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  1. Sounds like drivers master switch, but I'm not a window expert. Dale in Indy
  2. The visor is messing with the odometer, don't ya think? Dale in Indy
  3. Thank You Terry. I'm not a BCA member, it wouldn't be proper for me to show up and expect to display my 4-Buick inspired models. I am though in contact with Dave Langdon, aka davesbuicks to possibly displaying my Buick pieces in the newly restored GM FACTORY ONE museum in Flint. What an honor that would be. Building large scale Buick models is my life, well, BRIDE of 57 years tops that. Picking on Ben comes in 3rd. Got to love that Ben, Lol Dale in Indy
  4. Thank You Ben, I started on my 11th model yesterday. It's the 1913 Talbot race car, mine will be Buick Straight Eight powered. No visor though, SORRY, maybe. Hehe Dale in Indy
  6. The four pictured pieces are Buick inspired pieces. You can tell the size of my models when compared to a MATCH BOX, and a BUICK 1/18TH scale 9" long model. Dale in Indy
  7. 3M #31180 finishing glaze is great stuff, BUT ONE HAS TO BE SAFE AS IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES. I don't know about 100416? Looking good, great pictures, Dale in Indy
  8. And there will be a CROWD walking around your car, staring/pointing at the BEAUTIFUL VISOR. Got to love dim dare visor's, and Ben. Dale
  9. I haven't read each post, but did you contact DOUG SEYBOLT, (sp) in the Cleveland, Ohio area? 41's are his business. Dale in Indy
  10. carterbar, Oh, you need to meet Ben, he is the VISOR king here on the forum. Right Ben? Got love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  11. Ben, I made one as a test out of cardboard, ALL my friends, THE ONE AND ONLY, just laughed and said, Dale, LET BEN BE THE VISOR KING. Sorry, I gave it my best effort, Dale in Indy
  12. Hello, first I want to say, I quit posting on the site about this time last year, REASON, I needed to direct my full time attention to the 1910 Buick Bug race car. The piece required approx. 2000 hours over nearly a year, and just yesterday received 1st. place in the WOOD JOURNALS, ADVENTURES IN WOOD show/contest. I have the build pictures, and per the request from 3 forum members I will post very soon. Need to get our son to help me move iPad pictures to my desk top album. The Bug is a large piece, 1/4th. scale, 36" long. Dave Langdon, aka davesbuicks was key in this build. Dave is in the loop with the Sloan/Buick museum, and provide to me dozen of great photos of the only Bug to survive, and lots of actual measurement. Thank You Dave. This scratch build is built from reclaimed construction lumber, to be exact, a large picnic table. No plans, Not a kit, No instructions, No YouTube, and No outside help other than Dave providing the fore mentioned help. The finish will surprise you, during the contest I was accused of building it out of metal, they said, THAT'S NOT WOOD, when in fact it is 5, 2" X 8" X 38" pieces glued together, then shaped and finished with automotive finishes. More about that when I post the pictures. I hope to post yet this week. I have a photo of the Bug along side a MATCH BOX car, and a 1;18 scale Buick that is 9" long, you will understand the large size then. The Bug is my 10th. large scale model over the past 8 years. Four are Buick inspired. Dad was with Buick for nearly 60 years, and always said, "DALE, IF SOMEONE DOESN'T DRIVE A BUICK, THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH". Then he would laugh, so It was natural for me to love Buick's too. Dale in Indy
  13. Mr. FITTY FO, your FITTY FO needs some SWIFTY SMITTY SCALLOPS. Subtle shades of blue. Not gray, hehe Dale in Indy
  14. So I can throw away my toaster? I have owned one of these testers for years, but it does not always reveal the whole story. Dale in Indy
  15. And it all boils down to 'EACH TO HIS or HER OWN'. What I like, may be hated by YOU, SO WHAT? Last time I checked there aren't any laws on HOW you must build your car, well, safety concerns must be considered. Dale in Indy
  16. Hang on it, see if it weighs you right. Dale in Indy
  17. Nothing wrong with posting YOUR OPINION, that makes us all think/listen. Have you had personal experience with this issue of Por15? Thanks, Dale in Indy
  18. I bet the VISOR is off the car right now, and the car refuses to be filmed, Don't ya think? Dale in Indy
  19. Mr. FITTY FO, Seriously, NO, sad, very sad, hehe Dale in Indy
  20. He is the MODERATOR because,,,, they PAY HIM BIG BUCKS. Millions, and Millions. Some folks are just worth Millions and Millions. Dale in Indy
  21. Well, I'm a artist, was unaware of a LOAN TOOL POLICY. That's good for the hobby, and do-it-yourself folks. I feel bad/sorry you feel I was attacking your character, never was my intent, Dale in Indy '
  22. Well, if that's what they offer, I have no issue with such. Thanks for the info. Dale in Indy
  23. I'm confused, are you saying "USE IT, THEN IF YOU DON'T WANT IT, TAKE IT BACK"? Hoping that's not what you are suggesting. If that's what you are suggesting I offer this. As a forty year former hardware/tool store owner, I can assure you stores aren't in the tool loaning business. Dale in Indy
  24. Another example of the owner putting WAY to much money in it, then thinking he will get his money back. $6,700.00 in new work was not a good decision, IMO. He does say or, BEST OFFER. Dale in Indy