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  1. Many years ago I wanted a Lincoln and a friend's father offered up two from his collection - a 67 in mint green or a 68 in a darker shade of green. I opted for the 67 because it was all around the better car for the astronomical asking price of $800. Everything worked, including the pump driven wipers that I could set to run at a crawl. The car was indestructible and passed everything on the road but a gas station. I think I put something like 50,000 miles on that car and did nothing to it but regular maintenance. With the top down, it was quite the summer cruiser. But, with a growing family a
  2. Price is $6900 and the car is located in NJ.
  3. This is a DeLuxe two door sedan. The 'Custom' probably comes from the wood door panels and vinyl seat covers. The car would have originally had fabric covered door panels and seats. Looks like someone's attempt at a low budget fix. Too bad, because 51 two door Kaisers are not common, even more so with the desirable overdrive transmission. I'd say somewhere closer to five grand would make this a good buy and leave room in the budget to make the interior right.
  4. I must be the only guy on planet earth who has never had any problem with a 4.1. I've owned three Cadillacs with the 4100 and none ever gave me any trouble. I'd still own my last, an 83 Seville, if it weren't for crossing paths with a six point buck one evening...
  5. Looks like it fits a 49-50 Kaiser. Thanks for the help!
  6. I have an EIS number 1808 brake cable but have no idea what it fits. Anyone out there with a catalog?
  7. I was extremely surprised to see the BAT Darrin fetch $36k. For a car that will need every part restored or replaced, there's not a lot of room between the purchase price and its value when done. But, someone saw something in it that most of the rest of us didn't so I wish them luck in their quest. I'd call that very, very well sold. When in Hawaii many years ago I got a chance to see two Darrins. One, painted blue, was parked in a garage not far from my hotel and the other is the pictured unit. The salt air had totally destroyed anything without a heavy coat of paint.
  8. Having owned a couple of these cars, I've learned that you want to buy one as complete as possible. Almost nothing unique to a Darrin is available in the aftermarket except for a few gaskets and window seals so if you're in the market and don't have the skills to fabricate everything from the missing pot metal parts to brake, clutch pedal and convertible top assemblies, then look for a better example. This car is missing quite a few bits and pieces so it will be an ambitious but not impossible effort to restore it to its former glory. The Willys supplied engine and transmission pic
  9. In the mid 90s I was visiting a friend in Colorado who had three Muntz vehicles stored in an airplane hanger, along with about a dozen other collector cars. We toured the building and he offhandedly mentioned that I could take my pick of any one of the Muntz cars for $5000. I remember him telling me that one was used in a Bonneville salt flat speed record attempt. All needed help but I do recall one being in better shape than this car. Unfortunately, I didn't have five grand to spend on a big project so I had to pass.
  10. I didn't think there was another this color. I owned this car's twin several years ago, although mine was nowhere near this nice. Mine was previously owned by a fellow who parked by feel so every panel had a dent in it. I paid $600 for it, drove it for a year and sold it for double the money. Probably the only car I ever made any real money on...
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