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  1. Some are size 8, some are size 10, I found three different thread counts 24,32, and the course thread was either 12 or 15. These are all from the inside of cab including door panels, kick panels, head liner, dash, windshield frame (two piece)
  2. Thanks for all the information. Fastenal only had half the stuff I wanted so I made a order with McMaster and the had all the odd ball screws that I needed
  3. I'm having a real difficult time finding any vendor who can supply me with the correct size and thread count bolts and screws. Does anyone know of any company who might specialize in hard to find machine screws and such?
  4. Cool! I will call you in a few weeks. Thanks
  5. Now that all the mechanical work is finished on my 37, I have turned my attention to the interior. I just finished the seat and got it back from the upholstery shop and it looks great. Totally forgot that I am missing a rear window garnish molding so if anyone has one in decent condition I would be interested in purchasing it for my project.Thanks, Frank.
  6. Alan, thanks for the picture! I figured that it had a molding, just needed to make sure. Now the search begins for that garnish molding. Thanks again!!
  7. Does the inside rear window have any trim or garnish molding? My 37 1.5 ton truck has nothing but the window, no trim. Maybe someone could please post a picture of their window so I can see what the finished product is supposed to look like. Thanks
  8. Now that I have a few mils on my 37 ME-31 I noticed my speedometer is reading much slower than I am going. Any suggestions?
  9. Practice is right, double clutching works but you need to be on the money with the R.P.M. and the timing for the lower gear.
  10. My 37 ME-31 has a freshly rebuilt 228 flathead and I would like to know how to adjust the timing. Also, where does it need to be set at? 4 degrees advanced? The machine shop had it running really good on the stand, but it now seams like the timing might be off. Do I hook up the timing light like any other vehicle? Its original six volt positive ground
  11. is there a way to downshift my 1937 four speed transmission?
  12. 37 ME-31 1.5 ton, yeah it is the metal slanted part of the floorboard. Same thing on left side.
  13. After three years of putting my 37 together I was hoping to take it down the driveway for its maiden voyage until I found this new problem. Does anyone have any spare linkage parts to help me out? This piece clamps onto the brass rod from the carb. Thanks, Frank
  14. I'm putting together my 37 ME-31, the frame has been painted and so has the motor and bell housing. My question is, do I need to install a ground strap from the frame to the engine block? There wasn't one on it when I dissembled it.
  15. passenger side floorboard, I don't know what these holes are for. what bolts to these mounting holes? Pictures show inside cab and the engine compartment side of floorboard