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  1. Good point, I'll probably keep looking for now
  2. Do you have any pictures of the 49 super? I might be interested in buying just the engine/trans to put in my car or the entire thing if the parts would transfer to a 51 buick. Thanks -Edwin
  3. I looked past this post at first as at the top it said no motor, but thanks for leading me to this. I'm also located not too far from cedar rapids so getting the engine wouldn't be too much of a drive. From what I see on wikipedia at least, pre 1950 cars either had the 320 or a 248. Would using one of these different size engines be a problem?
  4. Its me again! I have listed the car on craigslist and haven't had much luck selling it, and I'm still going over my options and thinking through all this more, and if a straight 8 ever pops up I'll probably go for it. Anyways we are getting a cement floor in our big shed! No more working in the dirt or not being able to work after it rains cause the floor is mud! This is exciting but also there is a bit of a problem. I have to move the Buick out of the shed. The problem here is that the engine and trans are out of the car, and I need to keep the rear axle from moving. Can this be achieved by tying it to the frame with a ratchet strap and some rope?
  5. Hey guys, selling my 1951 model 52 4 door Buick super. For sale as a whole if you want it or ask for individual parts. Not sure what everything is worth but I'll go off what seems reasonable based off ebay and other listings of the same stuff. I think I'd like around 700$? for the complete car. Located in northwest Iowa block and head are both not cracked, but need some machining work done(2 sleeves, valve work) I can load these on a pallet and use fastenal or whatever. I have the engine fully dissasembled and all the parts, some are in decent shape, starter seems to work, water pump, carb, fuel pump seems rebuildable. intake/exhaust manifold isnt cracked. Crankshaft is in good condition along with cam and rods. Body is rough but some of the trim is probably salvageable. Heres some pictures
  6. Ok So I've thought for a while and I have decided to sell my buick. I wish I didn't have to but Its going to be too expensive for me at this time to get on the road. I'm going to make a post over in the buy sell forum area and will be parting out the car or selling whole if anyone wants it. If I could make enough back on parts I'll keep the car around until I'm older and then rebuild it if I can. I'd like to thank all you nice and helpful people for willing to take the time to explain and advise me on this project, and I'd like you to know that I've been converted to the buick side, and I'm looking for a cheap one from the muscle car area, as I really love the look and they are a little more affordable than these straight 8s(all though the I8s are way cooler)
  7. I've got a few more questions for the very helpful people on these forums. How much is my 51 buick worth in its current state? The 52 super is a good deal for what it is, but still probably will end up out of my price range in the end, not to mention the 8 hour drive makes getting it a bit of an issue. As much as I really love these 50s buicks the cost of fixing and maintaining them is sadly too much for my minimum wage summer job. I've been browsing the local craigslist for some more modern buicks, and I found a 61 skylark roller for 350$, and a 69 skylark roller for 1000$ that both would probably make cheaper projects. The last few days I've been going back and forth in my head between my options and if you guys could lend your knowledge and experience into what might be the better path would be I would be very grateful.
  8. @Ben Bruce aka First Born heres all the pics i got
  9. @JohnD1956 Neither my 51 nor the 52 for sale has a title. My friend has experience in getting a car titled and registered that did not previously have a title. I have a dot application for registration and a bonded title that I have to fill out and mail in, along with a bill of sale for the car. As long as the car wasn't stolen they get me a title. I had all the paperwork mostly ready for my 51 but havent sent it in because why get a title for a car that can't drive yet? I'm pretty sure all I will need is a bill of sale from the owner of the 52
  10. I'm pretty confident its a 52, judging by the side trim Is it harder to register a vehicle that doesn't have a title from out of state? In Iowa at least all you need is a bill of sale and then theres some paperwork you fill out and send in and they send the title and plates in the mail
  11. The 53 super has the nailhead, and I see a super badge on the other pictures he sent, and the headlights match with a 52, so i think it is a 52.
  12. Its possible its a 52 super, seller says its a 53 but he is unable to open to hood at the moment, as apparently he is on one leg I think I see the remainders of a super badge so if it really is a straight 8 under the hood then it would be a 52
  13. I've done some thinking and I will continue to think through my options but here's what I'm thinking right now and I could use your knowledge. Right now I've got a few options I'm considering: 1. rob a bank or something creative to get the money to rebuild my engine and make the car roadworthy 2. Buy a different Buick, possibly the 53 special mentioned before, it seems to be in good condition and won't be as hard/expensive to get on the road. 3. Keep my Buick and put a v8 in it. Either find a nailhead with a dynaflow that will go in relatively easy and won't require rebuilding of the engine or the rear suspension, or put a newer engine, maybe a buick 350 that needs minimal work, and put new rear suspension and rear end, and an open driveshaft in. I haven't been able to find much info on the cost/difficulty on this however 4.Sell my 51 for parts and start over, with a newer Buick or maybe a truck. How much could I expect to get from selling my buick? the frame seems to be pretty solid and I think there is a decent amount of useable parts. Your thoughts and advice is always appreciated -Edwin
  14. cylinders need to be honed and probably bored, head needs some work, a lot of new parts to buy. No idea if the trans works, any idea how to find out? I dont have a running engine to test it on.
  15. Engine is in the machine shop, they are going to see if the block or head are cracked, and then I have to make a decision if I'm gonna spend the money to machine it or not. Initial estimations for full rebuild were around 4500$. Yikers! I've got a few questions for you guys. If buying a used but running straight 8, what are the chances it breaks or needs expensive repairs done to it? The previously mentioned 53 buick also presents me with a dillema: It runs and drives, but I think the condition of the car it is in is better than my car right now, unless its frame or something is shot, so it seems counterproductive to take a good engine out of a good car to put in my beat up buick. What do you guys think? I have also been thinking about swapping some sort of v8 in, although I really would prefer to have the straight 8. I know unless its a nailhead it basically needs a full new driveline for a v8, cmpared to the costs of straight 8 work, how much is it to buy a donor car and put a new driveline in? Thoughts and advice are appreciated! -Edwin
  16. I'm looking to see how much a 263 straight 8 that either runs or is in good condition(doesn't need machine shop work) costs as an alternative to getting all the machine shop work done on my engine. Either a pulled engine or potentially a parts car would be fine, as long as its a dynaflow.
  17. Well after a lot of hammering, all of the pistons are out! The picture is the cylinder of one of the more stuck ones. I'm bringing the block to a machine shop today to get a price estimate for all the work being done.
  18. I should clarify: My 52 has a dynaflow, and the seller of the 53 said that it has a dynaflow as well, so I don’t think that would be an issue. It would be good to know about compatibility issues between them if i end up with a different engine
  19. Heres an update on my project while I'm on vacation! I have removed 4/8 pistons, 3 of which came easy, with the fourth I learned that pistons don't come out the bottom, and it had to be broken to come out. I have the remaining pistons soaking in the hopes that they might loosen up over a week or so, but it's not looking great(see pictures) I've been looking into buying a new engine entirely, and I have been offered a 53 special with a 263 straight 8 that apparently runs and drives for 1000$. From what I've seen on the hometown buick website the only thing that would be useful on the car is the engine, so I'm wondering if it would be worth it as a parts car or if it would be better to source a new engine elsewhere.
  20. Some buicks from the early days of NASCAR
  21. Saw this '54 camper on my local craigslist today, apparently was built in a high school shop class in the 70's https://masoncity.craigslist.org/cto/d/mason-city-1954-buick-camper/6915251434.html
  22. Ok I got the trans and crankshaft out and separated! working on pistons now. They are VERY stuck, what are good ways to get them out without doing too much damage to the cylinders?