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  1. OOOKAAAYYYY,,,, How about any one in the Midwest good with nailhead rebuilds???????
  2. What parts are you using for this conversion?
  3. Joe, I would love to take a closer look at that car but its 2200 miles from me!!!.
  4. Anyone in the ST Louis area good with nail head rebuilds?
  5. Hello, has anyone here upgraded the front suspension/steering on a mid 56 model 48 (special) Buick I am thinking of the Mustang 2 rack and pinion set ups, any suggestions (except DON"T!) Any other options? Show me yours!!! THANKS< ED
  6. I've been wanting to do this swap for some time and have looked a numerous conversions but this one looks like the neatest and simplest one yet! I have already located a doner truck!!! THANKS!!!!!,,
  7. Dennis, I long piece of fuel liner is good to find leaks, just put one end in your ear and move around manifold. I took both manifolds off of my 56, 322 with no problems...... Just the normal "rusty nut" stuff, I had to heat a couple of the header pipe nuts to get them off. The manifold bolts came out nice, I installed new bolts with lock washers and didn't reuse the bolt locks, they are still tight 15 pluss years later,,,
  8. Thanks Joe, I Knew I had seen that set up before somewhere before, I used to own a 65 chevy truck!!! (a LONG time ago)!
  9. Matt, trailing arms and the open drive shaft are not from a 56 Buick model 48. I have one in my garage!!!! I thank you for your opinion.
  10. This will make it a little easier to ID rear end and suspension:
  11. Brad, I'm sure they would have to add a couple of grand if they swept out that trunk!!!! It does appear to have the original 56 front suspension, except for the disc conversion but the change over to open drive shaft required those long trailing arms and a complete different rear end, looks like a pretty straight foreword and fairly easy job. I would sure like to know the make of that rear end and suspension!!!!!
  12. I did determine that the 71-73 RIV boat tails have the same wheelbase as my model 48,,, and a 455 to boot!!! But I don't believe this suspension looks like a Riv boattail!???