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Haulin' Buicks


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On 10/3/2020 at 6:51 PM, NC-car-guy said:


Forgot to mention that on this trip I met 3 new buick people and I again leave with the impression they are the best kinda car guys/gals. @Pinhead63 and I took my truck to Boston with a local buick guy we just met (hes not on the forum) In Boston the seller (also not on here) who'd had the car 30+ years had grilled a whole buffet of food, and had cold beer and water for us (even made us pack to go food for the road).  Then a stop in NJ to see @Machine Gun and pick up @MrEarls cash register. We had to arrive late evening and were still greeted warmly and talked about cars and his awesome skylark.  

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