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  1. Well I just might, I believe I have both, PM me and I let you know exactly I'm won't be back home until Saturday evening,
  2. Tell it like it is Steve!! I respect that.
  3. I got a complete set up if you would like to go original, the reflectors, springs and set clips, bulbs, two lens. I think the only thing you would need is to make a couple cork gaskets
  4. Here’s a 38 Dodge crank cover it’s rough but better than nothing. No broken pieces $125 pls the ride.
  5. Desoto running boards are 2" longer than Dodge, I own both and checked.
  6. Jpage, came through with template for me and I'd like to say thank you, so thank you Mr. Jpage, I see you always helping members out. Appreciate you taking the time to help out...
  7. This one is winning a lot of awards out here in Northern Cali. It's a friend of mine a he's representing Mopar very well ..
  8. Thank you jpage, my info is Ruben Cruz 17270 Roberto St. Castro Valley, CA. 94546 👍🏼
  9. Mikefit, thank you I'll give him a call 👍🏼
  10. Would anyone happen to have or know where I can get windshield template for 36 Dodge. Have a chance to get my glass cut for my 36 Dodge within the next two weeks and the only piece of glass I'm missing is windshield. Frame is out of state and I won't get it back for at least a month. So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Stilloutther, not sure what knob your looking for but I got a few of this type. These are from a 36 Dodge. Let me know if I can help you out.
  12. Absolutely beautiful car I may have knob, can you show pic just to make sure it's right one? Sweet car.
  13. Hud, I found it, your right not much there that I need. Thanks for posting all your leads,