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  1. The hole is where the rod went through to control the louvers. Much like the 31/32 Chrysler six.
  2. For sale deck lid from a 38 Plymouth Cpe. Fits 37 also I believe. Rust through at the bottom. Additional pics on request. 400 dollars and the ride. I prefer local pickup. PM or email
  3. Thinning the herd. They need a new home. Sell them. Just today put a for sale in the Mopar section. Located in Warrenton Va
  4. I believe these are 37/38 dodge. please note the three gripper slots. they are 4 1/2 by 5 and 16” wheels with clips. Addition pics and measurements on request. 300 dollars for all 6. Budd number Budd 38242E PM or email
  5. I have two matching rims. Have been identified as 34. 100 dollars for the two. Ride extra. 4 1/2 by 5 16 inch. More photos, measurement just ask. PM or email
  6. Thank You Thats neat, who would have thunk. Learned something today.
  7. Feel free to make me smart about gripper strips.
  8. Thank you I have no idea where I got them. Too many moves and too much time. I will give a good look Monday. I gathered rims of the artillery design for my cpe. These are excess to my needs as I now have (5) 36 rims.
  9. Thanks Cleaning up and making space.
  10. What year are these and what do they fit? I have 6 of these and clips are good. Budd 38242E
  11. I have two of these. No indexing hole.4 1/2 x5. Not 36 plymouth
  12. There were several pieces of wood with door hardware and maybe part of a fender. Ill look in the junk treasure box to see what all I picked up.
  13. Its on the road. Kenny drove it to my place in Gloucester Va. where I've been moving my stuff, to pick up some rims and Misc parts.
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