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  1. Sorry to have offended some folks. It’s time for me to devote my time to my art, I agree, lots of good folks on the site, peeking in now and then will be best for all concerned. NO HARD FEELINGS HERE. Dale in Indy
  2. I never enjoyed the SWOOPY way Buick attached the rear roof to the fender, it IMO would look better without the SWOOP. Other than that, GREAT CAR, well SCALLOPS would help. Hehe The FITTY FO in post # 2272 that is, Dale in Indy
  3. The VISOR is worth MORE than the car. That was/is not a good body style, it carries over the 42 side trim, such doesn’t flow with BOXY body lines.IMHO Dale in Indy
  4. It was ZERO actual this morning, but today is last really cold day fo awhile. Should reach 35 Sunday, mid 40’s next week. Dale in Indy
  5. Gary, enjoyed this thread,. 55? Many more friend, many more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Dale in Indy
  6. It’s so EASY to just say NO, how hard is that, Dale in Indy
  7. Personally I feel some folks are to hard on GM. A lot goes into decision making, I have often wodered if the same folks that are hard on GM would have done the same things had they been in charge. GM has done more RIGHT than WRONG, IMHO. Main stream press hasn’t always been fair to GM, again, IMHO. Look at the Corvette, NOTHING in the world offers a better piece for anywhere the price, PERIOD. Dale in Indy
  8. Maybe he lives in an area that floods often. Dale in Indy
  9. Ben, Children ALWAYS steal the show, “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN”, wake up world. Dale in Indy
  10. And I do look at feedback history to learn if they are a buyer, or seller. With that said, a good buyer may indicate they would be a good SELLER, maybe, Dale in Indy
  11. It looks GREAT with BLACK tires. Red lines would also look great. But, I like the competive look of Black or Red lines, Dale in Indy
  12. If EVERYONE chose NOT to buy from a ZERO seller, please tell me how the seller would ‘EVER’ get a rating? If YOU are a seller,,,,, YOU had to start out as ZERO, maybe YOU are still at zero, maybe. Dale in Indy
  13. Ben will probably respond, but right now he is busy staring at his VISOR, maybe even polishing it, AGAIN. Got to love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  14. Every time I see Ben’s VISOR, I say, “OH, DOO DAH”, Dale in Indy
  15. I woukd like it better with RED line tires. Dale in Indy
  16. Regarding the VISOR, if you google, IMAGES OF 1927 BUICKS you will see lots of the 27’s had visors. That’s where Ben got his idea, right Ben? It’s fun to GOOGLE images of anything you want to see many of, . Dale in Indy
  17. Ben,,,,,,,LOOK what’s above the windshield, YOU got to love that, huh? Dale in Indy
  18. That FITTY Looks so good missing the dreaded V_ _ _ R , HUH! Got to love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  19. Our 54 Skylark had a touch of RED, the exterior inter fender panels. Lark was light blue, but that touch of red caught your attention. Dale in Indy
  20. I will admit, that’s a bit MORE than a TOUCH of RED. The 1910 Buick Bug model that is, hehe I can’t wait to reveal my under construction Buick Sixteen. Two straight eights end to end. Dale in Indy
  21. Nice, very nice. Red line tires would put it over the top. As a artist, I believe everything needs a touch of red. Dale in Indy
  22. The seller bought this piece, so he knows what a small profit added to his purchase price woukd be. Therefore he knows what woukd be a fair price, UNLESS he paid to much for the piece. Personally based on his listing, I would walk, Dale in Indy
  23. Merry Christmas from the guy that cut up his 41 Limited. Anyone can restore, takes a REAL MAN TO CUT ONE UP, hehe Dale in Indy
  24. I still have a bunch of Sears Craftsman’s wrenches/sockets from the 60’s, I have to say for the money, they are hard to beat. Dale in Indy
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