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  1. Thank You. As I stated, NOT MAD, just surprised. I have PLENTY of time. Dale in Indy
  2. I like many others, I'M SURE, watch NEW LISTINGS for Buick's several times a day, and in the past month I purchased a like new complete 46 Buick grill for just $100.00, so there are bargains to be had. I also purchased a cool 1942 Buick front upper bumper lic. plate bar for just $20.00, and see listed now a couple for nearly $200.00, BUY IT NOW. I love it when someone list a Buick item at a super low BUY IT NOW price, and I have often purchased it within minutes of its listing. Every time I walk by my computer I check the new listings, it pays off. I make arty things out of Buick items. Dale in Indy
  3. I am really SURPRISED that no one has commented on my question, NOT MAD, just surprised, thought there would be a 1946 Buick expert that would speak up, but so be it. Dale in Indy
  4. How about, UPWARD, and FORWARD? LOL. I have designed one for my 41 Limited. I'll just call it, SWEEP SPEAR, hehehe. Oh how I remember Dad as a Buick dealer getting a 49 Roadmaster hardtop in, and how I feel in LOVE....Yep, it was a SWEEP SPEAR MODEL. Dale in Indy
  5. I don't know how to post a picture, but if I had an E-address I could send a couple pictures of my Limited with the SWEEP SPEAR added. I'm not pushing you to do this, it's your call. I don't send forwards to folks. Thank You for you note, Dale in Indy
  6. Let me ask my question another way.................. Were there TWO DIFFERENT grill TOP bars used during the 1946 production year? One is SMOOTH, the other has RIBS/PEAKS that match up to the points of the vertical bars/teeth of the grill. I would suggest that SOMEONE has the answer to this question. Thank You, Dale in Indy
  7. I have a 41 Limited, and have always liked the 41 that Brunn proposed with the SWEEP SPEAR, so I this past fall took the photo, enlarged it, made a graft of such, then made a full size pattern. I have it cut out of aluminum sheet, and plan on installing it soon. My limited has been modified, I'm sorry, I beat to a different drum, and do arty things, so hate me if you wish, but such doesn't make me any less of a Buick lover. Born in a dealership in 1937, so no spring chicken. Have owned several Buick's including a new 54 Skylark. Powder Blue, Red inter fender panels. I have never heard of a Brunn sweep spear car being made, so thought if fun to see how it would look. Having fun, FUN IS GOOD! Dale in Indy
  8. I'm sorry if this has been covered, PROBABLY HAS, but need to know, search didn't help. Last week I purchased a like new complete 46 grill and backing frame for $100.00. I expect to make an art piece out of it, but will NOT alter it in any way. My question is, I have noted several pictures of the top bar as being smooth, mine has RIBS/PEAKS that match the vertical bars/teeth, and wonder if this was a mid/late year change by Buick? Thank You for hearing me out. Dale in Indy
  9. Dixon?, MAYBE, maybe not. Roger will be doing his best to prevent such. We will see, won't we? Dale in Indy
  10. Tom, you did GOOD in explaining the process. I THANK YOU, for sure. P.S. None of your cars have the ROOF antenna, well maybe your Aching Back does if it's a BUICK. I wonder if they are famous for leaking? I replaced everything that is part of the roof antenna about 14 years ago, and found it has been leaking when I thought it was more from the windshield. Dale in Indy, the corn field with a race track in the middle.
  11. So you are saying, the SEALANT will REMAIN flexible and when the body moves it will move too and thus seal better. The ADHESIVE will hold the glass to the rubber and HOPEFULLY hold out the water. Thanks for your info. Dale in Indy
  12. The problem I found with clip-on mirrors is that the vent window gets in the way. It doesn't hit the mirror, but LOOKING thru the glass and trying to use the mirror causes confusion. I may have to make my own version. Also the right mirrors I have tried don't allow enough adjustment to see properly. "I AM ALWAYS DOING THAT WHICH I CAN NOT DO, IN ORDER TO LEARN HOW TO DO IT" Pablo Picasso ~ 1881 - 1973 Dale in Indy
  13. Maybe I can find someone here in Indianapolis that has installed one, and he can offer advise. Thank You, Dale in Indy
  14. I had some serious leaks, I have removed the glass, and seal, and am buying all new rubber, but would like to discuss with someone of knowledge regarding the proper way to deal with installing such. Sealants, where to put such, etc. Anyone with knowledge is more than welcome to contact me. Thank You. Dale in Indy. P.S. I have a 41 Limited and looking for outside mirrors, but those I have tried just don't give good results. Any suggestions are more that welcome.
  15. Thank You, I will give them a call in the morning. Dale in Indy
  16. Thank You for the PM replies. I will contact them tomorrow. Dale in Indy
  17. Thank you. I am NOT a member of Buick Club of America, do you have more info for me to reach him/his company? Thanks, Dale in Indy
  18. I am looking for supplier of seal/parts for 1941 Buick roof antenna. Thank You, Steele doesn't offer. Dale in Indy
  19. Hello, I am new to this site. I have a 1941 Buick Limited with roof antenna. I installed a new seal and antenna kit about 14 years ago, and it leaked like crazy. I need to replace all rubber seals, etc. but don't have a supplier. Does anyone know who sells such? Steele rubber does NOT...... Thank You, Dale in Indy