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  1. I don't recall a BETTER coverage of a restore job. Great photo's/work. Dale in Indy
  2. Well, if I can figure out how to load pictures from my iPad I will load the results from my year long, 2000+ hour build of the 1910 Buick Bug race car. The build was the main reason I quit posting, I was spending to much time on line, and needed to focus on the Bug. It is on display in a ADVENTURES IN WOOD contest/show at present, hoping to win the show for the third time in a row. The all wood model is a 1/4th scale, 36" long piece. Made from a reclaimed picnic table, but I promise you that you will swear it is metal. Dave Langdon, AKA davesbuicks lives in the Flint, Mi area, and is in the loop with the folks at Sloan/Buick Gallery, he supplied me with dozens of photo's and measurements of the actual car, it is on display there. Thank You Dave. Dale in Indy
  3. You sure the VISOR isn't a tad loose, making the clicking sound, MAYBE, maybe not. Got to love kidding my friend Ben, Dale in Indy
  4. So you think the folks won't like it, and throw in their garage/yard sale? When you get yours, send it to me, hehe. Dale in Indy
  5. Folks that fall for these scams, kind of deserve what they get, or DON'T GET, Dale in Indy
  6. A lot of the board tracks BURNT to the ground. A wreck would happen, and gas/oil spilled setting the boards on fire. Some tracks took over a MILLION board feet of lumber, but was cheapest way to build a track. The 1910 Buick Bug car ran on a few board tracks. I have a wood model I built, I named it the SPLINTER SPECIAL. Some board tracks were banked over 40%, lots of motorcycles raced on board tracks, as did peddle bikes. I have a great photo of the Buick 1910 Bug along side two of the mini race cars, Dale in Indy
  7. I guess this is the SHOW & TELL section, never says they are FOR SALE. Nice set he is SHOWING & TELLING us about, Dale in Indy
  8. Just wondering, what kind of RPM'S does this modified engine turn? When I was a kid in Bloomington, Il. Back in the early 50's, a fellow by the name of John Mays built and raced Crosley cars. I hung out in his shop. Dale in Indy
  9. Deleted, Thank You, Dale in Indy
  10. I'm SORRY I brought it up, Dale in Indy
  11. Parts DON'T always wave a flag saying, I'M ABOUT TO QUIT. Dale in Indy
  12. I'm in FAVOR of as much USA stuff as anyone, but personally I have found Chinese quality GOOD, could be what I am buying. Workers DON'T build cars/stuff, INSPECTORS do. Needless to say if INSPECTORS demand QUALITY, workers will produce. Now don't anyone say I'm PICKING on workers, I'm not. Of course automation has a lot to do with quality. Dale in Indy
  13. And remember the HANG OVER THE SEAT BACK CHILDS SEAT WITH PLASTIC STEERING WHEEL AND HORN? Would the police go for that TODAY?, I think not. There were FIVE of us kids, four in back, one in front middle in our RM. Us in back slept with two on seat, two on floor with heads resting on seat cushion as our pillow. Dim good ole days, AND WE SURVIVED, Thankfully. Dale in Indy
  14. This morning I received a PRIVATE MESSAGE from 421-6speed regarding his '57' Buick super BUILD. He took a break and purchased a couple cars, one he made his driver, and did a frame/body off restore, that's finished now, so plans on getting back to this build this winter. Dale in Indy
  15. GOOGLE, images of 1970 Buick's, I think you will see some, Dale in Indy
  16. Man oh man, a dark plum, with plum interior would be so RICH looking If I owned one, it would go to Paul Aikin's interior shop down south, STUNNING work, I would go with Ultra Leather, Dale in Indy
  17. And AIR POLLUTION, hehe. In the 40's late I lived near a steam engine track, and OH how the black stuff flew. Dale in Indy
  18. You can lay a 1 X 4 on the floor, pile weights on each end, that will help with cutting straight line, I wouldn't TRUST a ground fault, PERSONALLY, water and electric current don't respect each other. The blade is going to pick up the water, and throw it where is isn't 'GOOD', IMO The 1 X 4 will also give you control of depth. Coming along, Dale in Indy
  19. In 1949 they were ROUND, 1950 OVAL,. PORT HOLES that is! Dale in Indy
  20. I guess the two pool shapes are PORT HOLES! Dale in Indy