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  1. The Buick Bug is a 1/4th scale, 36" long. Barney has the REST OF THE STORY CORRECT. Thanks to the Buick Gallery in Flint for providing me with lots of photo's/measurements. Dave Langdon of this site was my go to person, he did a wonderful job of supplying me with photo's/info. He arranged a private showing of the Bug to me and bride Sharon, for the 'record' Sharon is 77 TODAY. Wonderful person, been my best friend for nearly sixty years. The Bug is wood, I took am old picnic table made with 2 X 8"s, glued five sections together that were 36" long. Carved/shaped
  2. Wow Ben, that's amazing since it has a parachute/air brake above the windshield. 90 MPH on the highway, and lights up the tires. Got to love that Ben, GOOD JOB MY FRIEND, Dale in Indy P.S. Maybe the crank pulley would work for a compressor belt?
  3. Ben, Maybe you can trade your VISOR for one of the kits, MAYBE. Tease! Dale in Indy
  4. Barney took pictures of me holding the Bug, it really shows the size. i guessing he will post it, maybe. Dale in Indy
  5. Don't know that I would want to listen to that blower all drive long. Nice car, just don't want a blown noisy piece. Dale in Indy
  6. Yes they do swarm around a Buick, well,,,,,unless it has the VISOR/PARACHUTE, then as they walk away they say, MUST BE BEN'S Got love that Ben, Dale in Indy
  7. Wife and I traveled 50 miles north to Frankfort, In. this morning to meet up with Barney, and his bride. They. Live in. Texas, but Frankfort is where they grew up, and many family members now live. We enjoyed a good lunch with them, and I learned all about his car interest. Seems he has owned approx, 20 plus Reatta's, a bunch of. Covairs, plus a few Vettes, Barney is a true car guy, and is very well informed on many auto issues. He had arranged for a private tour of the local Goodwin museum. Very interesting collection of high end cars of the past.
  8. Barney is from Indiana, Frankfort to be exact. He stopped in with his brother a couple years ago, and Sharon and I are meeting him and his wife this week. He is trying to set up a visit to a private local car museum for this Friday. Looking forward to seeing/visiting with him again. I'll take my Buick Bug model for him to see. Barney has posted some very informative Reatta bits of information, I'm sure lots of Reatta owners have benefited from such. Dale in Indy
  9. So HOW happy are you with the RIDE QUALITY of air bags? I am considering doing that to my late 80's Vette suspensions I installed under my 41 Buick Limited. It now rides HARD, would love to soften it up a bunch. Comments welcome, Dale in Indy
  10. Buick engineering SHOULD have addressed stance in the first place. It's not a 4 X 4 getting to run through the mud, or climb rocks. Do a photoshop, you will quickly see how much better it would look had engineering done the stance right. Dale in Indy
  11. Neat car just that the stance is not doing the lines of the car any favors. IMO. Dropping it a couple inches would really make it stand PROUD. Nothing personal, just my opinion, Dale in Indy
  12. I wonder what would happen if you are charged $200.00 for nights stay in a motel, you pay with a credit card, then file with the card bank disputing the charge? The bank may very well credit your account, and subtract that amount from the motels account. Dale in Indy
  13. Google UNITED STATES SPEED LIMITS. there is a color coded map of the 75 MPH plus the 80 MPH states. Dale in Indy
  14. Is this you?. NEVER BOAST, RARELY REST. Looking SO GOOD! Dale in Indy
  15. And the LOOTERS are the FIRST to call police if someone steals what they just looted. You can't fix STUPID, shoot them, Dale in Indy
  16. Isn't it great to live in a FREE country? I like all four of these plane. Dale in Indy
  17. SaddleRider, 6 states have 80 MPH LIMIT. 11 states have 75 as limits, so easy to see how drivers can and do drive at 80. i will send you PM advising the mods I made to my car. No need to set off a riot on the site, Dale in Indy
  18. We ALL don't have the same interest/ideas in what our ride should be. I respect your feelings, BUT we need to understand that these mods are going to happen, I wonder how many more times this is going to kicked around. Personally I have moved on, EACH TO HIS/HER OWN. I do enjoy reading/viewing your stock rides, FOR SURE. I have ZERO regrets for cutting up my 41 Limited. It loves 80 MPH, 20 MPG, injected, starts in the coldest weather, great brakes, seat & shoulder belts, plus many other mods. Sure it looks like a 41, but I did it my way, t
  19. Ben my friend, HOW CAN YOU BE IN LOVE AGAIN?, it DOESN'T have a VISOR/PARACHUTE. Dale in Indy
  20. That would assure a sale, and I would guess YOU would be first in line. 13k would be pocket change for you OLD MAN! VISOR'S/PARACHUTES FOREVER, Dale in Indy
  21. A fire like that spreads very easy.. A battery could have shorted, oil and gas coupled with interiors fuel a fire. The cars were packed in tight spaces, easy to see how it spread so fast, and don't forget the business was closed for the night. It srarted after 8 PM, and NO water supply was in the area, it had to be trucked in. It's a very small town, didn't have a large fire department, had to call on others mikes away. Also, he didn't have insurance on all the cars present value, only what he paid for the cars/trucks which didn't include labor they may have performed on some of them.
  22. I feel we should NOT comment on asking price, UNLESS The seller request such, IMO. Sellers learn soon enough if his/her price isn't right. Nothing personal. Dale in Indy
  23. Very well presented, this Auburn piece. It would be OK with me if you decided to keep it, hehe Maybe I missed a post, where are you on the manifold issue on the 41 Limited? Dale in Indy .
  24. I see thes 50's pictured above are missing the TREASURED visor, dumb designers, hehe. Dale in Indy
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