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  1. Always wanted to try a set of these. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the rubber boots, really excellent. I would say the kit is great quality.
  2. 1934 Dodge Dr 6 Wheel Convertible Coupe - The Phantom This car has been cared for by four generations and, as a result, runs like a champ. . With only little more than 1,200 ever being produced by Dodge, it is truly one of the rarest early models of Dodge extant. The Phantom is powered by a 218 cu in. 3.6 liter Straight Six producing around 160 ft lbs 87 hp. One of the more interesting features of this model is that all the window frame hardware can be cranked down into the body and the windshield folded forward, leaving a completely flush, uninterrupted steel torpedo of a body. There is a full rumble seat in the rear.
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