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  1. thanks for feedback, is their another way besides drilling and taping a hole into head manifold , can you tape into manifold wile its on engine ?
  2. wanting to install a heater on my 37 plymouth , do i have to tap into top manifold or is their a another way to install water lines ?
  3. can anyone tell how install a heater with out tapping into top of engine ?
  4. does anyone knoe where i can have my starter 0n my flathead repaired ? i can here solinod spinning but not engaugeing flaywheel, thanks
  5. thanks again for all feed back, im thinking about using a 2010 suburban frame and drive train , wheelbase is 8" longer than the buicks. thinking it will give me the upgrades im looking for.
  6. that's kind of were I was going with swap, I like the EFI system, the 4 speed trans, also looking fore a great hwy car, looks like I will have to swap out rear end, or would a frame swap be the better way to go, thanks everyone for your feedback
  7. has anyone or know someone who installed a newer LS motor and trans swap thinking about doing it to my 57 Caballero
  8. I need to replace front brake drum, does any one know I can get rivets for hub to drum ? thanks
  9. car always polls after cool downs, all new brakes and drums, will pull brake hubs to look a everything, how to tell if return springs are bad.
  10. adjusted brakes , car stops fine when street testing at 25 mph. when I go on hwy and run car, brakes pull hard left when I come into town and stop at signal lights. I have adjusted brakes several times, what may be causing this problem. thanks
  11. ac turns out super cold air. headlites are super bright, halos work as turn signals. I love this wagon ! cant wait to take momma to get food at walmart
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