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  1. Brian_Heil

    Wheel Balance - mid 20's Buick

    I jacked up my front end and the same heavy spot on the wheel assembly would come to the bottom every time. Took about 5 large modern lead wheel weights added to the inner side of the rim but now it never finds the same heavy spot twice. Put the rear rims on the front and did the same. Weights were free when I told the guys at the tire store what I was doing and that was 20+ years ago. Checked and made minor adjustments with new tires. Each Spring when I jack up the front end to grease it, I check my balance. Still good. I clean and repack the front bearings about every 5 year ~10,000 miles.
  2. Brian_Heil

    What might this be ?

    Could it be one of those kerosene pots that you light like a safety flare or maybe a can for oil or gas? Looks too thin to be a jack stand.
  3. Brian_Heil

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    Some guys will do anything for a free piece of cake..... In all seriousness, I was touched that Larry stopped by. Thank you Larry. Here’s a pic of where it all started.
  4. Brian_Heil

    WTB Gas Gauge for 1924 Buick 6 cylinder

    Got mine free at Home Depot. Get the larger, heavier 5 gallon ones, they work better. Now with that said, I did the same thing each of you is doing and I did get my tank mounted gauge to work. It's about as accurate as a weather vane on a calm day. Hence, the trip to Home Depot. BTW, I prefer Lowes, but its another 20 miles to Lowes.
  5. Brian_Heil


    If we installed a pre-luber on a 1923 or earlier Buick, the pre-luber would force oil to the two center main journals and to the 6 dipper troughs since those are the only items the oil pump services. The dipper troughs stay full all winter, so not an issue. Therefore, a pre-luber would only service the two center mains. Not a problem area. Some other experience I have had with pre-lubers requires a check valve so you don't back feed the oil pump and just fill the pan with your pre-luber as the path of the least resistance. I would also be concerned on an early Buick that the pipes to the dipper troughs would be the path of the least resistance and the two center mains might not see a thing. Finding the correct place to put that check valve can be tricky to impractical to impossible. Far better would be what is suggested above and we should all be doing. Crank the engine with the starter until you see oil pressure on the gauge and then flip the ignition switch. You can accomplish the same thing with a more modern car by not setting the choke and cranking the same. I don't worry about cold oil starvation at the bearings for this reason and because I don't drive my car here in Michigan in the cold weather either. I keep the modern 20w50 in the engine and always do my pre-flight cold start the same way. Us early guys have an oil can we have to use on the over head too. It works every time you use it unless you forget to use it or fill it. :o) Even more important on early Buicks with caged valves is their tendency to seize valve stems in the cage while stored. You should lube these before storing and 'tunk' each rocker/valve with a nylon hammer in the spring to make certain none froze up on you over the winter. Many an early Buick is running around with cracked rocker pedestals or bent push rods due to this issue.
  6. Brian_Heil

    Broken Rocker

    Thought Dean Tryon had a number of these re-cast?
  7. Brian_Heil

    Vacuum Pump Fuel Shutoff

    McMaster Carr carries a bunch too.
  8. Brian_Heil

    Vacuum Pump Fuel Shutoff

    Try Restoration Supply Co They carry several.
  9. Brian_Heil

    oil change

    In what quantity do you purchase amsoil and what does that work out for cost per quart?
  10. Brian_Heil

    Spark Plug Wires

    I'm running the 9mm bulk wire from Restoration Supply Company. First set I made from them lasted 20 years. The wire has a copper core and 'rubber' insulation and the cloth oak/yellow 'sock' with the tracer colors that look nice over the rubber. Restoration Supply Co. has a wide variety of end fittings to choose from. No issues here.
  11. Brian_Heil

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Found this 1923 on the internet some years ago and saved it because I thought it looked well done. Don't think anyone would complain.
  12. Brian_Heil

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Found a third of same car. Last one.
  13. Brian_Heil

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Here is the second pic I still have. The car was at an auction in Dundee Michigan about 6 years ago.
  14. Brian_Heil

    Early Buick Engine painting

    I will post two pics I still have of a very original Buick I looked at, at an estate sale some years ago. What struck me then and the reason for the pics was it being a one owner family car and unmolested. Very original. I think is was a1917 but you experts will know. I see paint on the water pump.
  15. Brian_Heil

    1918 Headlight Lenses

    You need to speak with John Tarleton he has thousands. He is not on the internet Send me an email to my email address in my signature and I will get you his contact info.