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  1. I have front and rear seats from a 36 Dodge four door trunk back sedan. These seat are stripped of all material down to the springs. $150 you pick up or agree to pay shipping real good condition and has tracking also. If you need pics just ask. Thanks
  2. I have two 36 Dodge’s four doors trunk back. One is a solid parts car with motor, trans, excellent dash nice body. Other one is a super nice solid dual side mount car. It is a sweet car I have all the chrome done and so much more. It would be worth it to get in touch with me and I can tell you what’s the deal with it. Thank you for your time, Ruben
  3. Not 100% sure on year and make, but I do know it’s a original early 30’s Mopar crank hole cover in excellent shape and it’s no repop. If interested I’ll take $225 free shipping thanks for looking
  4. Here’s a 38 Dodge truck crank hole cover. It’s in decent shape but it’s not $750 or more. I’ll take $250 plus shipping
  5. Up again for sale since I found another one with correct spline size. My price is $2,500 firm plus the ride. If interested please contact me. You won’t find a cleaner wheel than this and to have one completely redone it going to cost more than I’m selling mine for. Thanks for looking
  6. I’m putting this up for sale since I found another one with correct spline size. That being said my price is $2,500 firm. If interested please contact me, if not please just move on without comments such as my price is to high. This is one cleanass wheel. It will cost more to redo one that’s messed up. Thanks for looking
  7. I totally disagree it would look like a homemade piece of, I don’t know about you but I think the 36 Dodge grill is one of the cleanest of all and it would definitely be noticed. To each his own, but I’m trying to build a clean 36 Dodge like a lot of fellow’s here have. Clean inside and out. Do it right the first time.
  8. That’s called sending unit a gauge is on your dashboard
  9. Agree with Hudsy, but I really don’t care for the rounded roof in 37 I’ll take a 36 every time over 37. Like the color
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