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  1. Hey Alan, Thanks for your comments. I will check all those things out. How do I contact Eric?
  2. Thanks for your comments. Got all that. I believe it is a 201.3. Most likely engine built in 1941. Apparently the truck was built December 41 / January 42 as the civilian production stopped February 22, 1942. I have factory photos of the production line where you can see subtle changes after the war effort took over and the production of them became command vehicles. I had hoped to extract something from the Body Tag but from what I can gather it is just a number with no decode.
  3. Looking for assistance to decode some numbers. Just started a full frame off restoration. No VIN plate (RH door pillar) and no identifiable numbers on frame ( LF frame) 1942 Dodge Carryall Suburban ( I am assuming Detroit built) This is one of the few that made it to civilian use. It has stock roll up windows in back, RH spare wheel mount and body depression behind RH door and barn doors back. Looking for some assistance in decoding some numbers. On this vehicle the VIN plate on the RH pillar was removed by previous owner ( pre 1960 apparently). Also there appears to have been previous damage to LF frame and serial number on frame is not legible. (damage apparently also pre 1960) What I do have is: Body Tag number: 4149584 ( I did attempt to decode this from but no luck as info came up as 1936 I guess based on thinking it was a VIN ) Engine serial number: T112915511164 C (which I have been unable to decode) Frame VIN / Serial number: is there any other possible place that this could be stamped on frame or body other than LF of frame and body tag. Any intel on decoding this truck to date of build or location of additional serial number would be hugely appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Thanks for comments. Not currently for sale. What manufacture / production year do you believe these signs are. thanks,
  5. Can anyone offer an opinion on the value of these signs. Trying to establish some current values. - 42" Dodge Plymouth - Same condition both sides. - Plymouth Chrysler Motors Product - 29 1/2" long and 21 1/2" across top wide. Same condition both sides. - Dodge Brothers 40" x 18" same condition both sides. - Dodge Brothers cut down to 37" x 18" - same condition both sides. Was mounted evenly in a frame when I got it. Don't know why someone did that and can only assume they salvaged a damaged sign. Thanks,
  6. Can anyone provide a photo of a 1934 Dodge or Chrysler Jack. thanks,
  7. Good point. That is something that I did not previously compare to. In your opinion what would you say a fair price would be on the skirts above I posted. thanks,
  8. Thanks Keiser. The emblem is different on these from the Chrysler though. But the year range I think is correct.
  9. Can someone assist with identification of these skirts. I am thinking they may be 1937 - 1938 Desoto. Also in the shape they are in what would be a fair price for them. Assistance appreciated. Thanks,