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  1. Never had mine off Are the intake facing one way and exhaust another? Just a guess.
  2. Terry Terry Terry You should know by now that we all can’t be the brightest bulb in the box. Some of us are a little dim but still function. 😝
  3. Mark I did exactly the same thing. That box/ear/mount that holds the gears was packed with old grease I dug out with an old bent spoon like a small shovel.
  4. When the engine fires and the pinion is still momentarily engaged, this clutch lets the pinion gear over speed and spin freely in only that direction. Same thing on the other end. It isolates the torque of the starter yet allows it to be driven to make electricity.
  5. Don’t feel bad i didn’t know there was a second clutch in there for years It’s internal to the big gear much like the one on the distributor drive gear.
  6. Mark There is an overriding clutch in here too that needs to be cleaned and packed.
  7. For the record, I’ve seen your work and it is first rate. What’s the old saying? Cost is forgotten long after the quality remains or something like that. The best one I ever heard was about a guy who made his own top. Brave soul for sure, braver than me. But I heard a guy comment about the crooked stitching. ‘Looks like a drunk’s tracks in the snow’. I never forgot that saying.
  8. Agree with you Just check clearance to the slinger lip on the collar that rotates.
  9. You will track it down Not a fan of electric fuel pumps Based on the height of the stock vacuum fuel pump and the specific gravity of fuel it works out to something like 1/3 of a PSI at the carb Don’t know of any electric pumps delivering that low. Have seen two bad fires where an electric pump pressure overwhelms the float and needle. Both cars were a total loss. The Stewart Warner vacuum pump/tank is rugged as heck if clean and and set up properly.
  10. And good job on drilling that hole! We are batting 1000! Pucker factor of 10.
  11. You will want to pack that worm gear drive for the distributor with good stuff. Pick your poison. The large dist. drive gear on my car was worn to the point that the gear ends were like knife blades due to lack of lube when I bought my car. In yours you should be able to pull that stamped cover and pack grease occasionally from the end. I bought a needle nose grease nozzle years ago for similar tasks.
  12. I bought a nice frame at Hershey this Fall since the three small windows on my Buick are Model T frames The frame I bought is two piece screw together aluminum and has 4 small D rings and some remaining strap material on each of the 4 I’d post a pic but I left it in the trunk of my Summer car that is now in storage. My very knowledgeable friend Wayne Funk said you want one with the D rings otherwise the heavy window and frame put too much load on the canvas top. Makes sense. Question is, who is doing tops for less than the price of a kidney?
  13. As my Mother used to say: ‘To each his own’
  14. For those who may not be familiar with what a ground shoulder bolt looks like Available in many diameters and lengths I selected one with the shoulder just past the collar diameter. Put a couple hardened washers on either end so the nut would not bottom out on the shoulder Used a self locking nut. Has yet to move I was lucky to be using old holes already drilled by Buick that lined up. Used a drill backwards as a plug gauge to determine the diameter of the hole to order the correct bolt shoulder diameter.