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  1. Hi all, working on finishing 17 roadster ser# 157,775. Wondering how the original wire looming was routed on firewall and material. My firewall has been replaced and I have no holes for wire. First 2 pictures are of firewall in 23 coupe. Was 17 the same? third picture is firewall I acquired with parts. Is this the correct location for wire loom holes? Any pictures or information would be appreciated.
  2. Size of all badges is 2 1/4". First picture star is all black. All others have one triangle of the star white and the other black.sounds like the opinion here is badges below with all black star would be correct for 1928. How about earlier? Not ready to sell any at this time. I still have two other cars that need badges.
  3. Painted my radiator shell yesterday for my 17 roadster and looked at 3 different types of shell badges I have. Can anyone educate me on the correct one for this year and how to tell originals from replicas.
  4. Ended up with 2 snaps on back. Couldn't reach the one we wanted to put in center.
  5. There is mention of a boot on page 6 in book of information 9th edition
  6. Not sure. I've seen pictures of them and found in parts manual. I've decided to go with 3.
  7. Does anyone know how many Murphy snaps go on the back of a 1917 roadster to hold the boot on?
  8. They got the leather from Mel Draper PO Box 179 Jeromesville Ohio, 44840. (419) 368-3226. Mel also carries wooden bows and wooden wheels I think. The carriage shop likes using Mel because "good quality, dependable, reasonably priced". I found his phone # in this resource from Florida Carriage Club.
  9. I had a Mennonite carriage shop do the seat locally. I had nothing to start with and this seat was a bit elaborate for a first attempt. I can ask them who their leather supplier is if you like.
  10. I don't know where the pics went but will try again. I have finished the 17 roadster seat and moving on to door upholstery. Wondering what is correct for door panels. Pockets? No pockets? Snaps? Stitching pattern, fasteners? Any help or pictures would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  11. Thanks for the pics bill. Hope everything is well. Hood condition looks similar to one I have so I think I will pass. My car has gone to upholstery shop for seat and top. Can't wait to get back. Still looking for those elusive doors and spare tire holder. Happy Holidays, John
  12. I have some extra speedos if anyone is in need. Jdlugos@icloud.com 607-329-3669 IMG_0185.MOV