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  1. Not an entirely correct car but since it presents well, who'd know at your local show?
  2. Having owned a few Ramblers, Nashes and Hashes, I'd say $4500 was bit low and ten grand is a bit high. Six, maybe seven grand feels better. The trailer hitch pin is an interesting fix for the lower tail gate hinge...
  3. I had a 55 Ambassador, not quite as over designed but close. A very comfortable car that was capable of today's highways speeds, even with the six in it. This car would benefit from a good bath and better pictures in some sunlight. I'd say two grand, tops.
  4. Like the 72 Comet I had many moons ago, this one appears to be rotting from the inside out. Still, I think it would make someone a nice driver with some work. The playboy sticker on the dash speaks volumes.
  5. The bolts referred to are those that are part of the landau irons. They're unique to the Darrin and are machined, then plated, steel.
  6. My father had a 60 Dodge Pioneer wagon. He'd park it at night and the next morning there would be a fresh rust bubble. It literally rotted before our very eyes. Apparently, they all did the same thing.
  7. I own a Darrin and while it won't win many drag races, it's perfectly capable of keeping up with most highway traffic. But, with a car like this, it's not meant to be driven at that speed...rather, it's more of a boulevard cruiser meant to make a statement when you pull up to your destination. There's a weekly cruise in near me that holds a Corvette night. I attend with my Darrin, waiting until the place is about half full to arrive and when I do, I am absolutely making a statement.
  8. The original wasn't chrome plated. They were painted black.
  9. The unit pictured with the bag is the correct one for a Darrin. That said, a very close match is available for concurrent Ford and Chevy cars for fifteen bucks. So, I'll go twenty five for this one.
  10. The long yellow piece is a door latch cover. The smaller yellow item doesn't fit a Darrin. The rod with the square end appears to be part of the throttle mechanism. The other rods are too short to be for the Darrin shifting mechanism.
  11. Clean it up and take it to your local cruise and park in the sea of Corvettes, Mustangs and Camaros and watch as folks walk by the flashy stuff to check out your car. Sure wish it were closer.
  12. Looks similar to the unit used by Kaiser-Frazer on their 49-51 convertibles.
  13. The supercharger itself, a VS57 unit, is the same as was used on the 54-55 Kaiser Manhattan. The idler is as well. The mount bracket and airbox for the carburetor are specific to the Darrin and are custom made since none were fitted to production cars sold to the public. Be aware that the supercharger puts a lot of stress on the front main bearing.
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