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  1. I have a Mickey Mouse eared cap in my box of stuff. My ‘23 can’t use it as someone welded a more modern three tab filler neck to my tank by the looks of it, in the 50s. If if someone needs it let me know in a PM and we can see what you think it’s worth. As with what little ‘loot’ I have, more interested it helping someone than getting rich.
  2. Grit and metal do not ‘float’ but they are both in suspension within the oil. I have analyzed many vehicle and dyno test oil filters in my career. Metallic material and byproducts of combustion and debris do find their way to a filter element. We sent many filters to the Chem Lab for sediment analysis. After the material was separated and weighed it was put through spectral analysis for content. I can’t do anything about the combustion byproducts in my non filtered 1923 except use an API rated detergent oil that puts this material in suspension and it gets removed with the frequent oil changes. The ferritic material from the rings, pistons and bores will and does collect with a strong magnet. Best I can do in my situation.
  3. Someone else will have to answer. I know the teens and early 20s The Buick engine was all new for 1924.
  4. I have but I’m certain the stock pump could not handle the restriction of a filter. I would have no oil flow under some conditions.
  5. OK, I couldn’t stand it any more. Here is #3. 217 touring miles on the W89D and ~500 miles of who knows what on the 3076. Tom Black, thank you!
  6. (Mine is actually on the outside as well for the same reason. One on the diff too. Need one for the trans next)
  7. I have a hard drive magnet in my pan. It’s so strong it’s all you can do to pry it off with your fingers. I buy a case of 12 quarts. Put 6 in the engine. When the remaining six are gone @ ~150 miles per quart I start the whole cycle over. So 150 x 6 = 900 miles. Today’s oil is far superior to the oil of the 1920s. Oil’s cheap compared to machine shop rates.
  8. One spectator joked and asked me if I passed anyone on the where there? I said sure, why I passed a $500,000 job like he was standing still.
  9. Made it. Round trip of 217 miles. I can tell the W89D plugs ran better. Consistent idle and pulled the grades stronger. All around better combustion. Pulled in the driveway this evening with it idling just as smooth as when I left. We had steady rain from 5:30 to 7:30 this morning at home then it let up to drizzle then just spitting. Hit the road at 8:45 spitting and all. Why did I wash it and wax it last night? Arrived @ Gilmore filthy thanks to wet roads and road construction. But the sun was out by then and Larry Schramm saved me a spot. Nice to see lots of old friends. If you have a chance, put this annual event on your to-do list and get yourself a set of W89Ds.
  10. Well, at least it’s clean now. Too nice an evening not to take advantage of it. Tom, I’m too embarrassed to post the condition of the 3076s I removed. All oil soaked and caked with carbon. The only time I could get them slightly gray and dry is on a long tour. Around town running errands they just load up.
  11. another link too
  12. This year’s Marquis will be Cole. Will be nice to see Leroy Cole who I’m certain will be there.
  13. Installed my W89Ds today. Gapped to 0.035 per the Dave Chambers article quoted here often. Still shaking my head as to where these plugs have been for the last 23 years. Ha. I had two sets of 3076s I would swap out every 500 miles or so. Clean the set and be ready again in 500. Just like an Indy pit crew. My car has been ~150 miles to the quart since I got it. Stock pistons. I’m not a fan of Champions, running AC or Autolites in my other cars from the 50s and 60s. But I like the length of these electrodes for temp and staying un-fouled. 10 mile loop to get gas. Idles like a rock and runs well. Like new plugs should. The test will will be this weekend and the 210 mile round trip to the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan for the Pre War Gathering. Great event. There is a 100 mile tour on Friday but I’ll get my fix Saturday running over there and back. Larry Schramm is trailering over for Friday’s event with his newly rebuilt truck engine. Had to re-lash a couple 3 valves. A leftover from last season and my valve job of 2017. No more clatter. All 12 set to a snug 0.008 hot. Sounds like a Buick should. Terry Wiegand Will now relax. Ha. Cleaned the cap cap and rotor. A dab of dielectric grease. Good to go. Fan, throw out bearing and distributor greased. Trans and rear end checked and topped off. Steering box too. Changed the oil before I put it away. 20w50 WolfsHead. Been running it for 20+ years. Cheapest API rated oil my neighbors auto store carries. I buy it by the case. He delivers it to my back stoop. Chassis lube will be next or maybe when I get back. Buick is so dirty it looks like a barn find. Needs a good wash and wax Friday. Fingers crossed for Saturday’s weather. Last year I was all set to go but took a pass and did not drive all day in the rain. I will I’ll post the Gilmore link in a sec.
  14. Based on several original Buicks I have seen, Hugh’s wires and end fittings are dead ringers