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  1. Can't we all get along? Hehe Dale in Indy
  2. Ben was thinking when he saw the BUICK inspired golf cart, IF ONLY IT HAD A BEAUTIFUL VISOR. After all, HE is the visor king. Got to love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  3. Ok, 10 models down, NOW making my 11th. It is the 1913 Talbot race car, first car to attain 100+ MPH for an ENTIRE HOUR. This will be a 1/4th approx. scale, so 36" long. Actually what I'm building is from a artist rendering, UNKNOWN DATE, OR ARTIST. It is his/her vision of what that Talbot would look like at the time of the rendering, if he/she were designing same. After the Buick show in Wisconsin I will post pictures of the actual 1913 car, and of the rendering that I am building from. This model will be BUICK INSPIRED. so will have a scale straight eight, or possibly a straight six Buick since the eight didn't come out until after 1913. So to get started on the engine I need some measurement help from you good folks. Below is what I need. These measurements can be approx. for example, withing a 1/4" to 1/2". * HEAD, length, width, height, example: from head gasket surface up to valve cover gasket surface. * BLOCK, length, width, and height, NOT including the bell housing. Just basic block measurements. * STARTER, & GENERATOR, lengths, and diameters of each. * TRANSMISSION, length, width, and height, NOT including any tail piece. * PAN, total length, width, and height at sump area. Don't include gasket flange, please. I have a 320 valve cover, so I'm good there. My 320 cover is 34-1/2" long including gasket lip, so my 1/4th scale will make it 8-5/8" long. That's about the size of a 1/18 scale car. So the engine will be a nice size. It will stand PROUD. I know this is a lot to ask, but hoping some one can be of help, If you don't have all the info asked for, just advise what you have. Thank You, I know many are at the show, so will bump this up in a week or so. Dale in Indy
  4. I count 16 from lower picture. Dale in Indy
  5. Just imagine it WITHOUT the VISOR, it would be a ROCKET, maybe. Dale in Indy
  6. Mike,,,,,WHAT Is that reason? Just wondering. Dale in Indy
  7. In 54 Dad had our LARK on the show room floor. His elevated office looked down on the floor. He spotted Dr, Schultz had his foot on the front bumper, Dad said, "DR. SCHUKTZ, WOULD. YOU PUT YOUR FOOT ON YOUR $5,000.00 PIANO, SO PLEASE REMOVE YOUR FOOT OFF MY $5,000.00 CAR" . Dale in Indy
  8. Listing shows 48 vert sold for 7K.???? Dale in Indy
  9. Having cut keys for 40 years, and I might add, THOUSANDS, I refused to buy one of the new so called AUTOMATIC machines. Of course the horizontal groves must match, holding YOUR key against the new one comparing the tumbler rests isn't proof it will work. 99 percent of the time the head shape should be the same shape as the original. Exception could be house keys. We paid 10 cents for blanks, 99 cents for a good key replacement, I could normally cut one in less than a minute. We were known as a good key cutting store, we kept the two machines at the registers, so very often it was that that reminded them they need a key made, very profitable. Dale in Indy
  10. Now I Wonder how many tons a VISOR weighs, Thanks for the crank info. Dale in Indy
  11. I got the true info, the Blackhawk was auctioned off a few years ago like was mentioned in a former post, and the private owner hasn't been seen, maybe someone has seen it since it was sold, but my info doesn't know where it is. Dale in Indy
  12. I kind of recall seeing the Blackhawk in/at the Buick gallery in Flint last September. Sharon and I met Dave Langdon there to get pic's & info on the 1910 BUICK BUG. Could be wrong, Dale in Indy
  13. Few will admit to such, but most older restored cars/trucks just aren't as quiet, smooth riding, safe, fuel saving, one the BRIDE enjoys riding in, a piece that to often surprises you with issues, so it sits. Most have cars/trucks that are so improved that those are what you naturally jump in and drive. IMHO In the 50's I/we just jumped in and often headed cross country with LITTLE concern that it wouldn't perform. Just read all the comments regarding all the issues that must be addressed today before jumping in an older car. There is a TON to be said about the FUN/ENJOYMENT of restoring a piece, the thought process as you restore often is so rewarding. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. WELL, IF YOUR CAR HAS A VISOR, THEN THAT CHANGES IT ALL, hehe. Got to love that Ben. Dale in Indy
  14. Your MORE DOORS looks nice. Can YOU lite up the tires yet? Dale in Indy
  15. Do I see in the future a rack for VISOR storage? Ben asked me to ask! Looking great, a shop many DREAM of, happy for ya. Dale in Indy
  16. If you use chemicals to strip, isn't that going to mess with the pot metal? I would think chems strong enough to remove/dissolve chrome would harm pot metal? Dale in Indy
  17. Its been my experinence that rechroming POT metal often results in some detail being lost. It may be your camera but the wiper arm assemblies seem to have lost some of the depth of the recessed groves. It appears that before the groves ended square, and now more rounded. I beiieve they remove the bad/pitted chrome either by grinding/sanding or blasting. Not picking on the work, just wondering if that's what others find. Dale in Indy
  18. Loved our 52, cornet copper, beach white under sweep spear. Lots of folks gave thumbs up for colors. Happy for ya, Dale in Indy
  19. Nice car, Route 66, during my first 24 years of life I lived in Bloomington, Il. Route 66 went around the town on what we called the Route 66 bypass. Actually it went through the east side of Bloomington, so it wasn't really a bypass. I raced both drags, and top end races on Route 66. The speed limit signs read REASONABLE & PROPER. If the weather was clear, speeds of up to 80 were overlooked. There was a very flat straight stretch of 10 plus miles from Bloomington to Shirley Il. That was our top end track. I wonder how many other site members lived on the MOTHER ROAD? I can't tell you all the times we drove the 125 miles to Chicago to the origin of Route 66, it started at Lake Michigan. We always slept in our car, and hit MAXWELL street first thing in the morning, wonder how many of YOU shopped MAXWELL street? Quite an experience. Dale in Indy P.S. Never did see/find any VISOR'S though, sad, very said, guess Ben must have bought the entire stock. For the record, Ben & I are within 6 months of being the same age, he is the OLDER one. Hehe
  20. OH Ben my good friend, please solve this great mystery, I'm stumped. Dale in Indy
  21. Quiz, WHAT IS MISSING FROM THE 50 in post 3966? Maybe Ben knows, don't ya think, hehe Dale in Indy
  22. Why not a chain hoist, and a devise that allows the engine to be tilted as you life out, and reverse the tilt when reinstalling? Push the car back and away. Dale in Indy