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  1. My boss at EDS was being placed in the crypts for cremated remains that day just across from the Pentagon. The plane that hit the Pentagon almost scraped the top of the trees to our right as it went by during Ray's service. The resulting explosion and back blast, made a lot of the summer dresses hard to hold down. Several folks are alive today because they were at Rays service and not at their desk in the Pentagon. I did not take this picture, a neighbor of Rays did on the way out. We could only leave through the Post.
  2. 36 and 37 are pretty much the same a central lever that engages both rails at once via two stiff rods and catches/ratchets. 38 the controlling lever is at the side of the drivers seat and uses a long rod with gears to keep the seat moving evenly. I've not saved any 39 parts in the seat area. I suspect bolt pattern is the same for connecting rails to the floor. Not sure what the 39 system looks like.
  3. Have a good floor pan, few minor rust points in driver rear. Or is your problem the removable kick plate that the gas pedal attaches to? this came from a 37, should be the same as a 38. Have a trunk lid for 38 coupe and front bumper.
  4. Sold a couple years ago to a fella in Tenn
  5. Keiser is right, can count on one hand when he wasn't. I still have the hood. I have a grill shell and The radiator. Also the hand crank. Also removal middle floor plate. Also 5 or 6 of the rims, fixed spokes. For sale a complete hood for a 1932 Chrysler 4 dr CI serial number of car 65633xx, minor surface rust one minor dent and one minor bent vane. Have pics of all the above. Harold
  6. I sent you a message. I have a ton of material for 37. Check out the serial number and make sure its not a 38. I also have the wiring diagram which is a great help. I'm rewiring the 37 in the driveway 4 Door and I had it enlarged so I can read it 3 ft away. I have the service manual for 36 to 42 in a pdf 122 pages. Your running boards look repairable. Glad to help. Harold
  7. Man Cave items? Both for 5.00 and the ride. Threads are perfect on back. Borrowing verbiage from those folks helping to identify. The hubcaps are 1934- 1941(?)stainless steel 1.5 ton truck caps. Harold
  8. All three for 10.00 and the ride. Some pitting and a coat of black paint. The 8 1/2 socket/handle is marked Blackhawk 4021 small 2. socket is about 3/4 ". The off set one is 12 1/2 and marked 2336 at the 1" spanner end, socket is about 1/2 ". The speed socket is marked Blackhawk 9/16, 6118. Borrowing verbiage from those folks helping to identify. "The "Internet Archive" has "Blackhawk" tool catalogs for different years: https://archive.org/details/1931blackhawk/page/n11/mode/2up 1931 catalog has: #4021 is a Ford Model A - connecting rod wrench. #
  9. Thank You Gentlemen, the talent and knowledge here is amazing. I like a lot of others are cleaning out boxes, cataloging and getting ready for fall. Last year I didn't get out much (hunting) due to an injury. The dog has acted like a sore loser since. A number of items (auto) have went to other folks for Man Caves, but that beats my wife chucking them, when I'm gone. To my credit a lot of other items went to museums (WWI /WWII) and University (VietNam items). My point get things where they need to go, before the trash can. Harold
  10. Thank you gentlemen.
  11. By chance any relationship to these? There are fine threads on the inside to thread onto the axle.
  12. These tools came from my grandfathers wooden work chest. He never owned a car . The 8 1/2 socket/handle is marked Blackhawk 4021 small 2. socket is about 3/4 ". The off set one is 12 1/2 and marked 2336 at the 1" spanner end, socket is about 1/2 ". The speed socket is marked Blackhawk 9/16, 6118. Thanks Harold
  13. 37s were built several places and and come in two variants. Serial numbers are the key. If the knobs on the dash are recessed (safety knobs) its a late 37. But you will still need the serial number to get the correct part number for a number of parts. I have the complete book of part numbers for Mopar US and canada. (1937) More than happy to help you. They used up the 36 parts and did a mid year change. Some assembly plants used parts up quicker than others.
  14. Couple post for your Thursday, request, my friday reply . I've parted out several 37 plymouths and parts are available. Just need to be identified. Part numbers/pics are where its at.
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