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  1. Just telling it like it is. Your the one who posted all the parts and then nothing. Next saga Dave
  2. Here’s some original horn buttons and one gas cap for Desoto and Dodge mid 30’s if interested pm me for price. Thanks for looking. Orange Dodge button and Desoto gas cap are SOLD..
  3. I really like the Cad, I’m just not into those Olds. It’s in clean shape but I stand by my statement. No biggie just being honest.
  4. Would have been a awesome pic if that Olds was about 50 yards back.
  5. Bunch of great parts but that doesn’t mean shit when the guy won’t even answer anyone’s questions on prices. He’s like Dave from Dodge city shows all of us all these sweet 36 Dodge’s parts and sold none. WTF
  6. Never knew him or talked to him, but believe me when I seen the name “spinner hill” in a topic I was interested in I took a minute to read what he had to say because he knew what he was talking about, I mean everything about Mopar. Thank you Sir. RIP
  7. Haven’t you guys ever shipped greyhound I had two front fenders shipped from N.Y. to Cali for a whopping $115 so when I hear It’s to big or heavy, the next thing they say is there’s no greyhound around. I think if there’s a will, there’s a way..
  8. How about this one, my grandsons other grandfather has this one sitting in his driveway. He’s owned it for 10 or more years and asked me to see if anybody might be interested in buying. So here it is a 1957 Dodge panel truck. It’s actually in not bad condition and I really haven’t seen many so I would say these are rare. Good running flathead six I believe the motor has the 25 1/2” block. If interested in pm me and I’ll get you more info and talk price. Thanks for taking a look at it.