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Haulin' Buicks


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23 hours ago, Elpad said:



Delivered without bumpers and brackets installed, but with wheel covers on -- interesting.  I guess that was considered to be part of 'dealer prep'...

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Plenty of Buicks get hauled around Australia.


These photos go back to 2008 when a couple of us hauled our Buicks to a National Meet held in Queensland. The.articles were written by a visiting BCA member who was at the meet and were published in the BCA Pre War Division Newsletter.. 



Image (8).jpg

Image (9).jpg

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On 4/28/2020 at 5:39 PM, Elpad said:


Usually, the car should be loaded like this with the engine weight up front to balance the trailer properly.  However, this car should be loaded back end first because the engine weight is dwarfed by the rear bumper weight. 

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