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  1. With the higher coolant operating temperatures allowed by the Evans I would be concerned with the resultant higher operating temperature of the engine oil and as a result, the reduced oil film operating thicknesses and some high stress/load area failing within the engine . I would also be concerned with fuel management issues of vapor lock and or fuel boiling in the carburetor or fuel delivery system near the hotter engine. Mercury boils at 674F ( I had to look that up). There are applications in research where it is actually used as a coolant is why I mention it. Bu
  2. If the brushes are worn too far the brush arm can contact the other commutator and cause a short. Also check for cracked and or missing round insulator on the brush arm fork. Common issue as the insulator material breaks down with age.
  3. Assume the cutting fluid being mentioned is the water soluble type. What is it’s boiling point of the solution and at what mixture percentages? Does the water just boil off at 212F? Does the cutting fluid boil off at a lower temperature?
  4. I found that the trunk lid seal from a modern car makes a great windshield to cowl seal. It even has the feature to clamp on the proud edge of the cowl on my 1923. $2 at the bone yard. Trim length to fit. Nice fat bulb cross section. Been running mine for 20+ years.
  5. Nytrophyl and be done. Carbking is the first person I have heard say he had an issue.
  6. From the 1923 Sales Book for all 1923 Models.
  7. Easier to find a miss the closer you are to the ‘event’. After the muffler, it’s more difficult. Was it used? I doubt it. The plug is near impossible to remove after a very short time of use. I find a miss shorting out cylinders and finding the cylinder where shorting it makes no change. You mention above ‘factory option’. Doesn't the factory install factory options and the dealer install dealer options? And, I thought all closed cars came standard with the rear in floor exhaust heater. I read that somewhere too.
  8. From my 1923 Reference Book (Owners Manual).
  9. I read that it was used to check for engine miss.
  10. Jason at AER rebuilt mine and it came back like new and has operated flawlessly. He has a wait list and for good reason.
  11. If Mark can’t help Jason at AER will know. http://www.aerrebuild.com
  12. We are going to need some detailed pics and a VIN to help you.
  13. Have you considered converting to free floating axles/sealed bearings?
  14. Restoration Supply Co sells the rubber seal that goes in the gap between the upper and lower halves.
  15. Add to that good brushes with good spring load, clean commutators (both) lubed brush engagement large pin and well adjusted starter linkage.
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