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  1. That is my price. They are listed on eBay and have four watchers on both. This price is $100 less here. Check it out, thanks for looking.
  2. 63 Lincoln $20,000 firm if interested PM me.
  3. These are two different types of original Charles Peckat sun visor mounting brackets that I’ve had for awhile and not going to use. If you take both I’ll sell for $295 if you want one I’ll sell for $195 either way you pay $10 for shipping if out of country shipping will be the quoted after I get the price at post office. Thanks
  4. 36 Desoto overdrive trans. Shifts nice through all gears. $1,000 plus the ride. I can ship through greyhound if possible. That's the cheapest ride I know of.
  5. 35-36 Dodge caps real nice condition for age. Look at pic's good and you decide. $110 for both caps. Shipping is extra.
  6. $20,000 for that? I want $20,000 for this, I think I got a better chance than you do.
  7. Looking for a 37-38 Nash fender skirt in decent condition. Only need one, but if you have set only, I'm interested. Here's a pic of one I need.
  8. I may have one, I'll check as soon as I get home