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  1. Get out your checkbook! https://www.hagerty.com/media/buying-and-selling/pontiac-trans-am-from-mcqueens-last-movie-is-up-for-sale/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20_October_23_Newsletter_NewDD
  2. they have the curvature, size, and look similar to the headlight housing trim used on the late 1930's- early 1940's G.M. and Packard cars with the elongated "torpedo" style buckets- like-but not EXACTLY like- this Buick...
  3. I read "Chev. Std." hand written on the flap. If that is a reference to a Chevrolet "Standard" (as opposed to a "Master"), it would be for a Chevrolet somewhere in the 1933-'37 year range
  4. 1924 model T Fordor- missing a few parts...
  5. The plate gave me pause too, but California used the 1951 plate through '55 by issuing succeeding year tabs held on by a single mounting bolt on the rear plate. Born in 1926, she was exactly 20 days older than my dad!
  6. Mystery Solved! After staring at this picture for awhile, I found another, (and then another...) uncropped and colourized version. It is a 1949 Poncho Deluxe with a Silver Streak 8. Various captions credit the photograph as "circa 1954", which would make that Poncho 5 years old at the time this photograph was taken, and Norma Jean would been around 28. The car would be 71 years old now, and she would be 94!
  7. Both cars (or doppelgangers) starred in movies, which, for a certain segment of the collector/investor world, is the only driver in determining a cars actual value. Some folks dont give a fig about historical or design significance, only what celebrities' butt-cheeks momentarily deformed the seat upholstery 25+ titles ago. That said, having that iconic Mustang and your friend's Charger over to reenact the chase scene from Peter Yates' "Bullit" would probably be far more fun than reliving any frame in a short film by Abraham Zapruder!
  8. As an 8 year old, my Cub Scout troop got a scolding from Mr. C.S. Mott at Safetyville, USA in Flint, Michigan for "rowdy behavior". It was a glorified Go-Kart track and obstacle course that tried to teach kids some basic driving skills. I don't know why Mr. Mott was there, but he gave us hell!
  9. odd they left the fenders on- they just take up load space...
  10. OOOOOOO, Doggies! That woulda looked powerful sweet behind the Clampetts rig. Then they could brought all a' Ellie Mae's critters wit 'em!
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