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  1. thanks again for all feed back, im thinking about using a 2010 suburban frame and drive train , wheelbase is 8" longer than the buicks. thinking it will give me the upgrades im looking for.
  2. that's kind of were I was going with swap, I like the EFI system, the 4 speed trans, also looking fore a great hwy car, looks like I will have to swap out rear end, or would a frame swap be the better way to go, thanks everyone for your feedback
  3. has anyone or know someone who installed a newer LS motor and trans swap thinking about doing it to my 57 Caballero
  4. I need to replace front brake drum, does any one know I can get rivets for hub to drum ? thanks
  5. car always polls after cool downs, all new brakes and drums, will pull brake hubs to look a everything, how to tell if return springs are bad.
  6. adjusted brakes , car stops fine when street testing at 25 mph. when I go on hwy and run car, brakes pull hard left when I come into town and stop at signal lights. I have adjusted brakes several times, what may be causing this problem. thanks
  7. ac turns out super cold air. headlites are super bright, halos work as turn signals. I love this wagon ! cant wait to take momma to get food at walmart
  8. 57 wagon 98 percent done!! one year start to finish, will be taken to car show this weekend to get feed back
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