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    Here's a Elcar and a Laurel automobile, also with that distinctive "Clover-leaf" type body. The lack of rear doors necessitated the back passengers entering through a gap between the front two "bucket" seats, or over the side "Duke boys" style! (although, now that I've posted this, I can see the Elcar has rear doors!)
  2. Yeah, like the planes, they needed the backup mag for reliability and protection from liability!
  3. "RT Mag/LT Mag" probably means it was for an aeroplane, or a firetruck!
  4. Although not a Jones, this photograph of a Stewart & Clark Speedometer gives you an idea on how it was originally installed
  5. That bright spot may be an early registration tag tacked to the body. The "handle" appears to be the reflection along the sweeping body line located there.
  6. People breaking laws by selling systems to illegally bypass emission control equipment are being prosecuted. What's next? Warranties being voided?
  7. And people complain modern cars all look alike... OP's car Detroit Baker Fritchle Woods R & L
  8. WOW. I've seen more coordination and synchronicity in a 1:59 A.M. line dance leaving a local bar than that bunch of Rockette-wannabes walking the plank! Nadia Comaneci and Simone Biles have nothing on that lead "dancer" and her St. Vitus-inspired entrance. Who contorts their arms like that to place them on their hips unless they've been racked by The Spanish Inquisition? Esther Williams they aint. But yeah, some decent scenes of post-war/pre-war Prague and contemporary autos and trucks!
  9. Coulda been worse...
  10. Hmmm, trying to pin down the filming location by the product signs above the mystery Lincoln: "Veedol" & "Mobiloil" = a pair of American oil companies "Pneu Michelin" = the famous French tire manufacturer "Kudrnac Everit" = a Czechoslovakian tire maker "Doko" = a Japanese magazine for gay men... This must be some movie!
  11. Heres a 1911 Rauch Lang Electric...
  12. A 1942 Plymouth with a 1954-56 issued Connecticut license plate. Beginning in 1954 the "CONN" on the plate was embossed horizontally on the right side of the tag. Earlier, similar license plate versions had it on the left side, further abbreviated, or displayed vertically. Beginning in 1957, all states adopted a standardized size license plate and this smaller, squarer type was discontinued.
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