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  1. I need one box of eight 1960 Ford NOS hydraulic lifters. Part number B8S-6500-A. Thanks. Rick rln31455@yahoo.com 847 398 8549
  2. Not mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132979392236
  3. No scam by PM. I was asked to text to a phone number that was provided in the PM. When I texted my requests to that phone number a "?" was my only reply. The actual scammer contacted me through email.
  4. Wanted: 1960 full-size Ford rear bumper. NOS or excellent used with no dents or tow damage. Thanks. Rick I've had three responses to this ad. All three made me feel uncomfortable with the most recent being an obvious scam. I've deleted my contact information and will not respond to any PMs. Be aware of emails from an individual named Carl Maverick.
  5. I believe you are talking about the fiber optic cable. The cable connected to a bulb with a special socket inside the door. It illuminated the thermometer when the park or headlamps were on. There was no temperature sensor for the mirror. My experience was with Oldsmobile. Buick was probably the same.
  6. Looks like a 1950. The grille wraps around the fender towards the wheel well on a 1950. You can see the grille extending towards the wheel well on your grandfather's car. I don't think a 1949 grille would be visible when photographed from the rear 3/4 view in your photo.
  7. Not mine. I know nothing about this car. Really is sad to see. Does anyone know the story of this car? https://www.copart.com/lot/40501237
  8. This is the house at the address on the ID card. I expected something a bit more upscale.
  9. Not mine. I know nothing about it. It might be worth a look. https://roanoke.craigslist.org/cto/d/1941-cadillac-fleetwood/6371765029.html
  10. Check the canister purge valve. Look on your under hood vacuum diagram to locate it. They can cause a lot of drivability problems and intermittent check engine lights. When vacuum is applied to the top port (the one that is supplied vacuum from the carb) it should hold vacuum. There should be no fuel visible at this port. If either of these conditions exists the diaphragm is ruptured and the valve needs to be replaced. Good luck.
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