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  1. SOLD Sold/delivered to the nice young man above. The future of our hobby/obsession needs more of this generation. Harold
  2. NOS Dodge Brothers radiator emblem. Not repop. Never installed, minor surface rust on rear and minor blemish on "B". 150 dollars and the ride. 2 1/4 Dia. More Pics on request. Harold PM or e-mail
  3. For sale NOS DB emblem for radiator.$ 150 .00 and the ride. 2 1/4 dia. minor surface rust on rear. More pics on request. Not a repop. Harold PM or e-mail
  4. Could use a new home. Harold
  5. Except for the "B" this is what it should look like I believe. Harold
  6. Here is a news story from the Elkhart truth . Pics Out of order but you get the drift. Three of my uncles worked at Elcar when the lived on Crawford street according to the city directory of the time. 2 minute walk to work. Harold
  7. This part is off, somewhere from in the interior of a 37 Plymouth. For the life of me I cant remember where. And it doesn't appear in any photos I have taken, as I take things apart and put back together. Harold
  8. Yes still have it. I need to refresh a lot of items. How quick do you need it. I have a trip scheduled that way in the late spring? Harold
  9. I'm with Keiser31 and he is a man of his word. Harold
  10. Pair 1939 Ford Deluxe Head lite lens and rings, one lens has a small chip on raised rim on inside. Lens has 91A at bottom and a 4 below that. Are Twolite Headlamp. Chrome ring no dents or scratches. Not repop 70 dollars and the ride. PM or e-mail Harold
  11. For Sale OEM MOPAR headlights in org boxes as shipped. Part number PC 914288 LH ($400.00) and PC 599690 ($350.00) . PC 914288 is complete with all wires, bulbs, lens,reflector/hardware, trim ring and mounting bolt. color black. No dents rust, but minor shelf wear. Lens is a Corcoran Brown with 93 on lower front and 3644 on back. Bucket is 7 3/4 across and 9 inches tall with out lens. There was a 3A on reflector. No MFG date. I see nothing that will make it a Left Hand. But it a vertical mount. PC 599690 is primed complete with all wires, reflector/hardware, bulbs and mounting bolt. Vertical mount. No Trim ring. org Lens was broken, I will provide a new one (3644) and a trim ring from a rusted out 37 bucket. Reflector has a 2A and a Mfg date of May 20 1941. The bottom piece is rivet on vice spot weld. I suspect truck usage. Otherwise they are duplicates of each other in size and shape. Plus the ride. PM or email. Harold
  12. one-shot


    You will notice that the ears on the block in this photo are broken. They are meant to be anchored by that indexing stud to preclude movement and kept at the right angle. Harold