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  1. Hello friends! I've been MIA for almost 2 years, recovering from illness and traveling/babysitting grandbabies....lol. I have finished (as far as I am going) on Beaulah, and will post some pictures of her as she is now. Sadly, I have agreed with my wife to find a new home for the old gal. I plan one more short road trip, but will be listing her in Hemingway's and Antique Auto shortly I think. I don't care about making a profit, but any suggestions as to her value? I've seen others from $6,000 for a rust pile to $65,000 for my same car with a shiny paint job. (You can paint them over an
  2. Buick 51, welcome to a great forum and a wonderful group of people! I have a 52 Super, and yours looks like it has really survived well! John D and dei have babysat me for several years (thank you!!!) so brakes and fuel filter makes perfect sense. The best thread for your car is the one by Shadetree.......he took us through every step of his restoration, and his pictures helped me a hundred times over. I would offer one opinion though (not advice....lol). Maybe hold off on painting for a bit? You and I both benefit right now that Patina is in.....which is fortunate because I ran out of
  3. Dei, I had to do the same thing. I had also been using a 30 year old trickle charger, but was always afraid to leave it hooked up overnight. Now I am using a battery "tender" which I hooked the connector to the terminals permanently. Now she is fully charged at all times, and I just connect the tender when I put her up for the night. Dale in Kentucky
  4. Thank you my friend! We hosted a block party last night, with maybe 120 people there. We put Beulah at the top of the driveway with the hood up....never saw so many men go crazy at one time....lol. Got half dozen car guys in that group, and they had more stories to tell than I could imagine. I'm starting to get it why we all enjoy comparing notes, and talking over our projects! I won't disappear, and will keep following everyone's progress! Thank you sir! Dale in Kentucky
  5. The one thing I always enjoy about this forum is seeing the actual cars, and which directions the restorations went. I've posted some of the following in the past, but now that I'm able to drive with little fear of waiting for the two truck, I thought I'd just put in some before and after pictures. Not prideful, but crazy happy it's a lot cleaner and safer!!!! lol. Thanks everyone for all of the huge help you guys (my mentors!) have given me over the last several years. I'm not gone, but not sure if I have another car in me...lol. Here is Part I Dale in Kentucky
  6. Other than figuring out how to get side mirrors to line up, the last step before done for awhile was getting the oil bath air filter to work. Talked to a half dozen local folks, and none knew much about them, so figured I'd hunt for a paper filter, as that's better than driving around with an open carb! Here is the brand that fit my 1952 Buick Super....and it fits like a glove! Will drive her this weekend and post the results! Purolator Classic A30057. Dale in Kentucky
  7. Elpad, Toby is looking more awesome with every post. Being from Ky, I won't comment on how bad that "Ky-Jelly" tastes on toast though! ??
  8. I got such a grin enjoying that drive along with you guys! She's beautiful! Dale in Kentucky
  9. OK it's confirmed....the "dumber than a bag of hammers" won out. I had taken before pictures, and sure enough, it doesn't sit flush....and I can't keep blaming my dumbness on the chemo after a year and a half...lol. Thanks for the patience friends....pictures to come soon! Dale
  10. Every time I ask a question lately, I think "this one is the dumbest one....." However, I don't know how I could top today's mystery...lol. Beulah is ready to take her first drive about, but I've been running the engine with the air cleaner off and the carburetor exposed. When I reassemble the wire filter inside the housing, it won't fit flush when I put the pieces together. It's been 2 years since I took it apart to paint it, and I literally can't remember if this is normal, or I'm just dumber than a bag of hammers? (not exclusive on that one). There's only two ways to put it togethe
  11. dei, I actually did install a new gas tank at the beginning, as that was the only thing I could figure out to do...lol. I think I like your advice to just start driving and let things clean naturally as we go. Thank you for helping out! Dale in Kentucky
  12. Got it in, and can't stop smiling! OK....spent 2 days watching Youtubes on putting SeaFoam into the oil and carb. to clean out the system. Should I just keep on driving and not trying to make the engine purr "just a little bit more"? Other than keeping the battery charged up so it doesn't refuse to stop after a drive, I think she's running great! Guide me guru's! Dale in Kentucky
  13. Hearing you, and going to let the manifold be good enough for now, although I did buy a copper gasket if/when the time is right. Heading to get an exhaust system on her shortly, and just got a replacement speedometer cable in the mail. The manual says it runs into the transmission... does that sound right? Going to crawl under there in a few days, but thought I'd ask my mentors before I mess something up....lol. Also, got a couple of wires loose near the fuse box.....is there anything easier to understand than the electrical pages in the manual? I am struggling to make sense of what wire
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