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  1. My Mother owned a good real estate firm, she always said, "An offer is better than no offer". Dale in Indy
  2. If your car has a door switch that controls the dome light, maybe with doors not installed if It's drawing current. Dale in Indy
  3. Maybe he had a tooth ache. Our FITTY FO Lark was powder blue, blue interior, white top, red inter fender panels, oh, DID I TELL YOU I TORE THE RIGHT SIDE DOOR OFF? hehe, Dad forgave me, Mother never knew, I was 17. Dale in Indy
  4. It woukd look good with a visor, don't ya think? Actually I like the car, very nice model, depends on the cost to buy it, but would make a great driver just cleaned up and made safe. I like your question. Just saw your post on price, a person would really want that piece, if they woukd pay that price, IMHO. Dale in Indy
  5. Mr. FITTY FO,,,,,,,,,what no pictures of some FITTY FO'S? What's this world coming to? Dale in Indy
  6. If someone offers you a VISOR, run as fast as you can. Hehe Dale in Indy
  7. Ben's car is so so fast, he needs the VISOR/AIR BRAKE to slow it to a stop. Dale in Indy
  8. Hand them a pad and pen, SAY, WRITE THAT DOWN FOR ME, I WANT TO REMEMBER YOUR COMMENTS, AND BE SURE AND SIGN IT. Makes me wonder, do they go up to a grandmother holding hands with her granddaughter, and say, SHE ISN'T VERY PRETTY. Mother always said, "there are more horses rear ends than horses". Dale in Indy
  9. I recall Dad alwadys took his finger to place a bit of grease on the dust cam. DON'T use SPAM hehe Wishing you well. Dale in Indy
  10. Dad said that when replacing a door on a Ford, the body shop found that USED spam cans were used as the door skin, MAYBE! Hehe What have YOU found that was used as door skins? Dale in Indy
  11. YOU are going to mess around and end up a GREAT restorer. Great work, and photo's. Dale in Indy
  12. Wondering if you have received offers? Dale in Indy
  13. When I go it's for one reason only. To see what's new with the vendors, and discuss any issues I have with a product. I spend little time walking the show, to many COPY CATS. I don't subscribe to mags, build it your way. Dale in Indy
  14. WOW, had Ben been there, he would have been the LONE RANGER. A VISOR less event. Dale in Indy
  15. I wonder just WHAT I would do should YOU ever sell the VISOR? I guess eat a can of worms, Dale in Indy
  16. I looked, & looked, no VISORS in your for sale stuff, STRANGE. Dale in Indy
  17. I know,,,,,you ran large tubing from under the VISOR into the car and call it,THE BREEZE, NOT to be confused with FREEZE Got to love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  18. FITTY FO,,,,,, I noted KEYS hanging in post number 19. They reminded me of my father selling a new Buick in the early fifties. The deal was made, the buyer traded a 37 Buick in, when he walked out to leave in his new Buick Dad realized that he hadn't given him the car keys. Dad darted out only to reach the car when it had just be started, his 37 key worked just fine. Often wondered how often that occurred. Dale in Indy
  19. Folks will line up to get FITTY FO'S autograph, sorry I won't be three to get one. I think I will go eat some worms, Dale in Indy
  20. Having never met Matt, I do know enough from his postings to know he wouldn't put this on his 41. He isn't going to buy it either. I couldn't resist going along with him. Dale in Indy P.S. Matt, Pictures of the install, IF I'M WRONG, hehe. I bet he is holding out for one where the wings light up.
  21. I have a very hard time feeling sorry for anyone that doesn't do the homework that would prevent MOST of these shops from NOT living up to their promises. Why would you leave your piece with a shop when you didn't know the REST OF THE STORY. Dale in Indy
  22. It's a standard 41 with an add on, DON'T do it, cheap, tacky, etc. IMHO. I have a 1946 bomb site on my 41 Limited, that's what was originally planned for the car, it bolted right up, and base has the perfect contour. It's the first bomb site, WITHOUT the cross bar. Dale in Indy
  23. Another reason NEVER NEVER store under a tarp. Dale in Indy
  24. If the belt slipped, would it slow the pump, thus NOT keeping up? High speed/rpm would cause more engine heat, thus it's possible the pump wouldn't keep up, MAYBE. With all this said, I'M NOT THE EXPERT. Dale in Indy