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  1. any idea, i have the grille yet as well, i just don't remember which year i took it from
  2. Vans auto of Waupun had them reproduced, call and ask for Tom , they had them reproduced from one i gave them to do so, they also have a lot of other Buick sending units reproduced from ones i gave them from all different years
  3. i have 2 62 401 engines ghildebrand@wi.rr.com, i live in wisconsin
  4. $40 for the pair plus the ride, i have a few other things in the for sale adds as well email me if wanted, ghildebrand@wi.rr.com, thanks
  5. selling a few tings if needed 1960 Electra ac brackets, not all but some, if needed $25 plus the ride skylark 7 blade clutch fan, $40 plus the ride 66 67 Rivera flip up door with lights, $40 for both plus the ride 63 64 65 66 nailhead non ac alt bracket $30 plus the ride 350 400 430 455 non ac alt bracket $35 plus the ride 67 skylark qt extensions, the right one has a small crack in it, left if good, $20 plus the ride 65 lesabre rear tail lights both, $45 plus the ride power steering brackets, could be 350 or big block, do not remember $25 plus the ride please email me at ghildebrand@wi.rr.com if wanting anything, thank you
  6. sure, wonder where that went, plymouth wi, 50 miles north of milwakee wi
  7. 68 short shaft trans $250 car had 37000 original miles oil looked great, just sat in a barn for the last 10 years let me know thanks Greg
  8. if someone wants the top let me know, i will take it off for $150, and do not be shy on making offers, rather you have it to use than sit here in my vast hoard of stuff thanks Greg
  9. rt and left grilles, as seen $50 plus shipping all trim for windshield outside, $200 plus shipping all trim inside plus shipping , $50 includes visors and mounts and mirror hood trim, center piece and back of hood, $40 plus shipping rocker moldings, rt and lt, $45 plus shipping pinch weld trim for convertible, $100, includes by qter glass and all the way around pinch weld back there rear bumper is in great shape, needs to be polished up and its a great drive, this will cost i am sure to ship it so $50 takes it and i will take the brackets off and wrap it you figure the shipping on it and send me the usps label qter trim top and across back of car $100 plus shipping seat trim, $10 both sides electric seat rails with motor and lines and wiring $150 plus shipping the seats are there and in good shape if needed, as well as all the trim cards, i have the trim cards off and inside the garage, way to nice to let them sit out thanks Greg
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