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  1. Just FYI on the engine # At some point in 1923 Buick went to the engine number tag on the engine. Earlier 1923s still had the engine number stamped into the aluminum crankcase. It may have happened around the 1 million chassis number as I am just shy of 1M for both of my #s and my engine is stamped. Also while I’m at it, at chassis # 1M Buick moved the rear tail lamp from left of center to centered within the rear spare. This has been well documented.
  2. With the 2021 BCA National Meet Cancelled. This may be an alternative. Note the Buick focus. https://www.aaca.org/images/meet_brochures/2021/2021_Auburn_Brochure.pdf https://aaca.org/Calendar/buickshow.html
  3. Have brushed this stuff on my khakis top twice now and on my boat cover too. The water just beads up. Order it off Amazon.
  4. Yep. Here is a cross section of a similar seal that I used.
  5. Here’s a pic that shows that modern trunk seal in place on the cowl.
  6. No dogs to cat on the 1923. There is a straight edge that comes up from the cowl to the windshield bottom frame. A modern bulb cross section trunk seal fits right on this half inch high straight edge and seals great to the bottom of the frame. Cost me $2 at the bone yard.
  7. Some of the light stuff. The Buick got so wet the wood of the body started to swell and I swore the car grew a half inch in length as doors popped open that always latched.
  8. A rain story. At the VMCCA Nickel Tour in Heath, Ohio a few years back it rained for 6+ days straight. Roads closed, detours and changes made to routes, several folks just said, great to see you all but headed for home after a day or two. On Wednesday my wife got a call that her best friends mother was in the hospital and it did not look good. My wife headed home with the tow rig in the rain, I stayed behind. So did the rain. At least that's the story she gave me. After Thursday, I threw in the (damp) towel and pointed the 1923 Buick north, in the rain for the 230 mile drive
  9. Bob and I are saying the same thing. When its raining, I have both halves shut tight. I'm already wet because I had to put the top up in the rain. And I'm wishing I had a heater and side curtains.
  10. How mine is installed is with the U channel on the lower glass and the single lip on the outside of the upper glass This permits tilting the top edge of the lower glass forward and the bottom edge rearward giving a wonderful breeze to the chest on down but protecting your face.
  11. Turns out I already have what Tom has so this engine is still available and Tom is first rate to work with.
  12. Yes. Commutator should be bright. Pushing on the back of a brush with a non conducting dowel to increase contact pressure will prove windings are good, just poor brush or contact. Does it start to motor (with ignition on) when you push down on one? As the brushes wear they get shorter and lose contact pressure from the spring. The back side brush is the tough one to get to. Take the bottom brush plate off to gain access to the 3rd brush. For the top brush, disconnect the brush operating link from the insulated post. How does that insulator look? Many are bad or m
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