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  1. Adam. Call me I may be coming your way this week.,,,Ed
  2. I have a little experience in useing the Pertronix systems, I went to work for UPS in '79 and all their "package cars" (this is wht they called them) had been converted to the pertronix system. These p cars were 292 GMC, 300 Ford 225 Dodge 6 cly engines. When a pertronix ingnition works it works great but when they fail they fail immediately and without warning, just like a failed condensor. This would involve a tow and "service" failures. not good! I worked nights and was on call all day to respond to break downs. I learned quickly to carry an extra Pertronix with me. When I would get a call that the engine had just "shut down" with no warning I was pretty sure what I would find! I didnt record the number of failed Pertronix but I went on many R-calls that just required a new Pertronix. I do realize this was the ultimate test with these 35 vehicles used (and or abused) daily but they will fail and without warning , so always have a back up plan! When we began running the newer P-cars with Factory electronic ign the problem went away!!!...RH
  3. There were two nail head engines available in 1955, 264 and 322 cubes. They both used the same block, only the bore was different. Others will have to answer you other questions as I have no idea.....RH
  4. Put a smaller hose on a shop vac, reduce to a 5/8 or 3/4 heater hose with some duct tape and suck out those shavings!
  5. I'm pretty sure they got the wrong engine picture posted! That car appears to have A/C also...I believe 53 is the first year for it...pretty rare!
  6. A lot of vehicles used bolts til about 1960 (+ -). I had a 56 Ply with bolts.
  7. Art, I had this problem with my 322 nail head several years ago. One lifter would tick at start up, after the engine had set a while. I was advised by a friend to get a can of Slick 50 engine treatment. S 50 is a highly concentrated synthetic oil treatment. He said his (chevy) engine was doing the same thing and Slick 50 cured his. My engine is an original with 125K miles on it so I thought. what can I loose? Its S 50 or an expensive engine tear down. I got a can and added it according to the directions. The tic went away and has never returned even with several oil changes. Normally I am not one to use "canned" repairs but it worked for me! ...Ed
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Buick-Electra-225/233783596956?hash=item366e96979c:g:x3EAAOSwlvpfscCG
  9. Red, Just what kind of ponies does you engine put out and what was done to convert to open driveshaft????
  10. THATS NOT CRAZY TALK!!!!!!!!!!😁 I have thought about that same swap since I got my "56 Special many years ago! I was thinking of of upgrading the motor, trans and rear end, all Buick of course. 401 or 425!!! But why not show it of with 3 deuces or even a dual 4 barrel set up????🤩
  11. Oh, I see you can buy a ford pump for $80 and "adapt" it. 😆
  12. Old tank. Where can you get a NEW pump for $80.00????????
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