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  1. I've owned a few of these cars and I've learned the hard way that the one thing to look for is rust in the floors and pans. Aeros are unibody cars so structural rust can be expensive to repair. If the underside is as clean as the upper, then someone's going have themselves a great one-of-a-kind at their local car show.
  2. This was in a box of Kaiser-Frazer stuff and I've come to learn it's actually a seat mounted courtesy light for a 53-54-55 Lincoln. I can't use it but maybe you can. The pictures tell the story. Gotta be worth $15 shipped to anywhere in the US. Sorry, but I cannot ship overseas.
  3. That's it. Thanks!
  4. Trying to ID fitment for the pictured lens and bezel. It looks like armrest trim but I can’t find a match. Probably Ford/Lincoln/Mercury given the part number but I’ve had no luck. Part number FAA-13718-A. If you can use it, $20 shipped to your door anywhere in the US.
  5. Ran across this on another site and thought folks here would be interested. Something for most everyone. https://bid.bidfastandlast.com/ui/auctions/49067
  6. It's an early 1951 Kaiser Special. The first few hundred cars were delivered without any door trim and once the DeLuxe models hit the showrooms, KF realized they had to dress up the Specials. So, they added narrow trim like that shown in the photo of the Traveler, another model KF offered. The giveaway is the hubcap, a 1951 only offering. I once owned a 51 Special, just like the car in the photo.
  7. It's pictured upside down. Resembles 49-51 Lincoln but not the same. Maybe cabover truck?
  8. This fits 52-54 Henry J. The round hole is for the mirror mount. In 1951 the mirror was mounted on the windshield divider but in 52 it was moved. The bracket is for the dome light.
  9. It is indeed a Carolina. Only 1812 were produced and very few survive today. In my 50 years plus of playing with Kaisers, I've only seen two in the flesh.
  10. 1523770 = 1937 GMC truck 1812 = 1935-36 Chevrolet passenger car My AC fuel pump book skips 9415. Numbers around it fit Nash and GM.
  11. Not a Jeep or Willys head. The 226 six cylinder had the distributor mounted on the head with the mainshaft running down thru it.
  12. This was in a box of Henry J parts I acquired but it doesn't fit the J. It measures about 9" long and the cap opening is 2 1/4" OD. Any ideas? If you know and can use it, it's $25 postage paid to anywhere in the 48 states.