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  1. You could/can duplicate the original roof contour/design in carbon fiber or fiber glass as a LIFT OFF piece, then enjoy BOTH worlds. Dale in Indy
  2. Very nice car. I have often wondered why the stance on these cars sit approx. 1-1/2" to high. Dale in Indy
  3. Each to his/he own, I have a FLIP TOP phone, use it to call wife, or family, other's don't have the number. My last incoming call was June, 15th. If you feel you need to use a cell phone for whatever, it's your choice, I have no hang up with that. Dale in Indy
  4. I noticed Evercoat 100416 fine filler being used, isn't that a product that protective clothing/gloves and quality respirator is to be worn when using such? Maybe pictures were NOT taken when used, just wondering how bad this product is to a persons health if protection isn't used? I'm not picking on anyone, just wondering. Dale in Indy
  5. Could it be that the title was lost, then listed as a 46? Dale in Indy
  6. Fast eyes see LITTLE, stare like an owl, then the actual body lines of the tail appear. I do a lot with shadows in my art work, fun process. Dale in Indy
  7. Carter & Mary Ann Hampton founded this club years ago. They were so dedicated to building the club/group, and I can't recall any other two that were so dedicated. With that said, I have often wondered what has happened to them since they transferred ownership. I know they both had health issues, so my question is, does anyone have info in them? Thank You, Dale in Indy
  8. Isn't the grill a 46? I have a NOS 46 grill that when I have time I'm making a giant boom box out if it. I took it that the vert is a 46?, RARE. Dale in Indy
  9. I found their pictures were good, not great, but one should call to discuss your needs/questions, then visit, or have someone you trust look for you. Never, never buy from pictures, from anyone, IMHO. They have a 3.6 rating, I would say that is not great or not bad for someone selling cars. Trust is always an issue when buying from a dealer, I have no interest in supporting them, but they do have a huge inventory. Their pricing is set to allow for bargaining. We know that's the American way, hehe. Dale in Indy
  10. Google them, you will learn a lot. I met the owner/founder 3 years ago, he seemed to be a honest man in his 60's- 70's. He was at the Indy Mecum auction, buying and selling. Dale in Indy
  11. Ben's 50 would EASY hit a HUNDRED, if it didn't have the world famous V- - - -. Got to love that Ben, he knows a ton about dim dare Straight Eights. Dale in Indy
  12. And to think/remember folks crawling under a car when it was on a bumper jack, talk about ROLL BACK. Dale in Indy, so happy you are recovering.
  13. 1/2" opening will allow a mouse to enter, maybe even a tad smaller is enough. They may appear they are to fat, but they can flatten out more than you might think. Dale in Indy
  14. Is it a car that someone started to restore, then lost interest? Wishing you well. Dale in Indy
  15. That Cushman Eagle scooter was super fun, loved every minute of it. Also had a LOTHER LIGHTING scooter, ever hear of one? Dale in Indy
  16. Yep, TODAY I turned the big 80. Seems like yesterday I was 14 riding my Cushman Eagle Motor Scooter thru Miller Park in Bloomington, Il. That same year and with my 12,year old brother on the back we rode it 175 miles to Indy to visit with Aunt &'Uncle. 30 miles from Indy it quit, we coasted a few feet into a service station. Found one of two bolts holding the carb on had fallen out. Used vise grip to hold in place & drove on to Indy. I never dreamed that at 80 I would be feeling so good, and still enjoying my arty projects. A lot has to do with my wonderful bride of 57 years Sharon Fern, she would be quick to tell YOU that she's from upper Michigan, Iron Mountain to be exact. One of the homes of PASTIES, miners wrapped them in newspaper and took them down in the copper mines. Ever eat one?? Our family will be taking us out tonight, will ENJOY, for sure. Dale in Indy
  17. Any updates on this project? Dale in Indy
  18. The 50 must be Ben's cousin's car, don't ya think? Ben't the VISOR distributer, maybe. Dale in Indy
  19. I'm a GM guy, with that said my 1968 Cougar GT-E 427 side oiler was a super muscle car. Less than 400 side oiler Cougars where made. If you could find one today expect well north of 100k. Dale in Indy
  20. Got to love that FITTY FO guy, I still moan when I think back to our selling our 54 Century HT. Dale in Indy
  21. I really LIKE Ben's visor, does that count? Dale in Indy
  22. Cancel my request, one member provided some measurements, and since I need to get with the PROGRAM, I will wing it. I'm good with proportions, so will work from pictures of Straight eights. I have the valve cover made, and working on the head, just havin fun LIVING IN THE SUNSHINE. Life is good. Dale in Indy
  23. In the 40's 'Shimmy' was an issue. Once it started Dad would stand on the brakes, and bring it to a slow speed, then drive off. Dale in Indy