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  1. Lots of activity and positive comments in hershey. Car is back in Prattsburgh Ny. Asking Price $12,500
  2. 1968 MG Midget for sale. Registered, inspected and on the Road. Recent paint. New Tires, Rims, Top,water pump, fuel tank, fuel pump, rug, Matt's, door and window seals. Daily driver, runs well. Taking to Hershey next week. Green field
  3. Just purchased a 38 touring sedan. Been sitting since early 80's. I am also looking for some of the s clips. Any sources?
  4. Looking for window trim for 37 truck passenger door. Truck is a 1 1/2 ton. What else do you have?
  5. Update. Finished up transmission install today and drove car about 10 miles. Shifted a lot better than before. Only issue I’m having is clutch disengages right before pedal hits firewall. Trying to figure out why.
  6. Thanks for your help Doug. Car rear end is back in. Will try and button up a few things tomorrow and test drivew
  7. Apparently I am wrong. I do not have a 2506 u joint. 2506 does not have bushing and the parts are not interchangeable with b5233. Thanks Harry Reding for this correction. One U joint I have has yoke casting number db 161 on transmission yoke. Really can’t read other numbers clearly. I repaired the u joint that came out of car and hopefully will be fine. I apologize for the misinformation And confusion, John
  8. So here’s what I found. B5057 yoke on B5223 u joint is about 0.400” inch longer than B1507 yoke on B2506 u joint all other dimensions on all other parts are the same B5233 has steel type bushings B2506 has brass type i believe you can use the longer yoke on older cars ( tried it and seems to fit, Mark’s idea). you may be able to use older ujoint on newer cars but torque tube shaft would be in ujoint housing 0.400” less. Might or might not cause trouble Heres what I did. My older style lock ring and bushing had minor damage so put newer style with original yokes. Seems to have nice tight fit. Going to try and rename thread to 17 ujoint repair info. thanks to all for there help and expertise, John
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