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  2. Yep, they all sweat unless in a heated garage.
  3. Bob, That sprocket must have "Type 45" stamped on it to be correct. Look at the location of the arrow in the photo I posted earlier in this thread.....basically on the machined center portion between the bolt holes. Scott
  4. Make me sorry I let my AACA membership lapse. Only part I desperately need is a crankcase casting for my Staver. Teetor Hartley 4 Cyl, any out there gathering dust ? It's probably a bit beyond the scope of this offer anyway. Greg
  5. It's a toss-up. Grade 8 are less likely to break, but when they do they are harder to cut or drill out. Use anti-seize, but even that degrades with use and time.
  6. Does anybody have any idea what this little plate would signify? It's in the floor just in front of the driver seat and held in with nails.
  7. Have traced our Dodge back to 1973 but that's as far as I've gotten so far. It was owned, 1973, by Wes Thompson of Blenheim and it's because of him that it had been so well cared for, wish I could thank him for that. Eventually, it ended up at a RM Sotheby's auction in 15-16 September of 2007. Funny thing is that the fake "Ohio 1934" plastic plate on the front was what ended up helping me trace the vehicle.
  8. The shims slide onto the tip in the fourth picture. This end then slides into the centering hole in the third picture. You want to use the shims to space the drum out enough so it doesn't hit the rotating magnets. I added shims (after I collected them off the floor) until I had enough clearance, then I installed the drum and tightened the adjuster. I turned the speedo with my drill and loosened the adjuster just enough so the drum would turn freely and the return to the zero position correctly, as seen in the video. On the left is a shim I made. On the right factory ones. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the spacing right, but it's not too difficult.
  9. Actually I drove this home. 180 miles without a hitch. 1953 GMC Series 450 American Fire Engine.
  10. That's great to see. I think that my car has one of the few that are still virtually perfect, but so many are bad. I heard of someone doing tips a while ago, and I inquired about them, but it seemed to die out, so I don't know if it was on the level or not. Keith
  11. Sweet Biscuits! Hope I can find them on E bay when they arrive! Looks like it's time for me to buy myself a Christmas Present!
  12. This is good info for anyone with these, as I have had to have mine worked on in the past. Thanks. Keith
  13. Not sure if this instruction has been said for getting the Distributor to drop into place: ( 2 persons & plugs out.) "Push the distributor down by hand while cranking the engine, when the two shafts are aligned, the distributer will drop into place."
  14. That is GREAT! What process does one use to adjust the tension in order to calibrate the speedometer? And I can't see the picture with the jam nut
  15. Did you contact Restoration Supply in California? They have a great selection of Lino.
  16. 66" circumference Rim width 3 & 15/16" Diameter 23" Inside diameter middle rim 12" Thank you!
  17. Thanks Joe, I'll try 'UK Contract Flooring' for the lino Yes, I'm pleased with how the fillets in the bows went. I glued the last fillet on the front bow this morning. This one I have made 'flat' as it is across the top of the windshield.
  18. 1953 GMC Series 450 American Fire Engine.
  19. We went to a local car club meeting last night, it had been a nice, though cool and dry day, so I decided to take the '41. Couldn't believe that I was the only person to drive their old car there. No pictures, so you guys (perhaps girls too) will have to trust me! Total of 21 miles smooth driving miles. Keith
  20. Thanks for the replies. The car was in long term storage so I never drove it when the riser was working. It was stuck closed so I removed it. I agree it's there for a reason. I still wonder why the car never gets over 170, the thermostat is a new 180 and replaced another new 180. Granted the outside temp hasn't been over 70-75 so far. Just wondered if other similar cars were the same. I was thinking it was better for it to run a little warmer. But there's 6 gallons of coolant and maybe a hot day will test it. Prior owner changed the choke to manual, starts OK. Not sure about the water heated carb unless you mean the manifold, I think there's water passages in it. Joe
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