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  1. i have an original ac bracket, duel carb. aluminum covers. if that is what you need. only one i have left from all my years of collecting $200 shipped to you in the lower 48 ghildebrand@wi.rr.com
  2. Vans auto reproduced these, here is Duane's number if you need to order, he reproduced the sending units and straps as wel Duane--Vans auto---920-948-5594 he is also doing the 69 tanks with straps and sending unit, as well as the 71-73 he said he just sent as well to reproduce
  3. wildcat1562

    1961 Buick Lesabre

    i agree, take it off and just straighten it, and use some red gasket material on it as well
  4. wildcat1562

    Minnesota: French Lake Auto Parts, French Lake

    there are a few more in that area as well, if you ask, they will tell you
  5. wildcat1562

    a few Buicks at this auction

    there are a few, look it over, i would think they go cheap as well, in the farm area good luck Greg http://www.wyoderauction.com/preview/143500/the-estate-of-marvin-heller-oct--20---9am/?cpage=4
  6. wildcat1562

    1966 Electra radiator wanted

    take it to your local radiator shop and have your old one record, i did that, cost me $400 and the thing is like brand new, buying used can be hard some times
  7. looking for someone to fit it into, the proto type is done and looks correct, but they want to fit it and make sure there is no problem, and they said they would make it worth someones time if they do thanks Greg
  8. some friends that do reproduction items, have a gas tank ready to try in a car so what they are looking at is a car to do it to if anyone would like a new tank under there 63 to 65 riv and is in wisconsin, they are in waupun if your car is able to get there they will do it and make it happen the main thing they said is a car to make sure everything is right and the fit is right you can call me at 920-893-0629 Greg
  9. wildcat1562

    65 Riviera front drums

    1958 to 1966 full size Buick had the 45 fin drums, 67 to 70 had the 90 fin drums, now , there is the hub that is different on them in so many years, but the drums are the same, and also the 90 fin drums will go on the 65 66 cars and the break shoes are the same
  10. selling both qter glass, they are tint, both for $75 plus shipping other things are still available as well ghildebrand@wi.rr.com thanks Greg
  11. wildcat1562

    Armrest Needed-61 Lesabre Convertible

    i have a 61 bubble top 2 door, would they be the same? ghildebrand@wi.rr.com Greg
  12. wildcat1562

    New York State: Greiner's Auto Parts, Cold Brook

    man oh man, they are still there, i was in there more than 30 years ago, good to know
  13. wildcat1562

    1962 Buick brake vacuum booster WANTED

    i have 2 of them, still on the cars, ghildebrand@wi.rr.com Greg
  14. wildcat1562

    61 bubble top, body or parts

    i live in plymouth wi, 53073
  15. wildcat1562

    61 bubble top

    i live in plymouth wi