Plymouth trucks for sale up this way. Probably the rarest piece with your truck and almost impossible to find is that original tailgate. That was the first thing to get tossed or placed in the barn or garage that never saw daylight again. So for that price it is fair and a good candidate for restoration. By the way track down Eric Bannerman on here. He can probably give you some good intel from the VIN. Also I highly recommend his book. Good Luck
  6. Now that is what I call a shop...! Very nice......
  7. Very nice shop and signage and advertising stuff. It should look great when you finish. But it looks good now too. And you can always put an addition on to add few extra bays.........
  8. Scott, That is a nice sign. This one on the back of my wall is similar to yours and is a real one and pretty well mint.
  9. Thanks it took a few years to pick them up. I don't really need to sell any signs to build a shop though. I just need to consolidate to one location. Here are a few of my shops and they are currently a bit crowded as well. The first is basically for a few cars at home, the second (offsite) older shop is jammed with trucks and signs. The last one (the new shop) with the Kubota and my ranch trucks a 68 GMC and 67 Ford is where everything is going to end up one day. The tractor and work trucks and other overflow vehicles will go into other shop(s). This one I will set up as my main auto shop with hoist etc. and lots of signs on inside walls and then create a sort of old time gas station outside. Well at least that is Plan A which is always subject to change. There are some really nice shops that have been built by members and posted on here that are absolutely beautiful. I love seeing those photos and hope to create something as unique. These things take time................
  10. Any signs relating to Automobile Dealers and Gas Stations are fair game. The market for good vintage porcelain signs and neon porcelain and gas station advertising is healthy and alive. I am only interested in "real" signs with an identifiable mark of where and when they were made. The Dodge Desoto Dodge Truck sign for instance was made by several different companies back in the day. I have been collecting signs for a long time and try to collect signs that relate to some of my vehicle or old gas station memories. I also have a passion for "marine" related oil and gas items like square oil cans and porcelain signs and some o/b motors. This room is what I call the "overflow" room and is a small part of the inventory. One day when I shift down to a lower gear I will hang them in the shop / show room / old gas station setting that is on the drawing board. This same sort of semi controlled addiction has applied to cars and trucks and all the related accessories for them. But I have been purging a few vehicles lately. Such as a 42 Dodge pickup just sent to France, 46 Dodge 1 ton locally , 35 Dodge coupe locally, 35 Dodge slant back locally, 70 El Camino SS 454 LS6 M22 #'s match CDN GM Docs locally and I have a few others looking for a home.... Currently doing a full frame off restoration of a very rare civilian model 1942 Dodge Suburban with barn doors and also doing a frame on restoration of a 1935 DB KC 2nd series pickup that was special ordered by the IRS in Fargo ND in October 1935 with a few "extra options". Happy New Year to everyone...! Onward and upward and pedal to the metal throughout 2020.
  11. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers KC 2nd series engine, 218 cid, full water jacket, 23" head. Will take complete engine or just block. Great if it is in the PNW. thanks,
  12. Rebuild or replace an engine in my 35 Dodge KC!
  13. Sounds good let me know if you have one. thanks,
  14. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers 2nd series KC Engine, 218 cid, full water jacket, 23" head. Either complete engine or just the block. Great if it is in the PNW. thanks,
  15. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers Engine, full water jacket, 218 cid, 23" head. Either complete engine or just the block. Great is you are in PNW. Thanks