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  1. Hello Could you calculate a postal cost to NJ08648 Please? Thanks:Aron
  2. Hello How much costs to post it NJ 08648 ? Thanks:Aron
  3. Hello Is the car still for sale? Do you have a clear title for it? Thanks for the answer
  4. Chrysler 65 1929, Wartburg 353 kombi 1975, Barkas 1988. Greetings from Hungary!
  5. Thanks for the link! At least I see how it is look like. The prices are way to much for me, I can cast this 3 parts from bronze about 15$. All I need to make a wooden sample that fits and then they can sand molded.
  6. Hi I have a Chrysler 65, 1929 and like to do the same repair at this winter time. My adjusters (ignition, throttle, lamp switch) are made from pot alloy and they are all broken. I bought a Chrysler 77 manual on ebay, later I made photos of the steering gear. Maybe it will help.
  7. Thanks for the ideas. Yes it is looks like a Model B Ford as I see on the photos on internet but without the fuel ratio adjusting screw. But all of them has a Zenith sign on the house.
  8. Please if somebody knows what car this carb was used please let me know. No sign, no mark nothing. Only a Z and A letter near the broken inlet tube.Material cast iron. Inlet diameter at air filter 48mm, inlet at manifold 33mm. As soon as I will now it will be for sale.
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