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  1. Are they riveted (OEM) or bonded/no rivets? Looked bonded.
  2. Can you provide a Pic. I thought till 39 they were the chrome/black handle from the floor with the release button on top.
  3. Darn I had it packed looking for your address. Just kidding. Thanks
  4. I think it makes a difference, early or late (Knob). Sounds like your looking for a late one. Let me know Harold
  5. Making slow progress cleaning out the misc parts. Here is a B&B carb made for the Chrysler corp. Has a "2" on the flange and a Dia of 1.5. Someone has robbed it of most parts, but has no cracks I see. Free to a good home, or any home for that matter. For the ride.
  6. antique plates Virginia 1937 pair 150.00. and the ride. If you are going to have them restored. I have another pair for 120.00 that has minor paint gone on one plate.
  7. This is the seat adjustment he was speaking to. Also missing the rail system.
  8. I stopped by to deliver some parts I had for the 31. At present does not have an original drivetrain. The rims he has are adjustable. It also has a rumble seat w/original cushion/seat. Blue is my favorite color.
  9. Yes still have floor plate. Its from a CM6. Can you run the serial number for me. 65633xx.If the floor plate is not in Garage, Ill get a picture this week end. I haven't been back to the old cars for a while, seat adjuster may be there. I know the seat frames/springs are. I Still have the rims, radiator and crank. Harold
  10. This new factory was a stones throw, maybe two from the Dobins plant where Elcars were assembled at the corner of Michigan street and Beardsley, Adams Westlake was on Michigan st. and I think they still sell the reproduced lamps from the original tooling. Had an Uncle work for Adams and Westlake and two for Elcar. They lived right around the corner on Crawford St
  11. Very straight Front bumper with brackets and License plate holder. Bumper will polish right up. Some minor surface rust on each bumper guard. License Plate holder, needs work. But parts are there. Looks to me to be the same as 37. I heard 38 has two types. Came off of a business coupe. 250.00 and the ride.
  12. I think this is what you need, Didn't I send you an instrument cluster before? Anyway let me know. Harold
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