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  1. I have several switches that are only good for parts. Let me check.
  2. Jake I have lots of parts also. What do you need? Thx!
  3. I have lots of 1923 6 cylinder parts for anyone reading this. Did your neighbor sell what he had?
  4. Terry We’ve all had our share of issues and learned lessons the hard and expensive way. Anyone who says differently has never done much.
  5. Wear on one side of a bushing can and most often is an alignment issue. Most holes and shafts are round to a fair degree. Before things are buttoned up at the front gear, the water pump, shaft and starter generator should all turn with your hand on the on shaft. Leave the packing loose to start. Coolant leaking expense is the least of your concerns. Get it running and then take up the glands.
  6. Go to Hershey this week. There is a guy who brings a semi trailer of early rims every year. You have to know what you are looking for. Many are unmarked.
  7. Electric fuel pump, even at its lowest setting or even with an external separate regulator exceeds the less than 1 psi a gravity vacuum fuel pump delivers to the carb. and what the system was designed for and to. The carburetor float mechanism is overwhelmed above this PSI and fuel exits the bowl and eventually finds an ignition source. The Stewart Warner pump delivers fuel to the carb at less than 2/3ds of a PSI.
  8. Above post I see a fuel regulator which indicates an electric fuel pump somewhere and a hose running unshielded next to an exhaust takedown. i’ve posted about it here before. I’ve seen 3 fires on antique cars and all three were related to electric fuel pumps. All 3 were total losses.
  9. Helped someone out and sold one of the ‘21/‘22 6 cylinder radiators this week. Still have a nice one left along with all the parts listed above. Thx!
  10. I have two 5.00 x 24 B. F. Goodrich balloon tires. Too good to throw out. Would make great spares or help get a project to the roller phase. PM me if interested.
  11. I have a 1921/22 six cylinder radiator available.
  12. Tried the Teflon route. Didn’t work as well as the correct graphite rope with the ends cut on a 45 and overlapped. Does it leak ever so often. Yep. If it drips more than a couple at a lunch stop then the packing nut is due for a snug. I’m talking a 1/16 of a turn. It lubricates too. Something that scored bushing was much in need of.
  13. Late 1980s Buick like the Le Sabre had a jack in a stowage box in the trunk. I have purchased several of them for just the same purpose. Couple of bucks at the bone yard.
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